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    Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread
    Yeah apologies for my screen stretch yesterday - bit out of practice with the photobucket stuff but mines deffo wasn't as wide as it is tonight....!
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    Re: Official SPL Thread
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread
    Cris, Baptista, Floro Flores etc stayed at home tonight as I wanted to see what the youngsters could do against top quality opposition.
    Nervo & Lopez both had +1's to 86 giving the team an average 87 but I was still fearing a hammering when I saw Liverpool's average 93-rated line-up.
    Shouldn't have worried though!

    Oh yeah and only 10 men for the last 40 minutes
    This will of course make no difference to next season at which point normal inconsistent service will doubtless resume (although average 1st XI age is up to 22/23 so hopefully learned some discipline ) - but I'll enjoy it for tonight anyway
    P.S - to all you Borini-watchers: he would have replaced Park and played so he is still very much not for sale
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

    Play-off Semi Final - Friday 27th July 2012

    N Power Championship

    Sunderland - West Ham United

    3rd Vs 6th where the winner gets a chance to play in the Play off final.One of these team will be going home disappointed.If we go by the ratings of the players,Sunderland should win this comfortably with players like Higuain,Sanchez,Buffon and Mascherano you wonder how they got relegated in the first place.Is division 1 that tough that top teams like Sunderland get relegated ? and that even today that teams like Chelsea just survived relegation.
    Westham may have to ride their luck to the Premier league as they are currently the worst team in the play offs if you go by ratings.Are West Ham counting on their star striker Óscar Cardozo who has 11 goals and 13 assists.Westham have beaten Sunderland twice out of 4 games.But will history guide them to the premier league ? Find out on Friday 27th July at 8:00pm when these two sides battle it out for the Ultimate prize.I'm going for a 4-1 win for Sunderland.
    Wigan Athletic - Carlisle United

    Wigan take on Carlisle in the other semi final game.Carlisle have the upper hand with player ratings.But Carlisle need only one man to guide them to the Premier league and that man is the beast himself Emmanuel Adebayor with 30 goals and 21 assists and he has been scoring goals for fun in the past few seasons.But has he got more goals in him for maybe 2 more games ? I'm fully backing Ant to win and i do hope he can get to the premier league as he has done a fine Achievement.
    Wigan are expecting a tough game against Carlisle and they will be no mugs about the play off semi final.It's not every season you get a chance to play in the best league in the world.The revenue can make both of these teams world beaters but they have to be both ready for the challenge ahead.I have my money on Ant.But i wish everyone the best.I think Ant can win 1-0.
    N Power League 1

    Derby County - Exeter City

    Derby have a very good squad for division 3 and probably the best in the League 1 play offs this season.They finished 8 points behind Portsmouth who finished second so Derby had to settle for play offs at a very earlier stage.The odds are with Derby to win the play offs,but will pressure get to them and take over ? Will the smaller club take advantage of the odds and surprise the bookies ? I believe they can.
    Exeter City.Can many say they were lucky to get play offs ? by getting by 1 Goal difference,if they win the play off final.Will the FA introduce that play offs should be banned out of football as 6th place normally win and 3rd place are lefted disappointed.Exeter have a tough job on their hands,as they need to over come the best team in the play offs.I expect a 2-1 win for Derby.

    Millwall - Peterborough United

    Craig's Millwall have come a long way to get to the play offs after not getting it for 2 season's.Will it be his year this time round.His team is very stable and with Van Nistelrooy scoring the most goals for them.Can he fire them to the Championship.If he can get them there he wont be their to help them in the Championship as he has announced his retirement in the past month and Millwall will miss him very much with the time he has spent with them on loan but football will lose a great player.
    Peterborough have also come along way aswell with Daniel Hart only taking them over in December and with his first full season has got them a 5th place and a chance to play in the championship.Dan is hoping Lukaku can send them there where he has got 12 goals and 5 assists.I feel this will be a good game between 2 good managers and i think Craig will seek it on penalties after a 2-2 draw.I wish both of these managers the best of luck.

    N Power League 2

    Northampton Town - Gillingham

    A2R Northampton is facing Jonaldinho's Gillingham.Both have made decent teams with Northampton having the best youths.But the youths wont win him the game.Can Morais Wellington score his most important goal for Northampton ? Can Northampton ever get out of division 4 ? This could be their year to impress with A2R getting depressed at his side always missing out on Automatic promotion.
    Jon has certainly got a good team at his hands but it's not what players you have but it's what you do with them and how you make them play.Jon has got them 6th by GD which is their best Position in division 4 so far with Jon but can Andriy Voronin and Dmitri Sychev set up a unstoppable strike force in the play offs ? they have proved they are a good pair to play up front but the play offs has a different vibe to it with the atmosphere more tense and more exciting.Make one mistake and your promotion can be gone in a flash!
    Both teams are up for this and i think this will be the game to watch in division 4 and with them watching it on score centre,can their hearts take the nerves ?.I see this being Northampton's year and them taking a 3-2 to win.

    Brighton and Hove Albion - Southend United

    Garry has a tough job on his hands where he has to face a decent Southend side.I feel both teams are quite even and will produce a good game.But does Garry have the advantage with having a experience shot stopper in goal ? Brad FRIEDEL at 41 has proved he has still got what it takes to play at top level and he could be the difference in the game between these two.Quite hard to see what team Garry will play with most of his players on 80% will they be fit enough to overcome Southend who have the same problem ? Player to watch is Ricardo Quaresma and Ireneusz Jelen of Brighton and Veron and Yoan Gouffran of Southend.
    Johan has had good season with Southend where he reached English Shield final but finished runners up to Ahmad Rivai Huddersfield Town.But can Yohan boys get to another Final and avoid the disappointment of a another defeat.But this time it would be alot more than just a cup.This will get him League 1 football which is described as a tough division by many.So be prepared boys!. I'm going to go for a 0-0 draw with Southend winning on Penalties.But will Garry take note and try to counter!.
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    Machine reacted to Ghora in Are player concerns ('lack of games') ruining your SM experience?   
    Re: Are player concerns ('lack of games') ruining your SM experience?
    You're the manager of the club and not just the guy who buys players from the market and make tactical changes according to your squad. The word manager has a much bigger meaning. Manager has to deal with all kinds of situation.
    If you're stacking your squad with young talents after young talents then its you who will have to face the consequences of not being able to give them the minutes in the field. This is just the way life is. You cant have everything your way But if some1 likes the arcade mode more then his answer will obviously be yes to this question
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    Machine reacted to Bunder in Are player concerns ('lack of games') ruining your SM experience?   
    Re: Are player concerns ('lack of games') ruining your SM experience?
    There is an easy way to fix player concerns for lack of games.......play them! If you are not playing players why do you need them? Ok, youth talent I understand but they rarely develop concerns anyway particularly when they are in a strong squad with many players rated higher than them. It is not difficult to keep players happy as you can use 14 in every game easily and with a bit of rotation keeping 28 happy is not really a problem in my opinion. Why would ou need more than 28 first teamers?
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    Machine reacted to Mr - Hammer in Stockport County's Road To Bigger Things! (English Championship 7046)   
    Re: Stockport County's Road To Bigger Things! (English Championship 7046)

    This brings a tear to my eye!

    This hurts too say this braking news but Stockport long serving manager Mattuie Beckett will step down the end of the season due too lack of time. The coach who has now been in charge for 80 games will reach 82 before the season is out and has set hiself one final task too keep the team in League One football. The young English coach has said work away from Soccer Manager has got in the way of his jugment and he feels the next coach would do great with the players he has brought too the squad. Beckett has made it 100% clear no more players will be sold or signed till he leaves and that he wishes everyone the best of luck in the long term. English Championship 7046 will take a big blow from this news but Beckett has made it very clear he plans a return in the coming month / years.

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    Machine reacted to Frozy in The Great British League - discussion thread   
    Re: The Great British League - discussion thread
    100 best players in the G.B.L
    You can click on the players name and it will take you to his profile on soccer manager
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread
    Rotherham are delighted to announce the arrivals of Hugo Nervo, Bogdan Butko and Necip Uysal who join fellow new signing Diego Reyes
    They were some of the last remaining rated 85+ externals who are 21 or under so I'm happy to bring them in even if they did cost me some decent players and risers going the other way.
    It all means that when the TB's of Cris, Yepes, Baptista, Park and Flores expire they can be sold for a combined total of approx £30m and I'll still have a team along the lines of:
    Vida - Manolas - Lopez
    Maicon - Pereira - Fabian - Feghouli
    Walter - Borini

    Average rating 86, average age 22
    Cup team of:
    Papp - Nervo - Reyes
    Butko - Ozdoev - Potuk - Ibarbo
    Andre - Immobile

    Average rating 85, average age 21
    I'll celebrate 15 months with Rotherham on 15/07 so considering the debt and squad I inherited back then I'm pleased with the progress - next season might be too soon but we'll make it out of D4 eventually...!
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    Re: Official SPL Thread
    It wasn't to satisfy a derby so much as it was to add value to the Sky deal - if the main attraction for Sky in the SPL is an old firm match then a league set-up of 10 or 12 ensures 4 old firm games a season whereas a set-up of 18 or 20 means they only play twice - so the logic was that Sky wouldn't pay as much if they're only getting 2 old firm games instead of 4.
    In the current scenario if we presume Rangers win successive promotions then they will be back in the top division in August 2015 based on:
    12/13 - win D3
    13/14 - win D2
    14/15 - win D1
    15/16 - in SPL
    Under my 16-16-10 suggestion it'd work:
    12/13 - win D3
    13/14 - SPL' date=' D1 & D2 are amalgamated into let's call it SPL (16 teams) and SPL2 (16 teams) - Rangers would play in SPL2 and in this scenario win promotion from it
    14/15 - in SPL (1 year ahead of schedule)
    To answer your last points ALL of the old squad had the opportunity to transfer over however most have exercised their employment rights or betrayed the club (depending on who you talk to!) and refused to transfer over as they can sign for other clubs as free agents for big signing-on fees (this is contested by Charles Green as he states that the players contracts were/ are club assets and therefore are somehow different from normal employment law).
    As for how good Ally is as a manager? The jury is still out on how good he is tactically - last season was only his first in charge and he mainly carried on the tactics of Walter Smith who he had been apprentice to and would probably have gradually phased in any of his own ideas with the old squad this season.
    This season ahead he'll have so many new players that there's no reason he can't put his own stamp on the team.
    On the man-management side however Ally is a legend at Rangers and with so many of the 12/13 seasons squad expected to come from the youth team he should if nothing else have everyone playing for him as he'll have huge respect.
    Agreed - another argument against bigger leagues has been that it leads to too many "meaningless" end-of-season games where teams are neither pushing for Europe or in a relegation fight however they are the perfect games to introduce youths, and anyway we know now that where every game is crucial teams don't go all-out attacking to try and win 3 points - fear of losing wins out so they play defensively and a lot of youth doesn't get a chance.
    Unfortunately the increase in youth players in the SPL over the last couple of seasons has been due to lack of money rather than lack of pressure on managers.
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    Re: Official SPL Thread
    Interesting point Ian.... lets say hypothetically Rangers gain a license under the name of Rangers Football Club, would that mean they'd be exempt from any punishment as they are essentially a new club??
    The transfer embargo is a no go for a start, points deduction??? I don't think so - purely because I don't recall Livingston or indeed Airdrie having points removed from them before a ball was kicked... only Dundee did but they kept their place in their respective division... Dual contracts? Rangers are not guilty of that until proven otherwise in court, plus, in my opinion it would be unfair to hammer the newco because of something a previous owner was advised to do by a financial expert (or so called) Only further punishment for Rangers would be to pay your Rapid Vienna's, Dundee Utd's, Hearts etc the money they were due in transfer and ticket fees. A sporting punishment, plus giving the clubs what should have been given to them as per the original agreement
    This is my opinion of course
    And I wish people would stop banging on about integrity - where was the integrity when Airdrie Utd bought their way into the league after going boobs up?? Some of the comments you hear and see from people right now is incredible... and their reasons are based purely on hatred it seems....
    Anyways..... what about Hearts?? Brave decision going it with youngsters this season is it not? Good on them, as long as mad vlad doesn't swamp us with duff Lithuanians again! Or worse... A paedophile defender
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread

    Rotherham boss slams claims of "generosity" and "support" to lower divisions

    Rotherham manager Machine announced earlier today that the club were introducing a new policy of NOT loaning in any players, in a move that led many pundits to question his ambition and chances of success for the season ahead.
    We caught up with him this afternoon and asked him to explain his reasons for not taking advantage of the loan market when almost all of his Division 4 rivals have already secured the services of many quality players.
    In an explosive statement that will not win the respected young manager any friends in the upper echelons of 7046, he explained:
    "I sat down at the end of last season and had a good long look at our finances as we had finished the season some £4m+ in debt, and from speaking to other D4 managers it was clear that we were not alone in that situation.
    Our 7 highest earners last season were 4 older guys we had brought in to help our play-off push that we were then going to sell at a profit, plus 3 loanees.
    The 4 older guys at around £25k per week for half a season contributed to approx £2m of our debt which is fine as it'll be recouped when we sell on.
    However, the 3 loanees for a full season cost us in the region of £2.3m, which was a figure that surprised me - like a lot of smaller clubs I hadn't fully appreciated the cost of loanees over the course of a season.
    Of course if loans lead to promotion then it's arguably money well spent, however for the vast majority of smaller clubs loan money is money down the drain.
    The other daft thing about loans is that if D4 clubs are all loaning in players of similar ability then to all intents and purposes we're not gaining any advantage over each other - all we're doing is wasting money!
    Managers obviously waste money on loans in an effort to climb the divisions and reach the promised land of Division 1 - yet the crazy thing is that most of the money wasted on loans goes to line the pockets of the so-called "generous" big Division 1 clubs, making the chances of survival should you get to Division 1 all the slimmer!"
    An examination of the profits made by D1 clubs from the lower divisions through loans makes for some truly staggering reading - the following figures are the weekly savings D1 clubs are currently making:
    Middlesborough - £182k per week, or £6.9m per season
    Tottenham - £182k per week, or £6.9m per season
    Manchester Utd - £170k per week, or £6.5m per season
    Liverpool - £161k per week, or £6.1m per season
    Newcastle - propose to loan out approx £160k per week, or £6.1m per season
    MK Dons - £137k per week, or £5.2m per season
    Sheffield Utd - £68k per week, or £2.6m per season
    Nottingham Forest - £67k per week, or £2.5m per season
    Arsenal - £64k per week, or £2.4m per season
    Bristol City - £47k per week, or £1.8m per season
    Chelsea - £28k per week, or £1.1m per season
    In total, a whopping £48.1m will flow from the lower leagues to Division 1 fat-cats this season, widening the gap between the haves and the have-nots.
    The actual figure will probably be higher as there will be more loans to be completed, but even if the £48.1m figure is typical of previous seasons then over the last 3 seasons the best part of £150m has been squandered on loans.
    When we called him with those figures, Machine commented, "Well those figures don't surprise me. I'm sure most of the lads in Division 1 are well-meaning so it's really for the clubs who loan the players in and pay the wages to decide what they want to do.
    The ironic thing is that if many of the players who are loaned out were not loaned out they would develop concerns and might then ultimately be available to other clubs on a permanent basis.
    Rotherham United will no longer be participating in this drain of money to the top and I would suggest all clubs ask themselves whether they really need loan players."
    Controversial stuff on the eve of the new season; time will tell if the lower division clubs continue to subsidise Division 1 teams or not.....
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    Re: The Politics Thread

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    Re: The Great British League - discussion thread
    Good win that sees us 4 points off 2nd placed Bangor and 5 off 1st placed Newport....crunch match up next with the visit of Newport
    Defeat would put a big dent in any automatic promotion ambitions we've got as can't see Newport or Bangor dropping too many more points.
    C'mon the Warriors!

    Is this why our attendances have increased so dramatically this season....?!
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    Machine reacted to Stifler in The Great British League - discussion thread   
    Re: The Great British League - discussion thread
    Further to the below, I have also compiled the current "GBL All Stars team" to showcase the best possible XI that could be fielded by original GBL clubs - I have gone on rating and ,if a tie, personal preference.
    Some serious talent in there and a nearly all 87 rated side.
    Brief run-down.....
    Spoilt for choice here as there are 3 87 rated 'keepers on show. Went with Ter-Stegen on personal preference but could easily have been Ahamada or Leno.
    We have 3 rated at 87 - Jantschke, Wollschied and Abdennour. Went with Ewerton as the 86 rated in there though he was run close by Raul Rodriguez and Arribas ... the other btwo 86 rated defenders in play.
    Loads to choose from here - made easier by only 4 that are currently 87 rated in Isco, Oscar, Alvarez and Firmino. A load of quality 86's that I think will be pushing these guys when their ratings are up next including Labyad, Maher, Hoger, Draxler, Clasie, Carrillo and Tore.
    The weakest area where 86 is the best rated - went with Dutch duo Narsingh and John but could easily have gone for Sigthorsson, Cuenca orAthanasiadis

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    Machine reacted to mickyblue in From minnow to macho ; a thread for little boys becoming big boys   
    Re: From minnow to macho ; a thread for little boys becoming big boys
    won top division with my mighty daggers!!!!
    am well pleased, strange thing is tho i have an awesome spurs side and win bugger all!!!
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    Re: Italiano Vero! The New Forum Italian Championships!
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    Re: Italiano Vero! The New Forum Italian Championships!



    Hes been absoloutely great for the Bari Team. What a class Player that he has been. At the age of only 18, hes scored 12 goals and assisted 8. His strength, drive, force, power, and targetman play has made him a beast in the Serie B. He is being aliked to Drogba for his dominating performances!

    Albinoleffe named biggest Surprise

    The way that Albinoleffe has been playing you wouldnt realize they finised 22nd in the table IRL! Stewart has really got them playign beautiful football and has brought back italian legens like Luca Toni and Recoba! Great Team and they sit 1st!

    Team of the Midseason is Albinoleffe!

    I dont need to explain it any further. Albinoleffe finished 22nd this year in Serie B. Stewart has them 1st in the Serie B. Hats off to Stewart!

    Stewart named Manger of mid-season in Serie B

    I dont want to explain again. LOL this is getting repetitive

    Romulu Lukaku/Mesut Ozil named signing of midseason in Serie B

    Ive already explained Lukaku. Even though Ozil hasnt produced amazing number, he is easily one of the best signings by mid-season. Its ridiculous how Drink even has Ozil on his Sassulo. Unbelievable. I dont know how he got him, but he has Ozil. Add to the fact, that he has neuer on loan for sassulo... This is getting ridiculous. Drink, I applaud Ozil as your SUPERSTAR signing for tiny Sassulo and the hge loan signing of Neuer!

    AlbinoLeffe named Team of Midseason

    This is like the 4th time that Albinoleffe has taken an award I think. Ive kind of lost count :rollseyes:. Once again, I cant but help to apllaud Stewart. He is a magician!
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    Re: Squad Sizes
    I dont think that allowing a manger 100 players instead of 255 would have any negative affect on any manager. If a manager isnt good enough to select 100 players 70 of which can easily be future prospects then its basically allowing any half wit to buy every youth player from all the worlds biggest teams in the hope they will one day become great. It allows players devoid of skill to prosper. Even in super competetitve worlds/gold championships its a reasonable number.
    Shouldnt there be some kind of challenge to being a manager? Considering player concerns dont affect the majority of players rated 89 and under its not a viable solution to prevent player hogging on its own.
    Thirdly there are no real financial constraints in SM so you can buy 255 players and not worry about being sanctioned. If you go in debt you just sell players to balance the books though presumably anyone with some degree of knowledge will constantly be selling risers who have hit a ceiling and will have hundreds of millions in the bank.
    That leads me to point 4. Limiting the number of players a manager can "money spin" will limit the money in game worlds possibly making money have some kind of valus again though this will be limtied as human managers are naturally out for the best players and deals they can get so money only transfers will be rare.
    Some sort of financial fair play rule implemented into SM would be interesting but I'm not sure really viable.
    I'm sure what I've said has been said before but there we go!
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    Re: Squad Sizes
    Squad sizes in real life don't have a minimum limit either so I await the the lifting of the minimum 21 squad rule in the next few days
    Maybe not a squad limit as such needs to be implemented but maybe tighter restriction on finances which forces people to have lower squad sizes as a consequence.
    A reasonable squad size is 50-60 including youth players, once you start going over 90 it is a bit of a joke.
    No squad in world football has or could afford 120+ players Fact.
    With the uefa financial fair play rules no squad will be able to have that many players even if there owners could afford it as clubs are only permitted to spend an amount based on income.
    There should be a squad limit (or at least features which force it) and there should be greater rewards given out on league performance/cup wins etc. as the reason so many youth are signed are for the future financial gain as well as the rating they will reach.
    This would encourage people to be more wise and shrewd in the transfer market as you have to balance signing few high rated players for the gain of winning the league and the money it brings opposed to signing all the latest talents for long term gain. People will have to be more clever in the transfer market, instead of coming onto the forum and signing a bunch of names fed to you, as you would be more limited in how many you can sign you will actually have to do some research and use your brain to sign the best players of the pack. It would help differentiate between the managers who can spot a player and do the research and those who just sign a name given to them.
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread
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    Machine reacted to GeorgeECFC in Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread   
    Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread
    After 4 seasons without winning anything, Exeter now add the English Cup to the Shield after a 4-1 win over Aston Villa.
    Once again I was lucky as I played the reserves on Saturday but then didn't bother coming online on Monday but somehow they managed to win both games.
    Another disappointing year in the league comes to an end tonight, hopefully next year I can finally win the league and then I can quit
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    Re: Italiano Vero! The New Forum Italian Championships!
    Feared the worst after my sloooooowwww PC meant I didn't manage to get my Cup team swapped out
    :)All going superbly well with the youths then, but will have Toni, Camoranesi, Recoba etc back for the next game
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    Machine reacted to Kylan N17 in Italiano Vero! The New Forum Italian Championships!   
    Re: Italiano Vero! The New Forum Italian Championships!

    Novara 2 - 0 Catania
    (Leandro Damiao, Gaitan)

    Managed to put a 2 game losing streak to an abrupt hold with a nice 2-nil win over Gli Elefanti. Both Leandro Damiao and Gaitan contributed with goals. Thankfully no injuries or suspensions to report.
    Novara move up to 11th, with Juventus coming up next. Hey ho.
    Lastly I'd like to not express an interest in the vacant Napoli job. I have higher standards than to take on that rubbish, even though Naples is a city which adores me. I shall wait for a higher calling *cough* either from Milan or Florence. If a certain side in Turin wants me, they'll have to pay me big money for my services, as well as offering Novara massive compensation.
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