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  1. Re: Top Talents List - All Price/Ability Ranges ow sorry, didnt see him. My fault;)
  2. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Real Madrid wants to sign Huntelaar for 25 mil
  3. Re: Top Talents List - All Price/Ability Ranges You forgot Nordin Amrabat of Psv I think Amrabat is developing faster than for example Aissati and Amrabat should defenatly on this list http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=3Bu_yZ9lCVk&feature=related goal Amrabat against Everton
  4. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Psv is going to swap attaking midifielder Ismael Aissati for central deffender Erik Pieters of Fc Utrecht.
  5. Re: Euro 2008 Why is everyone sudently talking about Casillias when another goalkeepers is even more underrated. I mean Van der Sar is at the end of his career and in his golden years. He had a good season at man u. And he was the (one of the) players of Holland on euro 2008. I think he should be 96
  6. Re: Dream XI I think at the moment van der sar is part of the top three best goalkeepers in the world. Maybe even better than buffon and Casilias. He should defenatly rise to 96 before he stops.
  7. Re: Euro 2008 Why are they dummies???, Its verry logical that they voted for Holland because they played the best football of whole in the Eurocup in the group stage. Holland was amazing. Russia came with good attacking fooball quite late in the tournament (against Zweden) I mean against Spain and Greece they were not that impressive. I have no idea what happened with Holland but if they played the same football as in the group stage , Holland would have won. But great tactics from Hiddink. he proved he s the best coach in the world. Russia was fantastic with players like Arshavin, Pavely
  8. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? De Jong should also go up by one
  9. Re: Your XI's. Your views, opinions and refletions. This is thread is quite interesting, keep on posting more. I think you also should do the most agressive footballers(squad).
  10. Re: Euro 2008 - Who to support? my final was between Romenia and Poland Poland won
  11. Re: Worlds Best Defender Alex of Chelsea, this guy is a tank
  12. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Orlando Engelaar of Fc twente > Schalke 04
  13. Re: Injury rules Babel out of Euros Khalid Boulahrouz will replace Ryan Babel
  14. Re: SM World Ratings A lot of players play outside Holland. Van persie and Oojer are way underrated
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