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    Machine reacted to Longnose in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


    Up the spout ?

    Anthony Quayle Writes.....Just hours after Elliot and Paris Hilton made a mockery of the holy ceremony of marriage, rumours are circulating like wildfire around the SM world, that the 29 year old one time illegal immigrant and call girl Paris walked up the aisle 4 weeks pregnant. A source at the couples reception has told the Southwark News that the green gilled Paris barely touched her celebratory meal (the traditional Northern dish of lard and cabbage stew) instead choosing to discreetly lick lumps of charcoal concealed in her hand bag. Equally the pointy nosed Paris has certainly filled out of late and onlookers at the wedding could not fail to notice a tell tale bump around the stick insect like Yanks midriff. The bulge is yet more apparent in our exclusive shot taken just hours before the air headed shunter slipped into her wedding gown. These undeniable facts point to only one conclusion, that the infamous Rochdale ride had been caught out and unsure of the father, desperately rushed into a shotgun marriage with Sutcliffe to preserve the Hilton brand image. In the face of this compelling evidence we asked scientists at the respected Peckham Institute of Scientific Studies to offer us a clue to who the likely father is. Using the latest scientific instruments the eggheads have worked feverishly throughout the afternoon and narrowed a list of hundreds down to just 2 candidates.Using the latest computer imagery they have provided us with the first pictures of how the child will look.
    1.Elliot Hilton – years away from manhood the boffins have concluded that the childlike Hilton may just be reaching the age of sexual maturity. With luck ( good or bad ) they feel that there is an outside chance that Ginger whinger may well have struck gold in a rare moment of fumbled passion...

    I think its got its Daddy's nose

    2.Sean Fitzpatrick – With the jury out on exactly what side the odious Fitzpatrick bats for, the Peckham brainboxs still feel the leader of the N/A may well have stuck one up it probably by means of a turkey baster or some other such instrument. Whilst on the surface Millwall fans may discount this unpleasant alternative, the professors point to a sinister plot to populate the UK with millions of Fitzpatrick clones hell bent on continuing the evil ones plans for EC106 domination.

    The first of the Fitzpatrick clones

    Frankie says .... Drown it at birth !!!
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    Machine reacted to cheekylad68 in Apply option for Unmanaged clubs   
    I dont believe this has been brought up before so apologies if it has.
    I feel that having an apply button by unmanaged clubs where you can apply to be the new manager would make a welcome and interesting prospect to the game.
    For example in a Gold Championship:
    Real Madrid manager leaves - Instead of the job being offered to 1 manager a number of managers could apply and the one with the best manager point rating ( or other criteria such as tropies won ) in that gameworld would get the job.
    This would encourage more people to take up teams and PERSIST with them in the hope that when a big job becomes available they will of been succesful enough to get the job.
    I belive this would have to work in a way where once said manager leaves his post there would be a 48/72 hour time limit for possible applicants to apply.
    Applicants would NOT be ale to see who else has applied as this could possibly deter managers from applying.
    This would also maybe contribute to the demise of the phenomenom that is the "club hopping cheat". This is the cheat who moves randomly around clubs day by day buying players from his "real" team for ridiculous fees.
    I find a cheats persistance wears off gradually so instead of moving around 10 clubs in 10 days it becomes a whole months worth of effort for them - and that is on the basis that no other manager has applied for the job currently in the GW.
    Currently you have to quit a club and gw and then re-enter the gw to select your new club unless you are one of the lucky ones who gets offered said job. This would ( I believe ) help to create fuller GW as managers would have a real chance of getting the club they want rather than having a new manager come in from outside the gw and snap it up.
    And if we can make life more difficult for the cheats then thats fine by me.
    Sorry if it seems like a bit of a ramble but I hope you get the idea.
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    Machine reacted to Szosser10 in My Best Ever Result!or Faulty Match Engine?   
    Re: My Best Ever Result!or Faulty Match Engine?
    sorry mate:o:rolleyes:
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    Machine reacted to JakeMCFC in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    17th May, 2010
    Let the celebrations begin!

    Ipswich Town 1-3 Gillingham

    Wednesday night, Portman Road, 20:00pm was the night that Gillingham secured Division 3 safety, remarkably being written off 10 games ago at an 100/1 price to stay up. Grant Holt (pictured above) played a massive role in the survival of the Gills, scoring 2 goals which sank Ipswich Town not once but twice in the first half, here is the magnificent story of Gillingham FC on the 12th May, 2010.
    3,000 Gillingham fans made the long journey to Ipswich to witness their biggest game of the season if not their lifes as a win would seal safety for Gillingham FC whilst Ipswich Town had nothing to play for other than to finish the season on a high, a loss for Gillingham and a win for any of the bottom 3, most notably Hull would relegate Gillingham which would be a shame as they have come back right at the wire to salvage something from a season they may want to forget. Things got underway inside a tense south side of Portman Road where all the Gillingham fans are allocated.
    Grant Holt, signed from Rochdale earlier on in the season was the loan man upfront, costing just over £2 million pounds the 29 year old is still looking to impress Gillingham manager Jake' going into next season whether they will be playing Division 3 or 4 football. Just over 15 minutes in and the game had it's first goal and you will never guess who scored it? Grant Holt leaping ahead of a small rising Ipswich Town defence, the Englishmen rising too high for the full backs as he nets and puts Gillingham ahead inside 20 minutes, listen to that roar from the Gillingham end, let the celebrations begin, for now anyway. Ipswich looked very threatening at times, nearing to an equaliser Sergio Asenjo was being kept very busy in the Gillingham goal, Gillingham can breathe for now. Just before half time... it was 2-0! Grant Holt the right man on the right occasion again getting on the end of a Piatti cross from the left, have Gillingham done it? The impossible?
    Gillingham came out second half fired up, knowing that they are just 45 minutes away from safety in Division 3, completing it last year they will fancy their chances now, referee Sinisa Zrnic blew for the second half to commense with Ipswich Town attacking their home fans this time and Gillingham scoring towards their travelling support. The second half wasn't remarkable as the first, minimal opportunities falling to either sides but failing to convert on all occasions the game still remained Ipswich Town 0-2 Gillingham. Holt, Gillingham's saviour made way for youngster Zavon Hines who has been making regular appearances coming off the bench for Gillingham hoping to seal Gillingham's safety followed by loanee Bendtner coming on in the DM area. Dimitri Payet then pulled a goal back for Ipswich, silence at the Gillingham end for now, a very, very nervy finish here. Hadji then put Gillingham 3-1 up, classy classy goal from the 29 year old, signing from French side Nancy has just sealed Gillingham's place in Division 3 next season, amazing scenes here at Portman Road.
    The final whistle went, Bosnian referee Sinisa Zrnic bringing the game to a close, the remarkable fightback from Gllingham that looked off 10 games ago has been completed, possibly one of the best turn arounds of their history, Gillingham will now be definatly be playing Division 3 football next season. Stewards are having to hold Gillingham fans back from a pitch invasion here at Portman Road, Ipswich fans and players congratulating a Gillingham side that has seen one of the worst forms this season but an amazing turn around in the second half of the season has guided then to where they belong now. The question now is can Gillingham finally keep their team and form together and challenge the big boys for the play offs next season?
    Words from "big man" Phil
    "Well, we done it! Even I didn't think we would do it but there was always hope in our little hopes. I'm lost for words right now, I can now congratulate our fans more as they have been behind us all the way to this final game at Portman, I am sure that our fans will go home very happy with our teams performance tonight, we gave it our 100%, battling for the ball, making the most of our possesion and executing our chances which we just couldn't do earlier on in the season. I will give a bigger and more detailed speech once I have celebrated with my players on the remarkable achivement, GILLINGHAM FOREVER!"


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    Machine got a reaction from JakeMCFC in English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
    Southend are Champions at last! :D
    Wycombe snatch a 89th minute equaliser to save themselves from the play-offs as Bristol City won their match and would've gone up automatically with me.
    One goal makes so much difference - sorry my guys couldn't hang on James, best of luck for the play-offs
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    Machine reacted to Lenny59 in English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
    Second game in charge for me at Bristol Rovers
    A Nice 3-0 win at the expense of Swindon
    Just been thinking.....That makes me the only manager unbeaten all season
    I must be in the reckoning for Manager of the Year....Surely:D:D:D
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    Machine reacted to dazinho in English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
    Quite annoying really...couldnt buy a win earlier in the season when I was still trying to catch up the play off positions, now that there is nowt to play for I cant stop beating the bigger sides. Beaten Bristol City and Nottingham Forest in a row 3-1!!!!!!!!!!
    Hoping to finish the season off on a high with a win at Hartlepool United.
    Good Luck to Southend United, you deserve to win the league. Would be a travesty if you didnt win it now having been top for so long.
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    Machine got a reaction from Rams Fan in How do I...   
    Re: How do I...
    The way i do it is:
    1) go to your "profile" tab' date=' click on the team you want to have the link to, then copy the address from your address bar
    2) To post the link on the forum, click on the "insert link" button (below smilies on the main toolbar) and paste the address
    3) Job done!
    It defaults to club overview whenever i've done it but anyone having a look can easily click on the squad tab.
    There may well be an easier way of doing it but that's the only way i've figured out. Also some clever folk can make the team name the link so it would appear like Histon but er, I dunno how to do that, lol :o
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    Machine got a reaction from MCFC James in English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
    2-0 victory away to Boston gets the Southend train back on the tracks - not exactly powering our way over the line but need 3 points from the last three games so should be able to limp/ crawl to the D4 title with a bit of luck
    Ze Roberto survived an injury scare but Davis is out for 9 days, also Campagnaro was red-carded for spitting in someone's face so will need to tinker with the line-up (again).
    New boy Wagner (emergency buy as Tello was suspended for three games) got a goal on his debut with Zigic getting the other.
    Hopefully have a plan in place for Zigic if/when he drops
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    Machine reacted to MCFC James in English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
    Well what a massive win that is for Bristol City.
    A late goal from Luyindula gives Bristol City all three points in a 2-1 away win at Rotherham. Absoloutely delighted as the win makes it 8 in a row. Confirmed a play-off spot tonight, but that doesn't bother me because three more wins for City and we are going up to division 3! Sit in the second spot and am only 2 points clear of third placed Wycombe.
    EDIT:Two wins a draw should be enough, because of me having a 11 better goal difference.
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    Machine got a reaction from col lufc # in Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread   
    Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread
    1st placed Queens Park beat Rangers 3-2 and 2nd place Celtic crash to a 2-1 defeat at Motherwell, leaving me 8 points clear at the top of the SPL with 3 games to play
    Kilmarnock up next in the Quarter-Finals of the Cup; with the Shield already in the bag it gives me the chance of being the first Manager to win the treble in one season and the first club to do the treble since Rangers waaaayy back in Season 1.....
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    Machine got a reaction from Dean89 in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Spanish CB Ivan Ramis today rejoins Southend United for a reported £5.1m, and the Southend management believe he will be pushing for a starting spot sooner rather than later.
    Manager Stewart Lauder, "we're thrilled to have Ivan back at the club, we never really wanted to let him go initially but it was for the best for the club at the time. To re-sign him is magnificent as he's proven in Spain what a class act he is, and to get him for £5.1m only makes the deal all the sweeter. I'm sure that along with Campagnaro and Webster he'll make sure Maza Rodriguez, Boumsong, and Caceres will all have to play well to keep him out of the team.
    It's been a good week for us in the transfer market with several youth signings including young Geraldo, as well as established guys like Migliaccio and Shevchenko, who will play their part in the promotion bid and can only inspire the younger players.
    We now have a reasonable amount of depth to the 1st team squad, although i would like to make one or two more signings in the near future to allow us to finish as strongly as possible in the league."

    New faces Geraldo, Migliaccio and Shevchenko

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    Machine got a reaction from JakeMCFC in Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News   
    Re: Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News
    4th division Histon tonight thumped 1st division Portsmouth 4 - 0 to set up a re-match with Liverpool in the 3rd round of the English Cup.
    Will this be revenge for Liverpool or can Histon do it again???!!!
    All will be revealed one week from now.....
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    Machine reacted to Magic J in Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread   
    Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread
    Sorry fella i was absoloutely off my rocka that night, cant even remember coming home let alone going on SM, nice to see i didnt abuse anyone or swear
    Should be a good game, but my Lyon are notoriously poor in Europe
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    Machine got a reaction from Radebe20 in English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
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    Machine reacted to Radebe20 in English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
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    Machine reacted in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread
    I have sent a message to Dave about the results etc. I was messing around with copying and pasting and came up with this. If you don't like it I will delete it tomorrow as I know that Dave was the first to put a lot of effort into keeping up with the scores and tables. I am not trying to steal his hard work, I was only trying to learn how to do this stuff and maybe make it easier to put up.
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    Machine reacted to col lufc # in English Championship 1   
    Re: English Championship 1

    City Win The Cup

    Over the moon with this, Iv won leagues and cups in Gold Championships but this tops all them.
    Hats off to Sam who did a great job getting he's Darlington into the final.
    Now i need to get that top spot in the league back.

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    Machine got a reaction from CapTaiN-CraZy-CoffEe in The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread   
    Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread
    That was actually my reserve team with the exception of Jovetic, but was still a decent eleven so congratulations all the same
    Was tempted to play the first team and go for it but the league has to take priority this season.
    A few risers means i've enough pennies for another quality player now - just trying to decide who....
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    Machine reacted to Jahmes in 96 rated keeper vs 91,90 keepers in game   
    Re: 96 rated keeper vs 91,90 keepers in game
    There doesn't seem to be a difference between 'keeper performance indicators such as match rating, average performance, goals conceded, man of the match awards etc. when comparing a 96 rated goalkeeper with one rated 91. However, if I'm not mistaken the match engine does take the two teams' average ratings into account when generating results, in which case it does matter which 'keeper you have, just no-one seems to pick up on it. It matters less than outfield positions though, because apart from being significant in the average rating it doesn't have much effect on the GK position, as already stated, but a 91 rated striker rarely compares to a 96 rated one in both individual performance indicators and obviously team average rating.
    Anyone still reading? Probably not.
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    Machine reacted to James C in what do u think about people who do crossdressing   
    Re: what do u think about people who do crossdressing
    stood up
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    Machine reacted to CCX.13 in Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)   
    Re: Player Concerns
    i don't understand why people are so much against player concerns. i joined SM a couple of weeks ago, had 7 league games, and i am in support of the concept of player concern. i mean why should you be afraid of the aspect of the game that actually tests your managerial ability.
    if you have 22 90+ rated stars, there will be unhappy players due to lack of place in the squad. although it does feels good to back up a 94 rated gk with another 94, 94 rated cf with another 94, it leads to a gap in squad strength. some squads will obviously dominate the game, while others are confined to being onlookers.
    there are people who've been playing this game for couple of years. in the past maybe having 100+ player in a squad was not a problem, but now the game is changing. and instead of accepting the change, most people are voicing against it. it seems to have added a whole new dimension of player management to the game, and yet "managers" are trying to run away from it...
    if again there is a poll/vote about player ai/concerns - i'll vote for it.....
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    Machine reacted to S04 in English Championship 1   
    Re: English Championship 1
    I've been on this game for nearly four years and I have never been so disrespected I guess they missed Herby's house when the gave out the gentlemans code of conduct.
    Page 1 rule number 2 and I quote " Under no circumstance should you ever mention another mans name when describing your own stuff." I assume you break the 1 urinal apart rule and enter the splash zone as well? Oh for someone so old you have so much to learn my son.
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    Machine reacted to pipgib in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    EC106 Times
    Disturbing lack of English Footballers
    In recent years there has been several warnings over the lack of English Tallent coming through the ranks of top flight clubs as a result the National team has steadily declined due to lack of depth and a run of 44 years without an international trophy with Elliot Sutcliffe failing to end the trophy drought and current national boss James Burrow facing a tough challenge especally with a real lack of choice for the national Squad.

    The lack of English players is quite clear to spot in Division 1 you could well be mistaken for being in a foreign country when you look at the team sheets with just 6.19% of Division 1 players being English that is 30 out of 484 with teams such as Chelsea,Darlington,Burnley and Blackburn not possessing a single English player in their first team even the teams that do have English players the most at any one club in the top flight of English Football is 3 at Liverpool,Sheff Utd,Man City and Millwall.

    Division 2 considered by meny to be the most competetive division even more so than Division 1 fairs not much better for home grown tallent than the top flight with the exseption of England Manager James Burrow's Preston who have a very healthy English contingent with 43% of the first team being English however Preston's English contingent makes up almost a quarter of all the English players in the second division and with Huddersfield,Norwich,Cardiff,Plymouth and Cheltenham no having a single English player in there first team only 7.78% of the 552 Division 2 players are English.

    Division 3 and 4 have been the starting blocks for meny up and coming English players however the 3rd division no longer seems to be English friendly with 6 clubs Derby,Reading,Swansea,QPR,Brighton and even Crewe not having a single English player in there first team and if it was not for former England Manager Elliot Sutcliffe's loyalty to the English youth players Division 3 would have a similar level of English players as Division 1 as it is Rochdale's 17 English strong first team has nudged the 3rd division up to 9.55% for the total English players that however is just 51 from 534 things do not bode well for the future of English Football.

    Finally a Division with a decent amount of home grown tallent with just under a quarter of the Division being English the credit for this though can only go to 4 teams Yeovil who have 9 English players Bournemouth who has 12 English players Rotherham who have 15 English players and Hartlepool who have a huge 21 first team English players however even down here at the very bottom of the football league there are team who have no English players Bristol City,Peterborough and Swindon that said the 4th division has given English football a glimmer of hope however only a small glimmer of hope.
    Total First Team Footballers
    Total English First Team Footballers
    Percentage of English Footballers

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    Machine reacted to bcfc12345 in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    English Championship 106 News
    09 January 2010

    Yeovil Manager Tom Tamburro Looking Forward To Southend Match

    Yeovil Town manager Tom Tamburro has said that he is looking forward to the chance to play such a big Division 4 team. He said "Southend are the best in the league, they dont come better then them. They have bought some quality players in the last week, and if we go to the match and play like we have done for the start of the season, we could give them a run for there money." Tom also admitted that if Southend come and end up winning he would not be mad at the players. He said "We know there a top team and i have said we will be going to every match expecting a win because thats how you get promoted, but i have said to the players that there is no pressure and i want them to enjoy thereselves, and you never know, snatch a win!". Tom Tamburro will be starting with Rickie Lambert upfront today, Tom said "yes he may not be scoring, but he has only played 45 minutes of football for us in competitive matches, and can you really expect a new player to score in his first 45 minutes, no you cant".
    In Other News:

    Yeovil Manager New Wales Manager

    Yeovil manager Tom Tamburro today resigned as the Czech Republic manager to manage struggling Wales. He said "this was my decision and no one elses. People may think im stupid because Czech are a better team but Wales didnt have no manager and i thought, you only live once so why not try and lead them to the world cup finals ).
    It is expecting that Yeovil's only to Welsh players, Eastwood and Fleetwood will be joining the squad while Prestons Darly and another un-named player will be leaving.

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