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    Machine reacted to pipgib in English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread   
    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Updated Manager Rankings

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    Machine got a reaction from Doru in The importance of the question mark - "?"   
    For those of you unaware, a question mark looks a lot like this:

    There seem to be a lot of threads that have been started in recent weeks with titles such as, "10k risers!!!", "90+ rising midfielders!!!", "future talents!!!" etc etc which all sounds great until you look at the thread and see that (for example) under "10k risers!!!" there are in fact NO 10k risers listed but instead the thread-maker is actually looking for 10k risers and not listing them
    Likewise "90+ rising midfielders!!!" does not offer who will rise but is asking us to inform who will rise
    Also the majority of these threads have been created under "player rating predictions" when they should be in the help thread as they are in fact looking for help
    Had these threads been called, "10k risers???", "90+rising midfielders???", "future talents???" and been posted in the help section then it would give folk a much clearer indication of what is contained in the thread, and would have also increased the chances of the thread-maker getting the info they're looking for.
    It just gets a bit annoying after a while - or maybe it's just me being picky.....?
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    Machine got a reaction from Neller in Ideas for International Management   
    Re: Ideas for International Management
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    Machine reacted to Neller in Down the arcades :D   
    Anybody miss there younger days bombing down the arcades and playing on all those old football greats, shooting and driving games etc?
    Well tonight thought I would take a cpl hours off and play some games, decided to try and see if I could find some of those old greats and found a great little program which plays them + tons of games for free as well, just been playing on good old "world football champ :D"
    Most people may well have alreayd played it but here is the program, there is no setting up you just download it and unzip it then click on the little arcade icon.
    Here is a link to TONS of free games, they only take a second to download as they are very small.
    Once you download a game just move it into the "roms" folder from the program you downloaded a minute a go and then it will appear in green in the arcade and you can play it , best of all you dont have to keep pumping 10p's in everytime you lose / die
    If anyone needs any further help just post and I will help through it.
    ps... for whoever is interested here is whe world football champ game - http://www.rom-world.com/file.php?id=23665 (still a classic )

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    Machine got a reaction from Bourkey in Calling All Forest Fans..   
    Re: Calling All Forest Fans..
    Depends if you're bothered about keeping anyone so that the team still bears a resemblance to the real-life team.
    Forest are my English team, but when i recently took over a Forest in a new EC i had no reservations about shipping the lot of them out - with the exception of big Wes Morgan of course!
    Gunter and co were actually the first players i sold because the Chairman valuation was so high, this allowed me to re-invest the money in as many risers (with the Brazilian ratings you could make a killing and could buy an all-Brazilian 11 for the price of Gunter and Blackstock) as i could.
    It may seem daft to sell your best players but that's what will get you the big bucks and sometimes you have to take 1 step back to take a lot of steps forward
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    Machine reacted to Smartdoc in Should SM make GC67 at 23:00 GMT tomorrow * no spoilers *   
    Re: Should SM make GC67 at 23:00 GMT tomorrow * no spoilers *
    I guess SM's biggest mistake is letting us know they are creating GCs at all. Having read this and some other threads around, I'd reckon they'd be better off just creating them randomly with no announcements at all . Then there'd be no complaining about 'it wasn't made on time' or 'it always suits school children or british folk' or 'same people get the big clubs' (this one could still happen) or 'made me wait all day refreshing the computer' and so on.
    I will happily expect widespread condemnation for this post (never afraid of that personally ), but it's a fact, that SM could quite easily do this without any hit on their pockets and escape all the widespread criticism which seems to follow any GC made these days
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    Machine reacted to Insider in VICTOR RAMOS, Ferreira (77) - 8C   

    Four big talents emerged from the unlikely youth factory that is Vitoria in 2008: Marquinhos, a valuable attacking midfielder now at Palmeiras, Willians, a winger who is also at Palmeiras, Marcelo Cordeio, the left wingback now backing up Kleber at Inter and Anderson Martins, the central defender who was voted best player in the Campeonato Baiano, currenly negociating a deal with Santos. Add in there Leonardo Silva, who is now plying his trade at Cruzeiro, and we have a very respectible system.
    This season, Victor Ramos is the first name to pop up on any list. If the uncanny similarities to the Anderson Martins situation suggest that his stock will skyrocket soon, his actual performances suggest that he might just be better. Let's start off with a few similiarites. They both came to Vitoria as youngsters (Victor Ramos has been in the program since 1998, when he was 10), they both were noted as hardest workers in the youth program, they both gradually worked their way up to winning the confidence of the manager, and they both replaced more experienced defenders.
    Anderson Martins started most of last year next to Leonardo Silva, stealing away Marcelo Batatais' spot. However, despite Leonardo's departure to Cruzeiro, it was clear in Vitoria's mind that they had the talent required with Wallace, Victor Ramos and Thiago Gomes to replace Marcelo, who's contract was not renewed. For those who do not know, Batatais was a regular for Cruzeiro for a few years and was generally known as a reliable defender.
    Now, this leaves us with Anderson Martins, Thiago Gomes, Victor Ramos and Wallace. Why are we so exited about Victor Ramos, you may ask? First of all, Thiago Gomes was let go before the Brasileiro, replaced by Robson. Second of all, Victor Ramos is an example in versatility, with advantages that you cannot devellop. Anderson Martins, Robson and Wallace are all 1.83 metres, average height for a central defender. Victor is closer to 1.93 metres. Technically, Victor Ramos is one also one of the best options, he knows the system throughout and is a valliable worker.
    Another major benefit is that, with Anderson Martins, Victor Ramos is one of the two top ball-movers on the squad. In the air, Victor Ramos will soar over any of the other Vitoria defenders, though his offensive heading lacks compared to Wallace. Add in that Victor is the strongest of the four and the youngest, you see why Vitoria want to nurture this player and get all his potential out of him. They are giving him every chance possible. Not that he has needed them.
    Now, it's nice to have a good story and potential, but what's the use without performances? He got his first start last season in some kind of strange, 4 centre back formation (actually, Wallace played DM in front of Batatais, Thiago Gomes and Victor Ramos, but that's beside the point), and was brought back into the squad at the end of the Baiano this season, enough for 6 starts and 1 sub appearance in the Campeonato. He also started 5 Copa do Brasil games early in the season, including a goal against Atletico Mineiro.
    His true brilliance however has been in the Brasileiro. He got the nod for the first match, and played a full 90 against Atletico Paranaense. Vitoria managed to keep a clean sheet. Next up were Sport Recife. Again, full 90 for Victor Ramos. Again, a clean sheet. Last week, Cruzeiro finally broke the defense, beating the Bahia side 2-0. Another 90 mins in this one, and don't judge Victor Ramos' performance by the scoreline. He was one of 6 centre-backs nominated for the team of the week by Brazilian journalists. Two of these will be voted into the side by the fans.
    He is viewed as a leader by example, respected already despite having just turned 20. If he keeps up the good play and stays with Vitoria, there is already talk of him as a future captain.
    He is currently rated 77.
    1. April 29, 2009 v. Atlético Mineiro

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    Machine reacted to BlairC in Rangers Players That Need Rising!!   
    Re: Rangers Players That Need Rising!!
    That's just bigoutry, which one will never eradicate from Rangers' and Celtic, but why do you have the urge, to bring up the Potato Famine? Rangers' and Celtic are as bad as each other be it about the Battle of the Boine or the Pope. You never hear about it on the East Coast or up near Aberdeen, it's just on the West Coast, and it's sad, because many know nothing about where these songs come from or the don't know the history of the Rangers, Celtic Religous divide. It's just not needed, especially on a forum.
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    Machine got a reaction from Ian Eltringham in English Championship 1   
    Re: English Championship 1
    Yeah i meant he's the key to getting into D1 - i don't need a key to D2 cos i'm already here!
    And hey there's nothing wrong with a bit of ambition/ self-delusion
    Only problem now is i can't blame the players if it all goes wrong' date=' as 95% of them are players who i actually want at the club (as opposed to players you sign who'll do a shift until someone better turns up)....
    In other news Italian [b']Alberto Paloschi[/b] re-signs with Chesterfield - along with Bojan we now have two of the most promising teenage strikers in the world (closely followed by Balotelli and some Brazilian kid called "Pato" or something like that:cool:) supporting Falcao and Guiza.

    NOTE: i was able to swap Paloschi for Davie Weir...no additional cash required, so to my mind i kinda got Paloschi for £180k

    I'll be sad to see Davie Weir leave the club, he's played over 70 games for me over the seasons and helped get us out of Division 4 back in the day when he was just a 37-year old nipper.
    With the change in valuations of oldies, the Fluminense chairman values him at £4.95m(!) so sadly i can't see him ever playing in EC1 again - unless some sentimental softie decides they're happy to pay £5m for a 39-year old....
    (P.S - yes Jinks i could've picked any Davie Weir picture in the world- but he looks quite happy for some reason in that particular picture! )
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    Machine reacted to Nathan Kirby in Gergő Kovacs 10k riser   
    Gergő Kovacs
    Gergő Kovacs is a defender I was watching when I got bored earlier and saw he is a very talented player
    He is a 19 year old CB who can also play at leftback. he is strongly built at 6ft2 and is a very talentd header of the ball. he plays for Zalaegerszegi TE a club that finished 4th in the Hungrian top divesion last season. He made his debut last season after coming through the ranks at his club and making an instent impact, breaking into the first team at the end of last season.
    I watched him today in the 2-1 win over Paks FC and he looks better than his age is. He can command the area and has very good tackling abilitys while also he likes to perform every defensive duty he can to the best of his ability.
    He has played in the only match of the season for his club this season but last season he made 10 appearances which included an assist and 2 yellow cards.
    He is currently rated 70 and he could easily rise to 78 if he keeps on going, towards reaching about 82/83 which I think is a very good rise. He is available for only £10k so is an excellent bargain.
    thanks for reading

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    Machine reacted to JinxMillion in Bono Wilfried   
    Disclaimer: The player is mentioned in th j’s thread regarding the Czech Republic and a couple of other riser threads (I am not claiming to have found him). He does not have his own thread though, so here goes.
    Bono Wilfried*

    * Also known as Bony Wilfried according to Sparta Praha’s website.
    Quick info
    Nickname: Bonno
    Club: Sparta Praha (Czech Republic)
    Age: 20
    Nationality: Ivorian
    Position: Forward

    Humble beginnings
    Bonno was born 12-OKT-1988 in Bingerville, Ivory Coast. During his upbringing he loved playing football and started out playing street football (Maracana) at a young age. He always dreamt that he one day would be playing professional football.
    Hard work
    After a couple of years playing street football, Bonno joined the Cyrille Domoraud Football Academy (Named after former Ivory Coast/Marseille/Inter star) to better his skills.
    He stayed with the academy for three years where he was labelled one of their greatest talents. Several Ivorian clubs started to take notice of the young, gritty, speedster.
    A dream come true
    In 2006, Bonno signed with Ivorian club, Issia Wazi Football Club. He and the team went on to win the Ivory Coast Cup in 2006 and were runners-up in 2007. Bonno was the club’s leading top scorer in the Ivory Coast Premier Division in 2007.
    During this time Bonno also played two matches for the Ivory Coast U17s, scoring once.
    Golden ticket
    FIFA agent, Francis Gilbert Kacou, believed Bonno to be a rising star and decided to pull some strings to get him a trail with the Sparta Praha reserves (he also spent time at Liverpool).
    Sparta liked what they saw and decided to sign Bonno in JAN-2008.
    Sparta Praha 2008/2009
    Bonno played 16 matches, 8 as a starter for Sparta this season. He had 3 goals and 5 assists.
    Used rather sporadically at the start of the season, Bonno started to figure more regularly half way through the season.
    He also played 4 times for Sparta Praha II, getting on the score sheet once.
    Bonno dreams of winning the title as well as playing Champions League with Sparta Praha.

    Bonno amassed 889 minutes of playing time for the Sparta first team in 2008/2009.
    All 3 of Bonno's goals have hit the back of the net in matches where he started the match.
    All 5 of Bonno's assists came in matches where he started the match.
    For the last 3 matches of the season, Bonno partnered Sparta Praha hot shot, Vaclav Kadlec, in attack, sharing 2 goals and 3 assists among them.
    Bonno is the 2nd most used forward in the Sparta Praha set-up, behind 23-year-old Jan Holenda.


    Strong frame (1,85 m, 80 kg)
    Pacey forward
    Inspiring leader
    Two-footed finisher
    Not a "super sub"
    Labelled “the new Drogba” by Czech media (as everyone knows, labels of this kind should of course be taken lightly)

    SM stats
    SM-rating: 74
    Chairman value: 270k
    Next rise: +4
    Future: Further rise is definitely not impossible and will be contingent to Bonno’s appearances next season.

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    Machine reacted to Jack Rubotham in John Fleck , The Scottish Wayne Rooney?   
    John Fleck , The Scottish Wayne Rooney?
    The 17-year old Scot played his first Old Firm Derby in February after impressing in three or four Rangers games after breaking into the side in January. The left footed winger/ forward became the youngest-ever player to play in and win a British Cup final when he came on as a sub for Rangers in their 2008 Scottish Cup triumph over Queen of the South, aged just 16.
    Fleck made his first start for Rangers against Falkirk in January and was named man of the match before scoring his first goal for the club two weeks later as Rangers beat Dundee United as the youngster was again named man of the match.
    There has already been speculation that Fleck will be called up to the full Scotland squad for their World Cup qualifiers.

    Name: John Fleck
    Age: 17 years old
    Born: 24 August 1991
    Nationality: Scottish
    Position: Winger/Striker (Wing/Fwd)
    Foot: Left
    His last rating change he went up 4 which was the last time the Scottish ratings came around, I predict he will easily become a 90+ before hes 23.
    Thanks for reading please leave your opinions.

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    Machine reacted to .RC in How did you Choose your Username?   
    Re: What's In The Name?..
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    Machine reacted to Kensational in How did you Choose your Username?   
    Re: What's In The Name?..
    If you wish to change it, just pm a super.
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    Machine reacted to ian neller in Site Maintenance   
    Re: Site Maintenance
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    Machine reacted in English Champ 1 - Youth Championship Thread   
    Re: English Champ 1 - Youth Championship Thread
    Well, like I said on EC1, ill get all the squad announcements on the site and leave the youth comp posts on here now.
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    Machine reacted to nicky-internacional-659 in John Fleck   
    John Fleck is a 17 year old wing/fwd currently playing in the Scottish Premier League for Rangers. After performing well in the youth team he was given a run of games in the first team. He played quite well and helped Rangers to get the title for the first time in 4 years. With Rangers currently struggling financialy he is probably on the way to a better league in Europe. He is currently in the DB rated 77 but I expect this to rise to at least 80 during the next rating changes.
    This is my first post like this so if ive missed anything out please tell me.
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    Machine got a reaction from J_B_K in Jokes   
    Re: Jokes
    WARNING: Animal lovers - do not read this post
    Why did the monkey fall out of the tree......?
    ......because it was dead...!!!
    Why could the cat not drink the saucer of milk?
    - because it's head was nailed to the floor.....
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    Machine reacted to Longnose in I can't decide on a position!   
    Re: I can't decide on a position!
    Sadly I'm knocking on a bit now (39 gulp) but I played as a defender RB/CB in organized football from the age of 8( at school) until 38 (Saturday/Sunday league up to county level) when I finally give in to the inevitable (Make the most of your youth cos age gets you in the end lads believe me...sob)
    Do yourself a favor Phil and avoid going as keeper if you can. Its a lot of pressure and if you muck it up invariably you concede a goal(can be a big knock to your confidence).Likewise I'd avoid playing up front, how many missed chances would it take before your head drops?.
    You might find central midfield a bit to chaotic at first, regardless of the standard, the deceptive thing about football is the speed of the ball,and it takes a while to grow accustomed to it. Without the spacial awareness that experience will bring, you may find yourself pushing on in attack and getting marooned upfield only for a quick ball to take you out of the game, obviously taking its toll on your stamina reserves.
    Central defense maybe, unsure how old you are, but physical size isn't really the key factor for a center half, speed,concentration and reading the game is much more important.
    I'd suggest left or right back (wingback), physically you sound as you have the two key attributes, speed and stamina . Speed to get forward in attack (overlapping the winger) offering yourself as a useful outlet for the square ball from midfield or short throw from the keeper and stamina to get back again. Defensively all the action is front of you,just keep an eye on the opposing winger, hugging the line to stop him getting on the blindside (behind you) and try and force him inside(into the middle of the pitch)and so onto his weaker foot. Technically speaking you take the throw In's (both feet behind the line, and make sure the ball is thrown overhead, launching the ball 20 yards takes practice so encourage your team mates to come short(closer to you)or try to throw it into space for them to run onto. When defending corners take the relevant post, standing on the goal line whilst holding onto the post with one hand and don't leave it until the ball is clear of the area. When attacking corners either go short to the taker or replace the center half in the middle if he goes up( always keep a spare man back, ie 1 attacker= 2 defenders and so on)
    Plenty of water (no energy drinks) before the game but not gallons, try to eat a banana about an hour before kick off and get some carbs in for lunch (no fat or sugar), REMEMBER to warm up, and if you find yourself with a stitch take deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth,regardless of where you end up, relax and enjoy it, YOU WILL BE FINE.
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    Machine got a reaction from Dave Leigh in English Championship 1   
    Re: English Championship 1
    In case this snowballs, i think we should say just now that there are a max of 16 teams (so 10 places left as 6 teams confirmed already).
    16 teams will nicely give 4 groups of 4, and i doubt very much whether we'd ever get 32 teams (maybe next time )
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    Machine reacted to Insider in Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season   
    Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season
    I havn't seen Tiago Luis at all this season. He's so far down the depth chart at a team with no depth... I'd expect to see him loaned out.
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    Machine reacted to Bob Loblaw in Whats the best way to revise?   
    Re: Whats the best way to revise?
    The best way and the easiest would be to find an old Russian diplomat who was around for the signing of the Treaty etc. and then shrink him down using a special serum. Now you place him on you shoulder by your ear and when you need him you simply whisper 'Mikhail' and get him to tell you the answer. Genius, I know.
    But I'm sure someone is going to say there is only one flaw in this plan and they'd be right, had I not planned for it. That flaw is that you can't speak Russian but as a diplomat, he'll likely be a cunning linguist. You can thank me come results day, my friend.
    Other plans include: the ability to pause time- then you can get the perfect response from other people, the internet whatever and time travel- go Bill & Ted style and meet the historical figures.
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    Machine reacted to AFCTU Jacko in Did the SM measure to erase surplus money work?   
    Re: Did the SM measure to erase surplus money work?
    It took me a nanosecond to figure out who he was talking about
    I don't think the measures have worked in the short term - in fact all they have achieved is to make the market more stagnant IMO. If they will work long term I don't know. I have my reservations...
    The player AI feature in its current form would ruin many squads that managers like Teb (and myself) have spent years putting together. I don't see why long standing managers should be punished because Sm built the GC economies as they did and then changed their mind....
    You can accuse Teb of player hogging all you like but to my mind squad building is THE key to GC's and he has done it better than anyone else by some distance in GC1. He's also not shy in loaning players out and is always polite in negotiations.....the original poster just comes across as bitter in all honesty!
    Personally I think the older GC's are beyond saving in this regard (despite being the most competitive on the pitch) and anyone who finds them so annoying should just focus on the newer GC's where the markets are still considerbly more open.....
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    Machine got a reaction from Pete M B in Short Listed   
    Re: Short Listed
    Just wanted to add my support for the "short shortlist" compromise idea.
    I usually try and keep my shortlist to 1 page but i think even that would be too long...how many players do you all think you should be able to keep tabs on?
    10? 20? Any more than 30 and i don't really think anyone will see a benefit.
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    Machine reacted to thredder in Short Listed   
    Re: Short Listed
    Maybe an answer would be to limit the size of the shortlist (the clue is in the name after all shortlist) to stop people having scores of players listed, and limiting it only to players you are really keen on.
    I think it is realistic to have notification that a rival bid has gone in, I don't think it is realistic to keep tabs on 100s of players 'just in case'.
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