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  1. Re: Raheem Sterling Fair enough. Given that it is Liverpool he may well do so.
  2. Re: Raheem Sterling When he plays 200 first team minutes then he will be added to the database. He played five minutes yesterday so that's a start.
  3. Re: Guillermo Fernandez I want me some steering wheel
  4. Re: Charly Musonda Jr - Belgians brightest talent Nice write up. Had an opportunity to see highlights of young Belgian players and this kid was highlighted for a few moments. Good work.
  5. Re: players real life stats needed
  6. Re: Top 5 Leagues - Must Buys. No rise this time around to Ter Stegen or Bernd Leno?
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  8. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) That's it! I've pretty much had enough with this system. I inherited a Barca team with Holger Badstuber whose concern level was 4 when I got the team. I got it down to 3 when he was injured. He was out for three months. Concern level raised throughout the injury. He's still got 6 weeks left with the injury and has now today announced that he is demanding a transfer (concern level 5). How the hell am I supposed to play him when he is injured? That's purely ridiculous.
  9. I'm a gold member - bought a year's worth of membership. In the SMFA games where you need to be a gold manager to manage the games played there is an annoying pop up advertising gold membership. Please eliminate this popup for gold members as we already understand the benefits for us for having purchased gold.
  10. Re: WWE latest news And then on top of all of that they give a ******* gimmick to one of their few REAL talents in the division, Natalya. My girlfriend who I got into watching wrestling has hated the divas division since she started watching. She takes a lot of martial arts classes (yeah, I got to watch myself! ) and she feels as though the divas are a waste of time. I got her watching the Gene Okerlund Vintage Collection episode from last week as it had the famous Trish Stratus Vs Lita RAW main event on it. She was really impressed and wished, like much of us do, that the WWE would give the
  11. Re: Changes in financial situation What about new managers who inherit a team and constantly work to improve their team's situation. Often it borders on impossible. There needs to be something done to give new owners an opportunity to turn teams around. When the teams that have money outbid the teams that are trying it doesn't reward the team trying. The rich get rich, the weak get weaker and never shall the two meet. SoccerManager should not be La Liga which is destroyed by two teams who can afford what every other team cannot.
  12. Re: What the best league in the world in your opinion The English Premier League is the best league in the world. With the one-sidedness of it I wouldn't even consider La Liga to be the second best league in the world. I believe that distinction belongs to Serie A although that two has become a two horse race this season.
  13. Re: robben v bale 1. He's young 2. Soccer Manager community rates young players insanely high 3. Repeat.
  14. Re: Changes in financial situation To me his suggestion sounds a lot more like what the NBA does with its luxury tax rather than 1940s Germany and present day Zimbabwe. I do believe that SM could penalize the richer clubs or the clubs that pay over X amount in wage bills by charging dollar for dollar amounts once you reach the "luxury tax threshold". Clubs below that threshold would receive the total pot at the end of each season rather than the chairman handing out new money. One of my teams has the following roster; C Ronaldo (98) - A Iniesta (97) - I Casillas (95) - W Sneijder (95) - G
  15. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
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