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  1. Re: English Championship 3 I just take control of Swansea City and I hope if anyone want to loan a player please contact me thankyou
  2. Re: Relegation Rebels Challenge - EC 388 New and fresh manager Matthew Wong takes over at Stokes City this after noon. Expectations: Win the 2nd division and get promoted : Have 20m to use wisely : Bring sucess to the club Hope fully anyone in 1st division can loan some players to Stoke City thankyou Any clubs have players rating 75-100 to loan away or sell cheaply please contact Stoke City manager ( Matthew ) EC388 Thankyou
  3. Re: English Championship 1 Its full now I hope I can still join if someone leave... please pm me if someone leave I will join any clubs thankyou
  4. Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc. Ec 200 not EC 22 just to correct it
  5. Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc. Just took control of Bradford City in EC 22 I will keep everyone up to date on my transfer news Trying to make a very good and young squad and currently working hard on loaning good players
  6. Re: Prove yourself!(Please read) 1. Of course! 2. Great! 3. What is EC?
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