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  1. Poulsen ( like all the others said) and Moreno ( you have seen him play for Spain right+ chances of 92 @ Valencia and Spain have so little top attackers
  2. Becker is better if you are planning 2+ years ahead. Right now Auba will seriously improve your attack and I have Leno ina top world and I'm in 2nd place. Before in the game a top keeper was essential but I have de gea in another world with 92+ defenders and he leaks loads
  3. I would keep Godin and Akanji. The others are a toss up. Matip could easily be replaced over the next season or two De Bruyne is the best player at Man City so ya the duo Kean. OL would sell Moussa at any good money what does that tell you People underrating Rabiot huge chance to start at Juve and they should be favs for CL. Barcelona is going backwards Griezman apart Son
  4. 90% chance in a few hours Will def get. I would. De Paul may end up at Fiorentina unlikely riser there. Maybe the last 2 deserve. Niguez no reason to rise. Dembele stabbed by Barca but I guess has a chance. I wouldn't. Juve sold cause they can get better replacement. They might rise from hype
  5. Depends when the league he moves to gets reviewed. De ligt to Juventus tonight!!
  6. Imminent for 25M agreed Both are definite. However I would get Mane not the overvalued Sterling CBs have chances it's Valencia and Sevilla not Arsenal Europa cup finalists and everybody drops one some 2. No surprise to me Premier league gets raw deal. Paulista could barely get 87 in England now he's verging 90 inSpain that called bias folks
  7. Highly likely Shaw, Rose, Firpo, and look at emerson palmieri Sarri wants him at Juve. Injured a lot but can go up to 90 at least in time
  8. Hummels to Borussia Dortmund Well now that's puts him on course for 92 quicker. Not to mention some Dortmund CBs will get pushed down pecking order
  9. I would sell and get other talents but if competitive maybe keep bornauw also Still hope wait for Chelsea Definitely
  10. Bernardo and Laporte should both get +1. I would make my decision based on that
  11. It looks like they finished Germany but Brandt actually went down in value. Like 2 players were reviewed at Leverkusen. Dunno what's going on there I was hoping they would come back for them but now I'm thinking France started What do you guys think
  12. Been injured so much doesn't make sense to give one so young 91. I would stay for now I would keep Alonso the new starting LB at Atletico Madrid Would not give up Hazard unless you need depth of course High chance of +1 worse case gets it in winter. I would do it Will def get +1 may not go up in value much though Godin got big money transfer to Inter highly unlikely to drop. Chiellini though gets a lot more injured. May drop this time but am don't drop lightly They we're reluctant to give Leicester players 91 after winning the title. I would say he's unlikely to rise but always one or two we don't expect
  13. I am thinking he gets a rise within a few days of his next transfer. So if you think he moves keep a little longer.personnally I would buy a better target
  14. Ya they must have been looking at Castagne/Trippier/Di Lorenzo Trippier too expensive and maybe castagne too (he will get 87 next now). Di Lorenzo now could get 87- 86 for sure. Castagne stays at Atalanta now
  15. With only Basel and young boys left to do I seriously doubt a rise I would drop Suarez doesn't deserve 96 ahead of Griezman and Hazard. However SM will prop stay. If he gets injured before Christmas or plays badly he's on the chopping block DDG> Oblak = Allison But Allison has the most potential Problem for you is the 2 players offered have peaked. By summer Ruiz and Fernandes will be +1 so do you still need Henderson. Rashford is now lead striker at Man Utd so will go up eventually. I have found low morale players play better not worse. SM for ya. If I can put it another way morale doesn't tell who is playing badly and is having a poor season. I have 15 teams btw
  16. I think their idea is to buy lazzari to replace him and make some profit which would hold up the deal as they would need lazzari first
  17. They were looking but he will be too pricey for them. You will see soon talking to castagne agents right now. Hes no wonder but definitely better than Malcuit who does not have full confidence of the coach
  18. Castagne will join Napoli (cause they need a good RB) and jump to 88 and is they are super cautious (unlikely) will have 88 by end of year
  19. No chance for Di Maria to rise.team too poor in champions league. Bernardo Silva best chance to rise at 92 however Allan,wijnaldum,can,fabinho all likely to get to 92 this summer
  20. Gnabry is optimistic. Expect Robertson, Lucas Hernandez, and Rose to rise. Dont see any other options for you unless slim chance Romagnoli.
  21. Ya looks like my fault put a bug ticket in. Was told soccerWiki does the ratings ticket closed not a bug. pure nonsense soccerWiki didn't drop him to one then 12 hours later he's retiring
  22. I can't disagree here except far worse players are 91. Meunier was the worst player on the Belgium world cup team by far. Mistake after mistake at club level too never should have anywhere 91. So on that basis Moura should rise
  23. Just like you said Rahul has Salzburg done who have all the main risers anyway except for maybe mert murdur. And the top 2 Ukrainian teams. So no there is no in depth done with all the teams
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