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  1. Re: "A particular Club Wanted" Thread hi, i have a rep of 195 and am looking to get back into the game. would love to start with a liverpool again.
  2. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup lol well i have been in the setup before and had a good time before i left due to time constraints. i would like to comeback in though...is it possible ??? i would like Arsenal - France and Ukraine
  3. Re: Please Help - Striker needed amauri if he is available is just the man for you.....else if you looking for someone younger acqufaresca (87) would be a good choice. else am sure simeone pepe will be available
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... guys i got this offer for messi which i am really tempted by as it would solve my midfield probs......should i accept it or not ?? messi for gerrard & rooney ?? i also have eto'o & drogba in attack & have agreed a 50 mil. deal for benzema (is that okay ?? ) will it go through []
  5. Re: Gk hey could anyone suggest a young keeper who is likely to rise in the near future. i have rui patricio & asenjo,riou remy are taken in my league.
  6. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup lol sorry i had to leave real. actually coll has started & it takes my entire day & i was just no able to do justice with the game. but its a good setup
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... btw i have been offered 10 mil. + marcelo moreno & 20 mil. by 2 clubs for palladino...which one should i accept??..i am thinking of accepting the 20 mil. one as moreno has gone to shakhtar so his rating won't increase much. i already have walcott,diego capel,piatti amongst others in my youth squad & have arteta,altintop,rosina & figo for my senior team so i am thinking of selling palladino to raise funds to buy either of thiago silva or amorebieta which one of those two would u suggest??
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... sell trezeguet for 45 mil. but i can't see him accepting that sum for rossi. don't buy taddei. i think roma will improve their wings
  9. Re: CM - recommendation if you are intrested in making a youth squad why don't you buy barnola camacho....the atletico madrid CM....will rise in the future...ofcourse i have already mentioned kuzmanovic. i see you need defence buying players like santacroce,caceres, canini & fazio who will rise in the future should be good buys considering not many 90+ players are available according to you & btw yours is not the only league with no good players available. many of my setups are now in their 11th season & are starved for players.....& WC's have player crunches as well. []
  10. Re: CM - recommendation how come no one thought of kuzmanovic from fiorentina ?? 20 yrs old & 89 rated....besides that michael johnson (the Manchester city guy) would be a good buy as well as granero....hamsik & de la red have already been mentioned
  11. Re: EURO2008-Portuguese squad what about hugo almeida??? he seems to be a better forward than nuno gomes ( i might be wrong)....why isn't he given a chance ??........lol this time they have good CM....veloso on the bench!!! didn't meira or miguel come on during the match?? i didn't watch it so wanted to know....pepe seems to have the CB position alongwith carvalho patched up
  12. Re: EURO2008-Portuguese squad so what do you guys think the starting lineup for portugal will be against turkey??? i think most of the team that started against georgia will start...but doesn't quaresma warrant a place in the team?? & what about the LB slot?? is ferreira slotted to start??
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hmmm...i would only let trezeguet go if someone like mario gomez was available....i don't think a bid of 40 mil. will go through anyways
  14. Re: New custom................ lol sorry i didn't read the normal thing. then i am not joining in sorry mate. just have too many custom teams []
  15. Re: New custom................ well could i have AC MILAN & ITALY ???? mexico as my second nation mate i am already in an international setup so can tell you don't create an international setup for more than 10 teams...u know in the starting people will take the weaker teams (like scotland) but later if they start losing they will just dump it & levae the clubs managerless & noone wants to take it up later.....i am sure we don't want games amongst unmanaged clubs.
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