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  1. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. Average age 37 average rating 87 Old Boys beat average age 27 average rating 94 Bayern 2-1 Players are now off for a well-earned Radox soak
  2. Re: The Politics Thread What do you think has led to that view Dave? Decades of irresponsible media coverage, sheer rank ignorance, or a combination of both? Anyway I'm confused as the No campaign keep telling us that everyone down south looooooves us and would be crushed and devastated if we vote Yes......are you suggesting that they are telling porky pies?! :eek:
  3. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. Left the first team out but the old fellas dug deep and edged out the younger legs in an 11-goal thriller Now need the reserves to step up against Noisy's Bayern tomorrow, looks like he remembered to swap out the 1st XI for the Cup so we'll have our hands full.....but if a few of these guys can roll back the years we'll do ok: Buffon Lucio - Marquez - Ze Roberto Nakamura - Zyranov - Riquelme - Ljungberg Del Piero - Henry Toni
  4. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. The first of the Old Boys have started to arrive at Newell's with the likes of Yepes, Ambrosini, Ze Roberto and Anelka - but we are most happy of all to welcome the legend that is Kily Gonzalez! Was very pleased to see him and a few other legends who are still on the database...watch this space!
  5. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. (Sssshhh don't ruin it!) *Ahem* - Newell's are indeed a tiiiiiny club and in no way do they average 37,000 home gates and in no way should people's expectations of Newell's go up Edit: even if we do have Pizarro on the way!
  6. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. If you're still looking for managers and it's just for fun I'll take Newell's Old Boys, any division you like
  7. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. Is this real life squad + £100 million or blank squads with £100 million?
  8. Re: The Great British League - discussion thread Dumbarton finished just below me in 6th, if it wasn't for a defeat to them in the run-in I'd be in Champs League Verratti is still pulling the strings; 8 assists and top scorer with 14 goals
  9. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Dresden complete phase 1! With our initial £10m or so Dresden have brought in 17 players that we feel can all go on to have a bright future with the club. While they might not all be household names (yet!) we're happy to have brought in some quality youngsters and to have avoided wasting cash on any proper bidding wars. The chosen ones so far: TASSI, Lorenzo KARSDORP, Rick MAGNÚSSON, Hördur N'JIE, Clinton HÉCTOR, HernándezT SPITTAL, Blair MARLON, Barbosa ARROYO, Óscar MODIC, Andrej DONKOR, Isaac LUCAS, Francois GUEDES, Gonçalo LUAN, Vieira DE AMORES, Guillermo BLACKETT, Tyler ABNER, Almeida HROMADA, Jakub Not too shabby!
  10. Re: The Great British League - discussion thread Sorry about the, er, delayed reply but only just saw this as I was updating end of season Ebbsfleet survived in D1, finishing 16th Stenhousemuir on the other hand finished an amazing 5th in our first season in the top flight! Finished only 9 points off 1st place and with a better goal difference so plenty hope for next season. Just the 4 survivors left now - what a stubborn bunch we are!
  11. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread I'm glad you posted this information only after checking that there were no on-going offers in for him
  12. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread After 3 years at Roots Hall Sofiane Feghouli is departing for Millwall for a fee of £15m + Francesco Bardi. There is strong interest in Dos Santos with 2 excellent but identical offers on the table - remains to be seen whether either interested party will be willing (or able) to up their offer....
  13. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Almost 5 years in the job at Southend and over 500 games, time to shake things up a bit. In that time we've gone from D4 to D2, and while the current squad could potentially gain promotion I think we would be unlikely to survive long in D1. I therefore need to either look for pastures new or do something drastic, and with plenty of good youth prospects coming through I have decided to do the drastic thing.....so the following players are all available for cash offers: 90 rated Giovinco 90 rated Feghouli 89 rated Glushakov 89 rated Dos Santos 88 rated Moreno 88 rated Bojan No set prices - I have an idea of what I would accept for each and there must be a fair amount of cash swilling about 106 so I'm looking for decent offers as there is no need for me to sell. If the cash offer isn't enough and you have someone I like I'll counter and see if we can hit upon a mutually agreeable deal
  14. Re: The Politics Thread You'll never hear me blaming England, I love the place as should anyone who lives there - just a shame that any pride in being English is seen as narrow-minded (as is Scottish pride) - for as we all know the only acceptable nationalism is British nationalism, right...?
  15. Re: The Politics Thread The NO campaign often used the 'why swap Westminster for Brussels?' line until they were reminded that at present Scottish laws are already firstly influenced/ determined by Brussels, then by Westminster, with whatever is left then being decided by Scotland - so if you dislike having one larger body that your laws are filtered through, imagine having two....
  16. Re: The Politics Thread Good man! While it saddens me to see the rise of the likes of UKIP and Britain First, the silver lining is that a massive UKIP vote in rUK and a (hopefully) tiny UKIP vote in Scotland will be most helpful to the Yes campaign in illustrating how Scottish politics and rUK politics are heading in different directions....'mon the kippers!
  17. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Nottingham Forest still have 88 rated McGeady and 89 rated Bruno available for cash or p/ex - McGeady with a good pre-season behind him could well regain his 89 rating, while Bruno is far more likely to hit 90 than to drop to 88....they are only for sale due to our relegation and my wanting to re-vamp the squad but if there are no takers then I'm sure they'll do a great job for us in D2.....
  18. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread I'm adding Glushakov to the list of players Forest would accept cash for, so the updated list now is: Bruno £11m+ Glushakov £12.5m+ McGeady £8.5m+ Jurado £9m+ Might accept a youth or two to offset the cash price, but mainly cash I'm after as I've got a shopping list....!
  19. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Next to head out the revolving door at Forest is our 90 rated GK Mickael Landreau - have an external offer of £7.3m so will consider anything over that.
  20. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread William Kvist is off to external for £9m, anyone who can make it worth my while cancelling the deal give me a shout
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