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  1. I'm having to sell a few 95+ rated players as my wage bill has now doubled and I have no idea what my income will be but I very much doubt it will be doubled. And, while I'm waiting to find out my finances are dropping like a stone so I have to sell. I only have 24 players in each of my 2 squads and have built them from nothing. These changes are unfair and unrealistic. For example, if I won the European cup I would expect to get millions in income but I can't pick my own tactics, that's my understudy's job, but, unfortunately my assistant manager is a tactical and strategic cretin and can't s
  2. Yep, it's a bad move. Makes sense that it's about encouraging people to part with real cash to 'buy' cash - fitting with SM over the years. I've got 2 very succesful teams that have been built from nothing over years. Both have just 24 players in each squad, mainly top players and a couple of lower rate 'utility' players. Making these changes in wages without also adjusting income is moving the goal posts in a massive way. If they don't do anything to correct this I'm out I reckon. It could be a great game if it was in competent hands.
  3. With the same squad of players, since the update the wages have increased massively. My wage bill is now double what it was last week!
  4. Wages have suddenly sky rocketed and income has stayed the same!! What to do to prevent a complete loss of funds? Thanks
  5. Thanks 7yrs, that makes sense. The club (Liverpool) I am buying Reus from had a strong squad and mine is very strong, Since the manager of Liverpool has left there has been a feeding frenzy by other clubs for its top players (all other buyers are non managed teams out of the league). So yes, as more players leave Liverpool Reus' value goes up. Anyway, Dortmund have come in for him now with just over what I've got to spend, so I'll probably get Rakitic instead now
  6. I placed a bid for Reus for something like £21M from unmanaged club in my league, yesterday. I get a message back later saying bid refused! I look and discover his value has gone up to £22.7M approx. Strange I thought, however, I put a bid in for £23M which. I hadn't got any progress i.e 'bid accepted' message so I check. His value has now gone upto £26.6M! In the space of two days!!! What's going on here? Normally if a bid is too low it won't be accepted. A bid can't be accepted and then refused because the value of the player has suddenly been increased to over the amount of the bid! Twice i
  7. Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed The system is knackered and they just won't admit it. So many players have been bought on the strength of their recent performances over the last few months and their ratings haven't even been looked at. What is the point in buying promising players when this game DOESN'T RECOGNISE THEM??? Utterly useless
  8. Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed NEWS JUST IN! Najar from Anderlecht up 2 points, thats two points, from 83 to 85 Groundbreaking stuff - its blown the league wide open again Great to see its all back on track, thanks SM
  9. Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed All this time being spent by players who like the game and are frustrated at the failings of the rating system and still - NOTHING HAS CHANGED! How much longer do participants of this game have to keep bashing away for an answer ? The last rating change I saw was a 35 yr old GK at QpR dropping a point - this was about 2 weeks ago - it really is totally pathetic Where is the respect for the people who play this game ? Where are the answers!?
  10. Re: Great Squad but can't afford, who goes!? Thanks folks for your replies I get your advice but thats not really the core of my problem - its easy to identify the worst players (although why Mascherano is in that list I have no idea, I watch every Barca game and watched the world cup and he has been phenominal, anyway,,,) My Main problem is affording the squad, even if I get rid of the suggested players I still wont be able to afford my squad! My ground is always at capacity etc It seems that I am being punished for having a 40,000 ground capacity, If I had been Man U, I would probably b
  11. This is my main squad, with 4 youth players not included. I have built it up quite nicely but the problems I am having now is affording the high wages, it just doesn't add up! My ground is usually full capacity and I am winning the league and the odd cup here and there but its not enough! So, I am going to have to get rid of a couple of big earners and replace with some promising youngsters or multi-positional players. The question is who to get rid of?! Any thoughts would be very welcome, thanks. NEUER, Manuel GK BUTLAND, Jack GK RAMOS, Sergio D(RC) MASCHERANO, Javier D,DM© LUIZ
  12. Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed Two things are clear: The current system does not work SM are not interested in fixing it Maybe this month Johnny Dogface from Skegness Rovers will get a +1
  13. Re: World Cup risers Mascherano has been outstanding. Not only has he been played ot of position at Barcelona for so long but his performances for Argentina have been second to none. He has hardly put a foot wrong, been extremely solid and has kept his country in the World Cup. Outstanding leadership qualities too...
  14. Why do my player fitness levels do down. The usual scenario is they go up daily after a game, then on the day of the game some of them go down again. Especially Messi, he just leaks fitness on match day before the game has even started. Why is this SM? Do my players get tired going on the bus to a game? Or is it just another example of bad SM? I'm also wondering when Aguero will get his yearly significant injury this season he hasn't had it yet and we are 14 games in already.
  15. Re: Counter formations What would you say these are I usually use 3-5-2 but have little luck against 4-3-3 wingers
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