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  1. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Nottingham Forest players for sale due to our no longer being in D1 - all prices are a guide and are negotiable, and we are also open to part-exchange if you are offering decent prospects: Mickael LANDREAU, GK age 34 rating 90: 2349 minutes this season for Bastia who are top-half of Ligue 1 £9 - 10m William KVIST, D®, DM, M© age 29 rating 89: 1530 minutes for Stuttgart & Fulham £9 - 10m Soriano BRUNO, DM, M© age 29 rating 89: 2709 minutes for Villareal who sit 7th in Primera Division £10 - 11m Ivan MARCANO, D(LC) age 26 rating 88: 2061 minutes for Rubin Kazan and Olympiakos £8 - 9m Juan VARGAS, D, DM, M, AM (L) age 30 rating 88 1171 minutes for Fiorentina sitting 4th in Serie A £7 - 8m Aidan MCGEADY, AM, F (R,L) age 28 rating 88 1151 minutes for Spartak Moscow and Everton £9 - 10m
  2. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread A very important win to hopefully stop the rot - prior to this we had taken a whopping 1 point from the last 30 and were in total freefall....time to start climbing back up the league
  3. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Hopefully see you in the final, Rotherham have enjoyed a great first season in D3 and as we weren't really expecting play-offs we're just happy to be at the party Playing against unmanaged Coventry though so it'll be a bit of a lottery - but if we can squeeze past them then we've got decent depth for the Final....
  4. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Your loyalty to Leno arguably cost you the title as you had Lopez available for the run in
  5. Re: Rewarding Loyalty How about rewarding loyalty by making manager reputation count for something? I know a LOT of long-standing managers are getting increasingly hacked-off with the SM Transfer reporting system being abused, so it could be something as simple as if you have a deal between 2 Deities then it can't be reported - both managers will be very experienced so if the Chairmen have allowed the deal then that should be sufficient - it's not as if its one experienced manager taking advantage of an inexperienced manager.
  6. Re: The Politics Thread Come on Dave you can do better than this.....tagging the hundreds of thousands of Yes voters as nationalists when many (such as myself) have never voted SNP in their lives? It's about as realistic as me saying that all No voters are treacherous quislings out to save their own necks - true of some no doubt but not the majority. I'd be genuinely interested in hearing why you support the continued political union that stifles the distinct voices of our two great countries? Who, Johann Lamont? Well I'll agree with you on that one but let's play the ball and not the man (or woman as is the case) Salmond had a pop at Labour too, and arguably it's the failings of Labour rather than the Conservatives that have led us to where we are today. Conservatives being right-wing and whipping up resentment in Scotland is not new as has been going on since the early days of yer wummin Mags Thatcher - what has changed is that Labour have drifted to the right to make themselves more palatable to English-based voters. This worked well for them but as the Conservatives drift right to counter UKIP Labour have been unable to resist sneaking ever more to the right to hoover up votes from soft-right Conservatives. The effect in Scotland though is that thousands who traditionally voted Labour now feel uncomfortable doing so, and the SNP have shrewdly moved to fill the gaping void on the centre-left. What this means for Independence is that traditionally left-leaning Labour voters are now flocking to the Yes side in the hope that in an Independent Scotland 'Scottish' Labour will be able to return to it's roots. The result of the referendum could hinge on how many of those disgruntled Labour voters go for Independence and how many will buy into whatever 'jam tomorrow' promises are made by the No side.....interesting times.
  7. Re: The Great British League - discussion thread Hi Ed, think there will be a GBL v2 but maybe with a European or World theme to up the difficulty Until then if you fancy steering Fleetwood clear of relegation they've still got a good squad so you could view it as a short term challenge and then see how you feel at the end of the season...? I've hardly posted anywhere on the forum in recent times but I have finally finished my studies so should have more time now, have a few ideas for some GBL posts - maybe give the old girl an Indian Summer in her twilight years/months!
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread All this chat about Northampton and I've had zero internal interest in Plymouth...does that mean externals can now be consulted without anyone getting annoyed? Or better yet the 7046 job committee can just tell me when to reject the offer
  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Fraser Forster and a few other Rotherham players are available for cash on the transfer list, prices are just a guide I may accept less depending on interest
  10. Re: The Great British League - discussion thread
  11. Re: New Forum-Filled Spanish Championship Hi all! In as Deportivo, hope I can match the fans expectations...!
  12. Re: The Great British League - discussion thread
  13. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Well I came up with Crystal Palace in season 4 and Forest came up in season 5, but I left Palace last season (season 6) when Forest called as they were in a bit of bother. So no this particular Forest team didn't win promotion, plus last season there were a few more 88's and 89's kicking about but the overall squad was quite small so had to sell a few higher-rated players to re-invest in the squad. Maicon, Marcano, Glushakov, Bruno and Jurado are the survivors from the previous regime but I wouldn't move them on as they are now the core of the team. But yeah if I survive with that lot it'll be a good achievement!
  14. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Ladies and gents meet your EC106 Season 19 English Shield winners - Southend United! It wasn't easy getting there and we had to defeat some tough teams along the way: Mon 9 Sep English Shield Round 1 [H] 2 - 0 Luton Town Mon 23 Sep English Shield Round 2 [A] 3 - 0 Boston United Mon 7 Oct English Shield Round 3 [A] 1 - 0 Chesterfield Mon 21 Oct English Shield Round 4 [H] 2 - 0 Coventry City Mon 4 Nov English Shield Quarter Final [H] 0 - 0 Queens Park Rangers (Southend United win 4 - 3 on penalties.) Mon 18 Nov English Shield Semi Final [A] 3 - 1 Crewe Alexandra Mon 2 Dec English Shield Final [N] 5 - 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers Heroes one and all, with special mentions to substitutes Sane, Glushakov, and Gabbiadini Some of the shine is taken off as Wolves are unmanaged but I'll not be worrying about that when we're playing our European ties Can't believe it's only taken me 467 games to get there....!
  15. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Nottingham Forest first XI for opening day: Not the strongest D1 team you're ever likely to see, clearly much will depend on how quickly Neto gets his rise - I'm thinking he should hit 87/ 88 soon and then we can see how we're doing but it's generally easy enough to pick up a higher-rated old GK if it comes to it. The first XI is definitely a bit weaker than when I took over last season but it's a bit younger too and crucially we've been able to develop the rest of the squad (and the beginnings of a decent youth team) so that the 2nd XI looks a bit like this: So basically the quality of the 1st XI has been diluted a tad to allow more strength in depth....will that prove to be our undoing or will it be enough to survive another season in the top flight of EC7777? Time will tell.....
  16. Re: Fluffy's Asylum SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC We will seattle for nothing less than victory!!!
  17. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread I don't think Dave means it Raz it's just what happens when you start knocking on a bit - get a bit like that myself these days - think it started when Boost bars hit 75p....75p!!! 62?! Aye, and the rest Mr. Methuselah
  18. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread No objections from me I'm just fascinated as to whether consensus can be reached on the criteria for who deserves what job. You are effectively trying to agree a system for deciding who is most worthy for a particular job and I can't see when there are so many factors involved how that can be achieved - post count, average number of games per job, previous successes, popularity, transfer policies, etc. All new managers will need to be thoroughly briefed on the house rules as well otherwise they'll be pilloried as soon as they step out of line. I guess to me it just seems a shame that all this is deemed necessary when there is really only one rule people need to follow - don't offer a job to a muppet
  19. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Would you have this work then that (for example) when a job offer is received it is posted here on day 1 and then by day 3 if nobody internal wants it the manager then picks from the waiting list? But if the manager is unaware of the offer and only logs in on day 3 do they still allow 48 hours on the forum, running the risk that the offer expires? Is posting here sufficient or do they need to post in-game also? If someone internal wants the job is it ok to offer to them immediately or does their request need to be ratified in triplicate by authorised members of the 7046 Job Offer Board (aka 'the JOBbies! ) Or do we now create a 'black-list' of 7046 managers who we are not allowed to offer to because they haven't posted enough/ been here long enough/ won enough/ done enough 'good' deals...? All of the above and more would need to be agreed as otherwise no matter what you do with a job offer you'll be open to criticism. Alternatively, people could be trusted to exercise some common sense - I've never moaned about who other managers offer jobs to as I trust that 90% in here have 7046's best interest at heart. I wish I could say higher than 90% but I still reckon there are a few who are using Shehan not being on the waiting list as a smokescreen when the real reason they are peeved is coz Raz got the jump on them....maybe we can set up a committee that any proposed transfers involving players rated 91+ must be submitted to for approval? Y'know, for the good of the game world etc etc? I jest of course but with all the unwritten rules/ code of ethics (most of which are well-intentioned) we're heading in that direction to try and keep everyone happy all of the time....
  20. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread The waiting list is optional, not compulsory and people should feel free to deal with job offers as they see fit for the good of the gameworld - attempting to place pressure on managers to do one thing or another is a poor show. I enjoy 7046 and like everyone else want to ensure it continues to thrive - this is why in the past when I've received job offers I've offered them to folk on the waiting list who I knew could be good for 7046. However the last couple of times I've attempted to use the waiting list (going back a while now) the managers on it hadn't been on for days, I posted on this thread advertising that I had the offer several times, and hoped I'd get a response before the offer expired, so the waiting list ain't all that reliable. If I then offer the job to someone I know folk are upset because the list wasn't used, so it reaches the point where getting job offers in 7046 becomes a real hassle. This is why last night when Raz contacted me saying he had someone who'd earned their stripes in 7046 waiting in the wings to take Northampton I though 'great, people will be happy that it's gone to someone trust-worthy'. As I'd only just received the offer I hadn't even looked at the Northampton squad - which I guess is a big issue for some of you who are perhaps less concerned about 7046 and more concerned about where the top players end up - or am I wrong and everyone would be as equally interested in who got the job if the job were in the D4 basement...? Fact of the matter is that the job WAS offered to someone in the lower leagues and they didn't want the job. I appreciate the jobs can't always go to established managers otherwise you don't get the new blood in to keep the gameworld going, but is everyone on the waiting list vetted to ensure they are 100% reliable? If the people who were so quick to jump on their soap-box can assure me that anyone on the current waiting list would have been more acceptable to them than Shehan then I'll be more inclined to use the waiting list in the future.....
  21. Re: Fluffy's Asylum So, first big call of Fluffster's leadership coming up - despite adding me to the FB group he didn't add me to the blinking list used for the draw - so will Seattle count as team 23, or as team 24...? Or, re-draw anyone!?
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