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    sjching4 got a reaction from RoyalAguila in Doria or Ginter   
    Re: Doria or Ginter
    Ginter. Ginter is only 19, but he is already a regular in the german top flight.
    To me, he is already assured of a +1 every rating change, till a max 89. If he moves to a bigger club, then he will increase from a 89 onwards.
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    sjching4 got a reaction from Hyina in Who to sell here?   
    Re: Who to sell here?
    niang, jackson martinez, destro is worth keeping. sell the rest, not 90+ potential
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    sjching4 got a reaction from BroodRoosterNL in Please Review My Big Love :)   
    Re: Please Review My Big Love
    get a new young lb. although you are playing abidal and you have B. Assou-Ekotto as cover, i feel that maybe you can buy a new lb that will rise in the future, in case abidal drops rapidly in the future, and you dont have anyone to replace him in your lineup.
    oh, you are already aware of the lb weakness! sorry, but i typed the above and i didnt see the comment below. but nvm, just take note
    new a new young gk? someone that is 21 age and below and probably 80-86 rated?
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    sjching4 reacted to BroodRoosterNL in howedes or Gregory VAN DER WIEL   
    Re: howedes or Gregory VAN DER WIEL
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    sjching4 reacted to jgos2 in howedes or Gregory VAN DER WIEL   
    Re: howedes or Gregory VAN DER WIEL
    bayern want howedes but unlikely to go this coming season
    If van der wiel were to go to Real Madrid he would have most potential, his future yet undecided
    On ability alone +1 each
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    sjching4 reacted to Little Prince in howedes or Gregory VAN DER WIEL   
    Re: howedes or Gregory VAN DER WIEL
    howedes is doing well. at euro with germany. schalke is in the champ league and seems to be doing well. and he's linked to a couple of big clubs.
    VDW future isnt sorted out yet. so it's a little iffy.
    i prefer howedes. besides, he's a CB/RB. so the extra position option is pretty useful.
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    sjching4 reacted to Ben-SCFC in bayern munich original formation, tactics   
    Re: bayern munich original formation, tactics
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    sjching4 reacted to sirmarkhughes in bayern munich original formation, tactics   
    Re: bayern munich original formation, tactics
    Here is the Dortmund v Bayern game from 12th April 2012.
    Gotze and Sven were missing for this game, Sweinsteiger came on for Kroos as he was just coming back from injury.

    To replicate the tactics I would try this :
    arrow forward on Lahm [RB]
    arrow north west on Robben [RW]
    arrow forward Ribery[LW] but sometimes he comes deep to collect the ball so the arrow could point backwards also so I would do a do a half arrow forward a half arrow backwards.
    Fast tempo
    Direct passing
    Pressing own half
    Tackling normal
    Attacking left flank[Ribery]
    Target man[Gomez]
    Maybe a few different alterations but that is roughly the way I would do it.
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    sjching4 reacted to rafaman8 in Welbeck+8M for my coentrao   
    Re: Welbeck+8M for my coentrao
    Good LBs that are 91+ are hard to come by. Wings/Forwards above 91 are much easier to find. I would keep Coentra. Welbeck will get a 90 next season, and if he does really really well he will get a 91, but that is unlikely for next season. I don't think Welbeck is worth the deal this year and next, unless he plays lights out for England in the Euros which is always a possibility. I would keep Coentra, the deal isn't strong enough to lure him away. Try to get Welbeck some other way.
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    sjching4 reacted to Milo Knight in angel di maria+lass diarra for fabregas   
    Re: angel di maria+lass diarra for fabregas
    He will stay but its a good deal
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    sjching4 reacted to King Roo in kaka+lass diarra for gotze   
    Re: kaka+lass diarra for gotze
    then why ask? Götze easily
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    sjching4 reacted to Pedworgan2 in kaka+lass diarra for gotze   
    Re: kaka+lass diarra for gotze
    Definitely do it then. As ABC says in 1-2 years Gotze will be higher rated and the better end of the deal, I only wanted to make sure you weren't sacrificing too much of your team. Despite Gotze's potential 94+91 for 91 is a huge loss if they were starters for you.
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    sjching4 reacted to NariN in sell robben   
    Re: sell robben
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    sjching4 reacted to bmwe36 in sell robben   
    Re: sell robben
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    sjching4 got a reaction from Culé for Life in Players to buy/sell before major European league rating changes   
    Re: Players to buy/sell before major European league rating changes
    certain to drop/ forever will stay the same (selected): SNEIJDER, Wesley, MAICON, Douglas, NESTA, Alessandro, TORRES, Fernando, CESAR, Júlio, CARVALHO, Ricardo, LUCIO, Ferreira, DE JONG, Nigel, FORLAN, Diego, BERBATOV, Dimitar, ZANETTI, Javier, PAZZINI, Giampaolo, FLETCHER, Darren, GOURCUFF, Yoann, KRASIC, Miloš, ARSHAVIN, Andrey, NILMAR, Honorato, TOTTI, Francesco, BALLACK, Michael, FLAMINI, Mathieu, KANOUTE, Frédéric, GATTUSO, Gennaro, SOW, Moussa, NIANG, Mamadou, ALBIOL, Raúl, KALOU, Salomon, AFELLAY, Ibrahim, BARRIOS, Lucas, MELO, Felipe, DZSUDZSAK, Balázs, REYES, José Antonio, RIISE, John Arne, HEINZE, Gabriel, DISTIN, Sylvain, PAVLYUCHENKO, Roman, QUARESMA, Ricardo, MAXWELL, Scherrer, TAIWO, Taye, PIENAAR, Steven, FRIEDRICH, Arne, GIGNAC, André-Pierre......................
    players certain to rise currently: ALONSO, Xabi, GOMEZ, Mario, HUMMELS, Mats, BALE, Gareth, SANCHEZ, Alexis, LAVEZZI, Ezequiel, VIDAL, Arturo, HULK, Givanildo, CAVANI, Édinson, M'VILA, Yann, WITSEL, Axel, RICHARDS, Micah, MARTÍNEZ, Javi, RÉMY, Loïc, SOLDADO, Roberto, BOATENG, Kevin-Prince, PJANIC, Miralem, KROOS, Toni, STURRIDGE, Daniel, RODRIGUEZ, James, MUNIAIN, Iker, JONES, Phil, DE GEA, David, SHAQIRI, Xherdan, LEWANDOWSKI, Robert, KAGAWA, Shinji, DE JONG, Luuk, THIAGO, Alcántara, WALKER, Kyle, ALBA, Jordi, ERIKSEN, Christian, GRIEZMANN, Antoine, SZCZESNY, Wojciech, KRUL, Tim, FEGHOULI, Sofiane, PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos, ALABA, David, LAMELA, Erik, CLEVERLEY, Tom, WELBECK, Danny, ROMEU, Oriol, TER STEGEN, Marc-André
    For the players listed under the "players certain to rise currently", i have listed them because of their current form or potential which merits them a rise, but they may not rise in the next rating changes due to external factors tat i cant control (injury, sudden loss of form, passed away (touch wood)...)
    i also did not list players such as: hazard, wilshere, gotze.... i did not list those players becos they are seen as players wif potential, but they are not certain to get a rise at the nearest rating change, so they are listed as "unsure".
    In conclusion, i feel that if you want to buy players who will bound to rise in the future, you should try to buy players aged 25 and below.... however, with the exception of some players (soldado... etc) and you should get rid of inter milan players, most of them are heading to the drop zone. barcelona youngsters are also looking good for a rise, and u should try buying dortmund players..
    note: I did not list all the players that are bound to rise or drop, but i listed only selected ones or players tat i noe.
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    sjching4 got a reaction from goniotis in will this players raise or not ?   
    Re: will this players raise or not ?
    ESTIGARRIBIA, Marcelo (dunno, mayb drop)
    DABO, Mouhamadou (no)
    BA, Demba (50% rise +1, 50% no)
    BAINES, Leighton (60% stay, 40% -1)
    WALCOTT, Theo (60% +1, 40% no)
    GERVINHO, Yao Kouassi (no)
    VIDAL, Arturo (+1)
    MARCHISIO, Claudio (no)
    ALDERWEIRELD, Toby (+1, if he moves to a bigger club. if he stays in ajax, rating wont go up)
    GRENIER, Clément (+1)
    MATA, Juan (no)
    JOVETIC, Stevan (no)
    MONTOLIVO, Riccardo (50% +1 if he moves to bigger club, if he dont, no)
    VARANE, Raphaël (no)
    GOMIS, Bafetimbi (+1)
    BELHANDA, Younès (no)
    REINARTZ, Stefan (no)
    SAM, Sidney (no)
    GIROUD, Olivier (+2 if he makes into the first 11 of the euro 12 french team for 2012 and his team wins the league, +1 if he only wins the league)
    no- rating will stay the same
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    sjching4 got a reaction from Daxe1234 in Dani Alves or Franck Ribery   
    Re: Dani Alves or Franck Ribery
    alves for me too. but swapping ribery for alves is a so so deal for u. try using another players
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    sjching4 reacted to 123_ABC in frustating deal   
    Re: frustating deal
    I think the other manager wont accept Sanchez + Alcantara, its too less but you can try. Personally I wouldnt give Sanchez away. He is playing good and has scored a lot of goal. He can easily rise. The players I would use to get a fwd/winger are Villa, Keita, Adriano, Afellay, Abidal, Alcantara. I would use these sort of players unless you need to give better players for someone like Ronaldo of course.
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    sjching4 reacted to cheekylad68 in german goalkeepers   
    Re: german goalkeepers
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    sjching4 got a reaction from Daxe1234 in Young and 5 mill for Suarez??   
    Re: Young and 5 mill for Suarez??
    to me, it's a good deal. suarez is younger and likely to rise. young... hmmm, he's early form is good, but recently he's form isnt that good. btw, im not a liverpool fan, im jus saying from a neutral point of view
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    sjching4 got a reaction from craigm1984 in End Of Year Clearout.   
    Re: End Of Year Clearout.
    Players i would clear out in your list:
    GIGNAC, André-Pierre, CHYGRYNSKIY, Dmytro, EAGLES, Chris, .
    Players tat i would suggest you to part- exchange or sell as their ratings might drop: PUYOL, Carles, ALVES, Dani, VILLA, David, ESSIEN, Michael,PARKER, PARKER, Scott,
    I think you would be surprised that i asked u to consider part exchanging or selling scott parker. well, even if he do rises to 90 in the next rating change, his value wouldnt be that high or might drop due to his age, so you might want to try to wait until he reaches 90 and sell him, and not wait until he turns 32 years old.
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    sjching4 got a reaction from rafaman8 in Gignac, Anderson, Lucas, or Badstubber?   
    Re: Gignac, Anderson, Lucas, or Badstubber?
    Hmm... for me, I would choose Badstubber.
    Gignac hasnt been playing to well with Marseille this year and hadnt been scoring goals to get a rise in the next review. Anderson is quite an ''ok'' choice, as he is not really starting in all the games for man utd, and his form is inconsistant. Lucas? u mean the one from liverpool? hmm... I dont think he will get a rise in the near future, because liverpool had so much mids to choose and he wont be getting so much games than the players u wanted.
    Badstubber plays for Munich and he he's a regular in that team, as well as the national team, so he has a good chance of rising in the next review
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