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  1. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Sorry if it seemed like I was harassing you. I have never had any special powers that would allow me "unblock" myself, honestly. I couldn't and wouldn't. I could do just about anything on the forum - but on the game my abilities were no different to any other customer. I have accidentally blocked people many times over the years (block button close to send or something). So when I sent someone a polite message (and I don't feel I am ever aggressive) and discovered I was blocked, I tended to assume the best i.e. that they have made the same mistake. I would th
  2. Re: Gold Championship 1 News I have finally decided to leave GC1 and to quit SM in full after more than 8 great years. I love the game, forum and the community and my departure is the result of increasing demands on my time in the real world. This has resulted in me doing the bare minimum on SM for a good year or so now; keeping my teams ticking over has increasing become a chore rather than the labour of love that it once was. Due to the sheer amount of time and effort I used to put into the forum and my teams I have found it hard to quit, but it has reached the point where my inactivity i
  3. Re: Gold Championship 1 News I haven't posted in a while. Having a good season but not a lot to report in the way of big transfers so far. FYI, pretty much all my players are available. It amazes me the lack of interest (PMs) that I get. Yes I am looking for part ex for high rated players but that is because cash has next to no value in GC1 as has been discussed a lot on here lately. I think that has started to change a little, I hope so. I have sold a lot of players for cash this season already whereas I never used to bother at all.
  4. Re: Is reporting illeagal transfers broken? Yes I agree with that but I cannot agree that the main draw of the game is the cheat prevention system. It is the game' date=' in my opinion. This is what SM are working on - the match engine. I am not saying that the CPS is not an important part of keeping the game but with limited resources I would rather see SM working on the match engine (something neglected pretty much since day one) rather than the CPS (which has improved massively since the game started). I am not sure I follow this comment. SM are not a particularly strong business
  5. Re: Massive cheating Unless the process has changed this is still the process as far as I am aware:
  6. Re: Managers who ignore Transfer Bids Would be a nice idea if you could block bids from a specific manager/club. That would reduce the excuse of ignoring a bid in the situation I described before (nuisance bidders). Also if you could hide club messages pertaining to transfer bids from unmanaged clubs - I like the fact these exist but in most of my setups they just clog up my inbox and distract from me the real bids. I still don't think managers should be penalised for not accepting/rejecting bids. It is unrealistic and open to abuse. They should just be encouraged to do deal with bids where
  7. Re: Massive cheating If you have reported a suspicious deal through the correct channels then the next step is to contact a supervisor on the forum. They don't have powers within the game but can give general advice and if necessary escalate it to a dev. As has been said the devs don't have time to investigate everything PMd to them on the forum but if they are getting enough feedback from supervisors about cheating issues not being dealt with then (I would hope) they will start giving this area of the game more attention. It has been too much of a problem on SM for too long now, for my li
  8. Re: Is reporting illeagal transfers broken?
  9. Re: Managers who ignore Transfer Bids Well I haven't posted for a while but I will give my opinion on this subject. There has been a lot of talk about ignorance and laziness and I can understand it must look like that if you are chomping at the bit for a response to what you consider to be a good bid and are getting nothing back. I don't consider myself lazy or ignorant but I do ignore bids all the time and here is why: 1) Some people make bids persistently on my players just to annoy me. Declining them just prompts another bid. I am not going to mark the player as unavailable just to dete
  10. Re: Longest serving manager on Soccermanager Jeroen Kamans has 1015 in WC56, think that is the highest I have seen. Anyone seen higher? I have had Spartak in GC1 since it opened so I don't think there can be higher than 995 in a GC at the moment.
  11. Re: English Championship 1 Pretty sure my mistake here could be my final one for Fulham. Fell out of love for this Game World a long time ago and have little time for it now anyway, so should probably get out before I make a complete mess of the club. Am going to think on it over the rest of the Xmas hols.
  12. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread I gather Capello is one of the favourites to take over, was at the game yesterday and has links to Baldini of course. Not sure I can see him leaving the Russian national team right now though. I don't think I would want him to either.
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