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  1. Hope this shows up clearly enough, systems were down at work today so decided to have a look through and see where everyone was at - be interesting to repeat this in a couple of months and see how it's changed. Most stats should be obvious, but 'Est T20 debt' is the estimated amount a club will have paid in wages by turn 20 which (for most) is when TBs will be up; based on this and squad sizes I've highlighted grey the teams that might be in a bit of bother as they might not have the squad depth required to sell their way out of debt....but we'll see! 'Wages to value' is the percenta
  2. Delighted to report our brand of silky football and star name drawing power appears to be winning over the locals - our crowd tripled from the first game to a whopping 1,500+ Still lost another £400k though, so just the -£1.4m after 3 games (2 of them at home!)
  3. VS The Riverhounds make the relatively short trip of 254 miles down the interstate to play Dayton Douche Lions in their first ever CanAmJam fixture, and after a late flurry of signings the Hounds boss will have a headache trying to decide which line-up to unleash on the Lions. He could go with the experienced XI of: Boruc (87) Hutchinson (87) Marquez (87) Kucher (88) Ze Roberto (86) Cambiasso (87) Linetty (85) Hleb (85) Robinho (88) Ronaldinho (85) Klose (89) Alternatively he may field a mixture of youth and experience: Lopez (85)
  4. Current Pittsburgh Riverhounds 1st XI: pparently after 2 screenshots I'm too near my upload allowance to post the pic of my 2nd XI: Steffen (70) Orban (83) Mina (84) Salcido (85) Jorge (83) Ascacibar (82) Beasley (83) Boga (80) Aimar (84) Malcom (83) Mayoral (82)
  5. Also on the upside you’ll avoid bidding wars and be able to buy players at CV as most if not all of us are skint now, so you’ll get better value for money
  6. This is where the Hounds find ourselves with about half the cash gone (89 rated Klose is up front underneath the subs!). Ok so most of the oldies are nostalgic droppers but they should hold the fort until the youngsters rise and I've not really overpaid for any of them.
  7. You would think....tbh it's more to make the point about potential crowd sizes rather than the wages - I suspect the crowds might be very small so for a 88-rated team you basically need to set aside £15m in wages.
  8. As the bids get underway, might be worth bearing in mind that based on £20 a ticket, crowd income will roughly be: if 500, 20x 500 x 17 = £170,000 for the season if 1000 = £340,000 if 2000 = £680,000 Just 1 x 86 rated player at £18k x 36 = £648,000, 87's are on £936k and 88's on £1.296m. Thought I'd throw that out there while everyone is going for the big stars - very rich economy might mean the tickets cost more but then again we are in D4/ D5.....there'll be other income too of course but just some food for thought!
  9. I'll get all the info back up on the opening post at some point, it's more Nick I feel for as he'd put all that effort into that great post and a few others had done some lengthy posts too. Regarding bidding: everyone from the original 21 who were interested are either now in or have been PM'd by me (in-game) asking that they apply for their club asap. Was unaware of this, but apparently in an empty squad custom no bids can be made in the first 48 hours so looks like we should be able to bid by 6am (UK-time) on Friday morning - on the bright side that's plenty of time to get a few mo
  10. Hi everyone, the main thread has er, vanished so post everything CanAmJam related here for now until Craig sees if he can retrieve the main thread. The gameworld was created earlier today, but annoyingly I am unable to offer jobs out for some reason so anyone who has not done so already please apply for your team - i.d. is 341872. Edit: The word is that the original thread is officially gone (always a great thing to happen on launch-day ), so I'll edit this post when I have the chance with all of the main info. For anyone looking to join up the main points are: 5 division
  11. Hi,

    can you add me as a friend in-game (Stewart Lauder) so I can offer you your CanAmJam team?


  12. Hi sent a friend request in-game to offer you your team in:


  13. Something a bit different and not too serious, few rules still to be nailed down so all input is welcomed:


  14. Hi Ed/ everyone, here is the link to the CanAmJam League's own thread: http://forum.soccermanager.com/topic/159050-canamjam-boom-bust/ Ed if you can get in quick and reserve yourself a couple of posts for the potential team draw and potential GK draft (apologies for not being able to discuss with you first before volunteering you, happy to research the GK's for you to save time) - cheers and ta for allowing me to hi-jack your thread for a bit!
  15. Five and counting...try and keep up Ed! Excellent, welcome back! Four and counting.... Lol I'll definitely try and get the thread up tonight so the gameworld can be clearly identified....although I'm sure there must be a Millwall somewhere in North America...'New Millwall' perhaps
  16. Sounds like someone is anticipating big crowds.... I'd have thought Bethlehem Steel would've appealed to you Sean, they sound very Anno Domini! It sounds like some folk might wish to choose their own team Ed, but never fear if everyone is ok with the token squad Canadian/USA player there might be a draft needing done... Great, will it be Real Monarchs or London City? Or maybe the Hammerheads?! Great to have you on board, Virginia Cavalry sound 'noisy'.... *tumbleweed* I couldn't resist Ed hence why I haven't had the chance to send out more PMs/ start a t
  17. 6. Pip 7. Elohim 8. Garry C 9. Son of Pluto Pleased with how this is shaping up, with the line-up so far we should get another 9 in fairly quickly I'll try and get a new thread up tomorrow, meanwhile here are the clubs you could soon be trying to guide to the bright lights of the MSL: Arizona United SC Bethlehem Steel FC Charleston Battery Charlotte Independence Harrisburg City Islanders Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC Cincinnati Louisville City OKC Energy FC Orange County Blues Pittsburgh Riverhounds Real Mon
  18. Bit more detail to update on; having cross-checked the SM database against reality (which is not for the faint-hearted especially the state of the Canadian teams) I reckon we will have 41 clubs to choose from and the the divisions will break down like this: D1) Top 9 from MLS East and West at time of creation = 18 D2) Bottom 1 from MLS East and West, all 12 NASL clubs, +4 unpicked = 18 D3) Unpicked from the choice of 41 = 18 D4) OUR PICKS from the choice of 41 = 18 D5) The 7 'B' teams from USL, + 10 from Jamaica, +1 unpicked = 18 By 'B' team I mean the likes of T
  19. Had a quick look around and good folk like JMH, Alurcard, pedrooliveira, Craig, Gonzodan, marcos vitorino, Noisy, BigGameMo, Dracolis, RieceM96 and mistermalcolm have all been on relatively recently so the numbers are there...if we build it they will come!
  20. Welcome back! I was still dropping in now and then but only for a quick read so think the other day was the first time I'd actually logged in for about 14 months - but we might as well give it a go and see what happens! I had a look at teams again last night so I reckon our choice is between 16 of us and no Shield competition or if we go for 18 the larger schedule gives us a Shield competition. If we go with 18 then that also spices things up as I'd be bringing the Jamaicans in to help fill up D5 (think it's 65 USA, 14 Canada, 12 Jamaica)...then instead of Can-Am I guess it'd be the
  21. 12) Machine - that'll be me on the bench then...
  22. Well part of the Can-Am appeal was that a lot of the team names are a veritable gold-mine of pun/ innuendo possibilities...! Seattle Sounders hmmm are they still getting 60,000 crowds then?! We will be choosing from non-MLS teams that's for sure as part of the challenge will be to get to the dizzying heights of D1 MLS. I'll see if I can find some open customs with the non-MLS teams to gauge whether they all get similar crowds...or we just say luck of the draw and go for it! Either way a live-ish draw would be fun. Absolutely no FB and newsfeed mainly just for the type
  23. Personally I start to glaze over when there are multiple rules, so the fewer the better and then once we're up and running if we feel something needs fixing we can vote. An appropriate starting budget should naturally keep squad size down and ratings lower - I don't want people to feel they have to be an expert scout to be competitive but equally don't think it's good if everyone can bid on Messi straight away, so maybe something like £75 -100m? That allows £5m a head for First XI and £20m for reserves/youths, although I'll check the budget options as not sure how precise we can be. Th
  24. I've always thought it'd be good fun to have a proper full-scale Can-Am gameworld (not just your standard 20-team 1 division rubbish) with every single available Canadian and US team (64ish in total at my last count). This would allow for 4 divisions of 16 meaning shorter 30-game seasons, probably with 4 up and 4 down to keep everyone on their toes. Not expecting or wanting to have 64 managers we could have 16 of us start off in D4 and race to the top GBL- style (only with more cash and no rating cap as this is to be less serious). Alternatively if there is more than 16 of us I
  25. Hi all, long time no type! It sounds as if what we all need is a fresh, new, exciting challenge that we can all rally around and get on board with as an authentic forum-based (no FB page and newsfeed chat to a minimum) gameworld? Right now - for those of us that are not already grumpy old men - we certainly sound like grumpy old men, grumpy old men who are in real need of a place where we can gather together, reminisce about the old days, and maybe enjoy a bit of sunshine in the process....I speak of a gameworld where access is exclusive, where there are no cheating children, no SMF
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