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  1. Re: Fabricio Ramirez I've managed to find him, but bizarrely he's playing with Thanda Royal Zulu in South Africa - and has a chairman value of £6,250,000....!!! This is the 2nd weird thing i've noticed on SM this evening, as earlier on i noticed one of my Greece-based targets who went up to 83 yesterday is still at 79 in some of my set-ups.....i've seen some weird bugs on SM but i've never seen a player with a different rating in different set-ups.
  2. Re: English Championship 1 Shocking news emerged from Saltergate this morning, when Chesterfield manager Stewart Lauder revealed that the club are willing to listen to offers for two of the worlds top teenage stars; Miralem Pjanic and Andre Ayew. He explained that, while the club are in no rush to sell, sacrifices must be made in order to take the club to the next level. "We have been very pleased with the progress of our young team over the last few weeks, however the harsh fact is that our club simply cannot support the wages of 70-odd players if we wish to also remain active in the transfer market." "I would like to make it clear though that the club will not be selling these players on the cheap - we are not desperate to sell, and a deal will only be done if the club feels the offer is too good to refuse. I'm conscious of the SMFA's strict rules regarding big offers, but i have a duty to the club to try and get the highest offer possible." MIRALEM PJANIC & ANDRE AYEW
  3. Re: British Changesl-COMPLAINTS Alan Smith staying on 87 seemed strange to me. Thought his appearances alone would get him to 88, but then i've not seen many Newcastle games so i can only assume he's been rotten all season....????
  4. Re: English Championship 1 Is it only me or does anyone else find the frequency of transfer bids from external clubs in EC1 is waaaay below that of other set-ups they're in? I've had William Vainquer on the transfer list for at least 9 weeks and haven't received a single offer! Have occasionally tried varying the asking price but still nothing. Have also now had Tremoulinas on for the last 7/8 days; not a single offer for him either I'm sure i read in a thread once that the AI in older set-ups isn't as quick, but didn't see how that could be true. Maybe it's just bad luck.....????
  5. Re: Help! Looking or 10K Players http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=15569 You could maybe find some on the thread above, although some will have risen since they were posted. Starting from the last page and working your way back is probably best
  6. Re: Rising Central Defender..?? Not sure how this guy will do long-term, but i believe he will make at least 80 next review and he's still young. Manuel PAVON : 23 yr old 76 rated D, has 14 starts for Numancia who are currently 2nd in Spain's Segunda. He seems well-established in the team so i'd estimate 80/81 in 3 weeks and then 83-ish by the end of the season. After that Numancia could well be playing in La Liga which would boost his rating again.
  7. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Er.....anyone know why no change for Alan Smith?! Still only 87....!
  8. Re: Nicola LEGROTTAGLIE Decided to buy him - Steppe and Ognyanov only cost me 25k each when i bought them, and i was able to get Legrottaglie in a straight swap for them so was well chuffed as i've effectively got him for 50k! Let's just hope he keeps playing as well until the Italian ratings are done so he makes that 89.....
  9. Re: Best striker on SM ? If you're looking for a cheaper option (but someone who could/ should rise to 91 soon) i'd strongly recommend Raul Tamudo. Not the youngest, but, totalling his stats accross three of the World Championships i'm in, he has scored 150 goals from 337 appearances, plus 101 assists and 70 MOM awards. Roughly averaged that means that in a typical 38 game season he's scored 17 goals with 11 assists and 8 MOM awards. Pretty decent compared to the season totals of other higher rated strikers i've had.
  10. Re: Nicola LEGROTTAGLIE Thinking about taking a punt on him as i can swap him for Kenny Steppe and Anton Ognyanov but what do we all reckon he'll rise to? 89 max? I'm assuming he's no chance of 90 as i only have him as having played 12 league games for Juve this season and also don't think i've ever seen anyone jump from 86 to 90 in one go.
  11. Re: English Championship 1 The Chesterfield fans making their way to tonight's match against Brentford will be wondering which Chesterfield team are going to turn up - will it be the team that brilliantly swept aside Notts County 6 - 2, or the team that slumped to a poor 3 goal defeat at Bournemouth...?! One thing that is certain is that tonight's match should be very entertaining, with new loanee Sebastian Giovinco set to make his debut appearance in an exciting-looking attack alongside Bojan Krkic and Andrea Russotto. Tonight's starting line-up have added incentive to perform well as next weeks rating reviews should see a number of youth players pushing for first-team places.
  12. Re: Bestpay's Belgian rating change forecasts - 16 players No rise forseen for Bryan Ruiz, Gent's Costa Rican striker? He has 6 goals from 9 starts totalling 851 minutes. Currently rated 80, i was hoping for 82/ 83 (assuming Belgium's top division is viewed by SM as comparable to English Championship level).
  13. Re: Bad joke competition!!! Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? Because it was dead.
  14. Re: How long does it take to sell a player to an AI team? I've had a player transfer listed for weeks and weeks now with no offer, and i'm almost certain his rating will go down when the French ratings are done (!) so getting a bit concerned now. My question is this - if i took him off the transfer list and then immediately put him back on, which of the following scenarios do people think is most likely to happen...? A: it'll "kick-start" the transfer process and get me bids B: it'll put the player at the back of the queue C: it'll make no difference at all
  15. Re: GC10 - Club Swap Yep yep i'll defo try for Queens Park, tho it'll be 10k players all the way for me
  16. Re: GC10 - Club Swap Club Queens Park Nickname The Spiders The Hoops Stadium Hampden Park (52025) Country Scotland Scottish CAIRNS, Mark G 66 38 Scottish DUNLOP, Mick LB/CB 65 25 Scottish TROUTEN, Alan RB/RM 68 22 Scottish REILLY, Steven CB 67 26 Scottish SINCLAIR, Richard CB 67 25 Scottish AGOSTINI, Damiano CB 65 29 Scottish MOLLOY, Shaun CB/LB 63 22 Scottish CANNING, Steven LM/LB 68 24 Scottish PATON, Paul RM/RB 66 20 Scottish CAIRNEY, Paul CM 75 20 Scottish FERRY, Mark CM/LM 67 23 Scottish KETTLEWELL, Stuart CM 66 23 Scottish QUINN, Anthony CM 66 26 Scottish RONALD, Paul F/AM 64 36 Scottish MCGRADY, Stuart F 62 22 Scottish DUNN, Robert CF 65 28 Scottish BOWERS, Richard CF 64 20 Player Details Player Name: Mark CAIRNS Club Name: Queens Park Squad: Senior Squad Age: 38 years old Born: 25 September 1969 Nationality: Scottish Scottish Position: Goalkeeper (G) Rating: 66 Last Rating Change: 5 SM Value: Help: SM Player Valuation £10,000 Contract: 5 Years - £1,180 per Turn Must be a different Queens Park.....
  17. Re: 10K PLAYER ALERT!!! Hey folks haven't seen these players mentioned in this thread yet. The following should all rise from 70 when next reviewed, some may only rise by a couple of points but hey, it's all profit and they're all young (except Tinkler)...... Name Pos Nationality Starts Mins Mark Tinkler D England 12 1093 Livingston Dean Keenan D Scotland 6 535 Morton Lee Robinson G England 8 727 Morton Jamie Young G England 3 249 Wycombe Claude Gnapka D France 13 1031 Peterborough Marvin Hamilton M England 3 302 Gillingham Liam Dolman D England 15 1364 Northampton Ali Fuseini M England 9 959 Millwall Matt Done M Wales 7 739 Wrexham Simone Gozzi D Italy 8 704 Modena (Serie Diogo Roque M Brazil 4 332 Figueirense (Brazil) Also, if i could suggest a 71 while i'm here, Ryan Conroy has started the last couple of games for Celtic and could potentially have played 5/6 games by the time the Scottish ratings are looked at. Anyways, hope at least some of these are of use to folk!
  18. Re: GC10 - Club Swap Could Queens Park be placed in the Scottish Division please....... need to end the 114 year trophy drought!
  19. Re: English Championship 1 Hi folks, joined EC1 a good few weeks ago now as manager of Chesterfield who were, at that time, rock-bottom of Division 4 (but hey - we've all got to start somewhere!). Chuffed to bits to be part of such a famous set-up, and especially one that everyone obviously cares so much for. Anyway, finally got round to joining the forum so thought i'd say hi and ta to Arsenal, Man Utd and Fulham for the loan of the players. Hopes are high at Chesterfield that with the nucleus of exciting young players (inc. Bojan Krkic AND Toni Kroos!) that the future is bright and next season can see us make a real push for promotion to Division 3. P.S - i can't decide which deal was more of a steal; Bojan for 550k, Matthew Spring & Colin Larkin - OR - Kroos for 250k, Clayton Ince & Alan O'Hare????
  20. Hi folks, first post ever so apologies if this is old news - i searched "omotoyossi" and couldn't find anything. The following was pinched from Wikipedia: "Razak Omotoyossi (born 8 October 1985) is a Beninese football player. The striker signed for Helsingborgs IF in 2007, leaving FC Sheriff in 2006. Among other achievements, Omotoyossi scored the first ever goal for Benin in the World Youth Championship, and equalized for Sheriff in injury time against FC Spartak Moscow in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League. He was signed to Sheriff, the top Moldovan club, in November 2005. He is currently one of two forwards in the Benin national football team, scoring against Senegal in a friendly on 7 February 2007." Razak has played 21 games this season so far (1847 minutes) for Helsingborgs in Sweden (he's Henrik Larsson's strike partner) and has so far scored 14 goals; this makes him current joint-top scorer in Sweden's top league. Currently rated 80 in SM - Helsingborgs top players seem to average 84/85, so would anyone agree he should be in for a decent rise?
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