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  1. Re: Money Squad i'll go with the second option. Like durh, depth is more important than quality sometimes, especially when your gameworld's season is long.
  2. Re: Negative Balance Help?? and your question is? If you want us to tell how you can get out of that situation, sell your players. If you dont want to, then that's too bad.
  3. Re: Lloris or Courtois? Keep Lloris. Solid 92, a good age for a keeper at 26
  4. Re: Doria or Ginter Ginter. Ginter is only 19, but he is already a regular in the german top flight. To me, he is already assured of a +1 every rating change, till a max 89. If he moves to a bigger club, then he will increase from a 89 onwards.
  5. Re: Alcantara vs Greizmann greizmann. alcantara is injured at the moment, but i seriously doubt he will get playing time even when he's back, seeing the midfield of bayern is currently on form at the moment. greizmann, at the moment, is playing regularly and maintaining his form from last season.
  6. Re: Chris Smalling or Phil Jones? jones anyday. Highly rated in club and country.
  7. Re: Hazard, Ozil or Cavani? A good season doesnt mean a +1. This time because of the world cup, things could get complicated. i think the next rating change for the 90 plus players will be in 2014, so everything depends on the WCQ and the build up to the WC, that period of time.
  8. Re: Hazard, Ozil or Cavani? None I'm afraid. Although, that could change. hazard has time on his side, he's only 22. he needs to show more consistency and perform extremely well for 2 major tournaments (world cup 2014 and the euro 2016) Ozil can get a +1 if he performs well for the world cup, and it also depends if germany reach the semis at least. A 96 means he needs to perform well for arsenal for at least 2 seasons after the world cup. Same for Cavani.
  9. Re: ronaldo's best position. arhh okay... Many thanks I'll give it a go...
  10. Re: Big squad - sell or keep - urgent Ok thats all....
  11. Re: how to win auctions? Regarding your questions: nationalities wouldnt affect deals i believe... similar to real life. Normally for external club deals, I tried not to include a player, maybe it's just me, but i feel that giving cash upfront is better than including players. This is because normally when you list a player you don't want, external clubs can offer you up to +200,000 more than the player's value, so if you sell the players you dont want instead of including them in a p/e, you can save a bit of cash, which is useful imo. I only do p/e with external clubs unless i need the player immediately due to some problems, etc: injuries, the chance that it will rise the next day or two... Hope my opinion is useful and i apologise if you cant understand it, cos my english is kinda horrible.
  12. Re: Older players | Xavi, Vidic, etc... Keep Iniesta only, and maybe Vidic. Vidic might be injury prone and will drop further, but the most a player can drop if he's injured for a season is -1, so 93 is still really high for a defender, unless you can get a straight swop with a 92-93 rated def (example: Hummels). Trade Yaya with a 91-92... Say Vidal. Don't trade Xavi with Kroos. Try other mids like Vidal, Busquets... Avoid buying bayern munich players for now (unless ribery, muller) or wait for at least the start of the german season in real life, becos the competition for postitions in the midfield in munich might lead to kroos not playing regularly, and a stale in ratings or a drop might result in that.
  13. Re: Thomas Mullër no you shouldnt. benzema is over rated, muller will rise in the next season and will continue to rise, pedro leon is a disappointment in real life...
  14. Re: who is a good young centre forward who i can use as a substitute? benteke, Incardi, luis muriel... etc
  15. Re: umitti +2ml = sakho? if you are going on the long term with the club then ask for more money (say 5mil) if you want to play ur club at the short term, reject it.
  16. Re: Phil Jones or Chris Smalling? keep jones. jones was just injured for quite some time and his form after his injury is pretty good. dun just sell a player just becos he is out injured. hes jus lyk wilshere. injured for quite some time and when hes back, he becomes hot property again
  17. Re: Selling Messi... i wouldnt sell messi. the opposing manager's best players aient good enough for messi.
  18. Re: lucas marrone or jan kirchhoff marrone for me. hes quite rated highly in juventus, so i think with more game time, hes can rise in the future. for kirchhoff, hes quality is unknown to me, but since bayern munich has plenty of ageing cbs, hes probably gonna have more playing time
  19. Re: leno,butland or courtois?? depends. u mus first ask urself if u r a manager who is willing to take risks or one that likes to play safe. leno: due to the competition of places in the germany nt, he mus solely rely on his own form and bayer's form to rise in ratings. if his form and club's form is stable thoughout the years, he can achieve a peak of 91-92 without moving clubs. courtois: with the spainish ratings nearing, he can get a +2. after that, much will depend on his future. if he stays for another loan spell with alectico, his rating will peak at 90-91. if he moves back to chelsea, but becomes backup to cech, he will have the possibility of dropping ratings. if he chooses to move to barcelona, or any top clubs, or becomes chelsea's no 1 goalie, and his form's stable, he can rise further, with him peaking at 93-94. butland: he rose recently, and will stay in ratings unless he moves. if he moves to a stable or middle range clubs in the epl (ex: fulham, sunderland etc), and plays regularly, he can get a rating of max 87-88.. if he moves to a top epl club (everton, man utd, man city, liverpool), and is first choice, his rating will peak at 90-93. Hence, i will choose courtois, as everyone seems to rate him highly, and he seems to have a good future in chelsea or any other top club, followed by leno, and then butland
  20. Re: Pogba = Deulofeu + Araujo Peeps, look at post carefully, he wants to buy pogba, not sell him lol
  21. Re: belhanda / mkhitrayan Mkhitrayan is a better choice, although i dun think both players are 92+ rated material. Mkhitrayan jus risen, so unless shakthar performs well in the cl this season and next season, he wouldnt get a rise to 91
  22. sjching4

    hi all

    Re: hi all The rules will include a transfer fee cap of 50 mil, and u cnt but from unmanaged clubs. I am still tryin to think of the rules, but if u r interested, anyone can send the credits to me and we can work out the gw together
  23. Re: big muller deal tough one, but i will do it imo. personally, im not a big fan of essien or robben. both are on a decline, but they can still hold on to a 90 rating range for a couple of seasons, unless they move to china, middle east or something. But u have de rossi and schwei as cms, so u have a replacement for essein i assume and muller can replace robben...
  24. Re: getting chellini? Good deal. Chilleni is a solid 94, and even though he wont rise to 95 soon, i doubt benatia or walcott is 92+ potential. Baines could rise further, but it is unless he moves to a bigger club, as everton's rating cap is probably at a 91 range
  25. Re: Overachievers. i do have a similar exp in the past andre ayew (then 89 rated) is my MOTM in my lineup of average rating of 93. sometimes its probably because of the the opponent team's lineup or the players just on form
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