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  1. i have 10 teams over many years, you notice after a while, no manual if their was it would need updated every 6 months
  2. yes, this is an age related drop not form. Firstly young players <21 can get a rise in money for talent/form/expected rise later like Reyna did from 9M to 12M(no rating change) as he played more games at Dortmund, young players can get a money rise anytime(secretly this is a SM tool to stop people buying risers before the reviews as now you wont make that much money on him) Age related rises are when he hits 23 the 1st of the month following his birthday he will drop then again at 25 1st of the month following his birthday he will drop then again at 27 he will drop at 28, 29, 30 the drops are minor but after 30 he will drop nearly monthly so if you buy a player and he just turned 23 then he will maintain that value for 2 years unless a rating drop at the review etc no age drops when he turns 22, 24, or 26 if you need to know what he will drop to if he is 24 and turning 25 and 88 rated then do a search on say 88 rated 25 year old and you will see, i hope this clarifies some. this becomes crucial when you need to make money through selling not really relevant if buying and holding players in a tight gameworld- but sometimes you need money to grow faster and if you calculate wages (20xwhatever hes getting(because youll pay him twice a week until 10 weeks are up to sell him) also you can see you may lose money on a player even if he gets a +1 hope this helps
  3. Next season will not save him the minute SM do the next round of concerns review he will move to 5 and be unsellable. There is no reset after a season
  4. If you offer him a contract he will keep his 89 rated wage. The only way is to let his contract expire if he has one year youre sorted if 4years give him a contract for 2 then run it down. Sm is trying to kill monetary gains this is another way they do it if he went up in rating the next season SM would raise his wages
  5. Man city were never sure on Sane. Havertz is top stuff all right. Mental attitude is tops always performs in top games read the reports of people who know him. Lampard is playing him as a wide striker. Would you play Bergkamp out there and ask him to track back like Mourinho does with his players too.........no he is great no 10. You will see it if Lamps stops putting squares in round holes
  6. Would suggest putting in a bug ticket from your homepage
  7. ben c had the best comment for me. Bigpest suggests Valverde a beast in 8 years be about right. In 3 years Valverde and Coman could be 93 ? Still worth it. Coman will continue to bw rotated because Bayern always buy hell be lucky to get 93. Valverde is in a rebuild Real team. Benzema is still plunk in my book and several are ageing. No Champions League for them in 3-4 years. They want to wait to buy Mbappe and Haaland with 1 year on their contract. They will need that to pull off
  8. Linton Maina a promising powerful 21 year old got +1 to 83 . went from 2.8M to 3M. Wolfburg will buy him soon. If he plays as a sub there will get +2 by Christmas and still be 3M..............almost impossible now to make money on players 78 to 85. Once they hit 86 the wages wont eat your profit.
  9. There are 77 players available in the upcoming season. 26 teams or so will be potentially bidding. Teams are hoping for a couple of targets but that might not even happen. Those who dont bid though wont be getting any. Theyll be none left. 22 of the targets are.likely to drop if not in the next window the one after. Thats a lot. 26teams going for 55 solid players.mmmm we will see next week
  10. Another point i was thinking was you know how the gambling on the premier league is crazy in asia. Now you dont have to pay off the goalkeeper like in the old days . Now players are a huge risk for virus sabotage. Now this sets up a massive situation to deliberately infect players to swing matches
  11. Depay personal terms agreed with Barcelona. Hes cheap so Broke Barca are interested. Messi/Fati/Griezman/Depay/Dembele is 2 cooks too many. On the bright side expect +1 for even if he starts 7 games(the SM barca way)
  12. Agree with you 100%. They are trying to up the value of inform talents while simultaneously trying to stop teams in the game from simply making money....they are trying to kill that in favour of buying and holding
  13. You will fix him. No subs in though they only count half. All league and cup matches from now. Sub him off at 45mins if there is a fitness issue
  14. I am fairly certain its a two for one problem as soon as i offer 1 player + cash it goes through. Sm does not let 2 players for 1 good one any more
  15. Castagne officially signs for Leicester. Maybe he can get 90 there
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