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  1. Re: Philippe Nguyen's Sig Thread Great work, i really like it! Thanks a lot how do i make it larger?
  2. Re: Philippe Nguyen's Sig Thread hey Philippe i think you are doing great sigs, and would like to request for one too Yeah i think so too! can i have the badge as well as the fabregas in that sig, along with van persie, clichy and walcott. I'll leave the positioning to you. Thanks a bunch!
  3. hi there, just wanna know if his transfer to Sparta Rotterdam will cost him his future? should i keep him or not?
  4. Re: Juan Forlin - ARGENTINAN SURE RISER was mentioned some time last year but somehow i wasn't convinced to get him. would place a bid for him now.... Nice post
  5. Re: Famous Footballers Born On Your Birthday!! Not really what i expected to be but... Shay Given On a lighter note, Geez...
  6. Re: Brazilian Rating Predictions please excuse me if im posting in the wrong thread, but has PEDRO OLDONI got anything to change his rating?(up/down)
  7. After the recent spanish ratings, i've got HELGUERA and REYES for transfer but im so confused whether to get jarque or garay!!! wuld really appreciate some advice here
  8. Re: TomOwen's Portugal Rating Changes Predictions what about gladstone? will he rise, stay or decrease? sorry to add on to your workload mate but can u tell me if there are any sporting players that are bound to decrease? (so i can sell them beforehand ) superb list up there btw, i'll be depending on it!
  9. Re: Raul Meireles judging from your reply, i guess his rating will stay? tats a gd thing to hear but i would like to wait for more replies b4 making my decision thanks btw
  10. hey guys i need to know about his performances recently because of the upcoming portugese ratings and i m thinking of getting him if his rating is going to stay or better, increase Any help is appreciated!
  11. Re: Leigh's Comprehensive English Player Ratings - Part 2 Full of praises for u mate. that list sure took lots of time to generate and i believe it will help many! now...its time to BUY BUY BUY!
  12. i've got 4 on my list : - VINCENTE - JOAQUIN - SIMAO - MANCINI i've also got LJUNGBERG and JULIO BAPTISTA for trade which would be a best buy and WHY?
  13. Re: Brechet i liked that reply thanks mate
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