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    futke got a reaction from RoyalAguila in To attack or not to attack vs Barcelona   
    I usually base my tactics on whether or not I have higher avg rating. If my team is stronger, I attack, if weaker then I defend and if we have the same rating I tend to adjust my tactics according to opponents formation and instructions. Also why fix something that isn't broken?
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    futke got a reaction from Antonio Mourinho in Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface   
    Every 4-2-3-1 formation played before the update is now classified as 4-2-3-1a.
    Since you are planning to go through with the new interface wether we like it or not maybe I can help make it more enjoyable.
    There are a few items I feel can be improved:
    1) As previously stated stars are unnecesary, just make the ratings number bold so it stands out. Stars are rather tacky in my opinion.
    2) I noticed you went for the "premier league" pitch with player pictures in place of shirts and 2/3 of the pitch shown instead of the full pitch. I personally find the numbered shirts and full pitch better looking. It would be nice if you could at least change the colour of the pitch to a lighter green to have more contrast since the background is dark.
    4) In the Last fixture page avg team rating is missing. That piece of information was very helpful for tactical decisions. Even on the match report players ratings are missing making manual calculation more demanding.
    5) In the Match statictics page players numbers are too big and often asymmetrical making it an eyesore. Statictics for the home team should also be displayed in white colour like the away team as black numbers look out of contrast with most of the team colours.
    Can someone explain the function of the plus symbol next to every player on the Tactics page?
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    futke got a reaction from BrutBrutBrut in Soccerwiki - Player Positions   
    What is the point of offering suggestions when you shoot down every one that isn't in line with your view.
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    futke got a reaction from BrutBrutBrut in Player Positions and Skills Revision   
    This seems like a very aroggant thing to say. Do you think you are the only one who actually watches games?
    I agree with anton on this one. Additional positions should only be awarded to players that deserved them.
    In a Chelsea vs Psg game when Zlatan recieved a red card, I remember matuidi shoe in on the left flank basically playing a ML in a 4-4-1. I remember neymar playing a kvazi wing back in another psg game where barca played something like a 3-4-3. Should they get MR and ML positions? No, because they don't have the skillset required to play those positions just like many of the players you listed above.
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    futke got a reaction from Steven in Pavillions Test Game World   
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    futke got a reaction from SeanEndoh in Need help with Tactics, can't seem to get a run of wins   
    You seem to use contradicting instructions (all over - men behind ball). Instructions like fast, all over and play offside are more offensive tactics while tight marking and men behind ball are more defensive. Your best choice is to stick with one of those, either offensive or defensive instructions, probably depending on the strength of your opponent. This games is very weird so I can't guarantee you this will work.
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    futke got a reaction from lunastorta in Condition   
    Is it possible to reduce the amount of condition used up for one game or increase the amount at which the players rest which are I assume around 30% and 8% respectively. In the way the system is set up now, when a player with fitness condition of 100% plays a league game and doesn't get substituted, his condition drops to 70% and with two days rest before a cup game which equals to increase in 16%, his condition for the mentioned cup game is 86% and that player is more or less not fit for the game. When I say not fit I mean his fitness levels are below optimum 90% or the "green" level which is I am sure the level below which most of us don't risk players because of greater injury risk or lower performance level. So basically, in this system a player is not able to play a league and a cup game in the same week which is completely unrealistic since most clubs play two games a week (at least when the season heats up) and if it is not a lesser or an "easy" opponent, they will pretty much play their strongest team with a few changes. Now I am not saying that every game is to be played by the same squad, but at least a couple of games in a row should be adequate. Fixing this issue should also reduce a number of players required therefore reducing stockpiling better players. In my example I wouldn't have the need for 4 quality centre backs (a pair for each game). Just to compare with the real football world, you can't find any team with more than 2 good centre backs or 3 at most. I think this would be another step in making this game more realistic and thus more enjoyable.
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    futke got a reaction from Machines in Serie A Rating Predictions   
    Re: Serie A Rating Predictions
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    futke got a reaction from Phil Brooks in Do you have any idea how to counter 3-5-2 please?   
    Re: Do you have any idea how to counter 3-5-2 please?
    i tried normal, looks like it works fine

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    futke got a reaction from dancpoli in Serie A Rating Predictions   
    Re: Serie A Rating Predictions
    can callejon get 91 on this rating review?
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    futke got a reaction from Gonzodan in Bundesliga Ratings Discussion   
    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013
    does it really make that difference waiting for cuople of days more for a rating? They are changing the review system and bunch of players data every day so you can except it will take more time. I am not defending SM but i am sure that it is not in their interest to have annoyed and angry customers. Just be patient and stop throwing yourself off a cliff because you can't sell your player on time or because you lost couple of games because rating didn't go up which btw doesnt make any difference at all. Don't cause panic among decent people
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    futke got a reaction from SJain in English Premiership Rating Predictions   
    Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13
    he is just mad because ba left to chelsea
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