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  1. Socca, What's going on with Struijk? He seems to get plenty of game time but his rating is quite low compared to others. Is he worth holding onto?
  2. That's actually a pretty good team and a young squad that can be used to compete. Most people here swear by playing the strongest players but I find form to be just as strong a factor in getting results. Regarding goals, it's just as likely to be your tactics as your players. For example, I have second team players like Vlahovic (88), Wirtz (87) and Camavinga (88) in some gameworlds and they all score plenty of goals in their normal positions (and they're not all strikers!). I find some formations yield less goals but are necessary to compete against stronger opposition. One example is 4-3-3A. Someone on here mentioned using the SW attributes to refine tactics and I've been looking at that a bit more closely recently especially when deciding free kick takers etc. I'm currently undecided on the impact but it's clear some players perform better in some roles and also that some seasons players do great and other seasons not so good. Lots of players stick to one formation but I play around a lot, especially with my weaker teams, and choose tactics based on the opposition. If you're prepared to take a short term risk and spend some time analysing results in your gameworld, I suggest you analyse the tactics your opposition use and which formations they struggled most against.
  3. You might be better off trying Bruno up front. Although he'd be out of position he's so much better than Morata in rating and has finishing as an attribute on soccerwiki. Maybe worth an experiment.
  4. Agree with Socca on this one. In my experience, players rarely play well out of position. Thankfully for you, this forum is in agreement that full back is the position that has the least impact on the game so playing a weaker LB shouldn't impact too much.
  5. Highly likely. You're spending 1.9m beyond your budget each week on wages. Unless you have some money maker risers, you'll be in the red.
  6. Thanks, appreciate the input. You'd think it would be that simple. The dilemma is that in at least 3 game worlds I'm in, Vlahovic bangs in the goals (especially this gameworld) and has a good average rating. I also have Salah, Aguero and Kramaric and could buy an alternative decent 91 with end of season income if necessary. Whilst Richarlison is getting the international minutes, is he going to push on from 91? Surely not while at Everton?
  7. Whoops, autocorrect! 😂 Should say Richarlison, not Richardson!
  8. That was my feeling too. I already have Llorente but with a bid coming in for him and being low on cash, I was mulling over whether the 9m might be beneficial. I've built a young and upcoming squad with only a couple of positions left to improve on. His forward position is pretty helpful in the short term though as I 'only' have Haaland, Jota, Greenwood and Vlahovic who can play up front.
  9. I have Oblak in one gameworld. The stats look clearly programmed. In half the seasons he's played, he got an average of 6.21!
  10. I thought, "I'm going to prove you wrong, of course you can score more than 7". So I went back through all my teams' results this season. And, yep, absolutely right, no more than 6 goals. 😂😂
  11. Come on Kieran, don't hold back. You must have some must buys! 😂
  12. Had an interesting offer for M Llorente from a manager who has Jesus on level 4 concerns. Llorente or 6m + Jesus + Darwin Nunez? Or should I try for some of his other youngsters?
  13. Haven't had any trouble through the mobile site
  14. Looking to slim down one of my squads after some recent purchases. Which of these central defenders should I sell? Savic, de Vrij, Stones, D Carlos, Tapsoba. I'm leaning towards either Savic (age) or Carlos (older/less potential of the two 91s). What's everyone's thoughts?
  15. Thanks. Looks like Spurs might be selling Doherty too. I need to sell one of these, who should I get rid of? Joao Pedro (Cagliari), Bertrand Traore (Villa), Hee Chan Hwang (Leipzig)
  16. If you want symmetry, Mensah Fosu is pretty good. 😁
  17. Here's one for you. I'm in a CGW where 89+ players rarely come up. So I snapped up a couple recently when I had the chance but now I've got too many 'defenders' which will lead to concerns. I play four at the back. Who should I sell? Doherty, Gaspar, Danilo, Hinteregger, Tapia, Grillitsch, J Brooks, GM Ferrari, Lainer, Maehle
  18. https://www.soccermanager.com/mpmob.php# I do most of my tactics changes and checking up on team news via my phone. Something interesting if you use this is the squad list shows one of the player's positions. I'm not sure if it's a preferred position or just random.
  19. That's an interesting point. In my spreadsheet I simply look at the number of times they've played and compare it to the expected amount of turns. I hadn't thought about whether or not playing more than once in the same turn counts towards the total. Either way, it doesn't seem to be an issue. I know I'm being a little conservative by having a second team of 89s (it has completely eradicated concerns for me though) but I simply cannot see how Troianos77's 20-25 players rated over 90 will ever work in a world with concerns. Anyone else have success managing concerns with such a large strong squad?
  20. I've been trying out a spreadsheet to track my appearances and manage concerns. The first point is that it's hard to match the quoted statistics with how many I think they've actually played. I think someone mentioned in here recently that the sub appearances in the brackets are also included in the first number outside the bracket. The main advice I can give you is that with my stronger teams, generally only the first 11 is 90 and above. That way anyone 89 or below only has to play 40% of the turns. I might squeeze in an extra one or two players of higher rating but that's all and a cup run is very important. This has eliminated most concerns. In one game world I still get plenty of low rated and even young players who develop concerns. I don't have an answer to your 92 rated players getting concerns if you think they've played 80% of the time since you bought them.
  21. I have him in one gameworld and play him at CF. Only bought him recently so a little hard to tell. But one goal every three games isn't too bad. On top of that he played well straight away. We ended up third and perhaps slightly over achieved given the strength of teams around us. Rashford was my highest rated player.
  22. Remiro or Bono? I grabbed Remiro cheaply when he had level 5 concerns and I know Bono may rise in the Spanish review so I'll wait until then. But who to keep? It's a CGW and I hope to be in it for the medium to long term.
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