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  1. I have had to add data packs countless times the past and nothing coming up for a while. I always click on the top option. It's not my dam problem if it don't work properly. How do I update it? I have nothing
  2. Who I sell is my business and we shouldn't have to log in to reply to constant unwanted offers every 2 seconds. once again if they start penalising us for not replying I quit the site. try coming back with sensible suggestions
  3. The day this comes in I leave the site permanently, who I bring in and sell and how I manager my club is my choice
  4. I have always been in favour of this, Soccer wiki however keeps refusing additions like this.
  5. can you please stop adding players like this "PLAYER 85434". if you can add all his personal details then surely you can atleast add the guys name.
  6. With all due respect its down to the manager to run its club and finances in the proper manner or what's the point. I keep an eye on my finances and act accordingly if I feel I am losing to much. I like my finances on an even playing field as much as I can while having players good enough to challenge. I do like to buy youth but not for fun, I buy for future potential for my clubs future. If people run the club they manager into the ground its not everyone elses problem.
  7. Soccer manager admin has voted no, lol. Proof they care not what the Users want.
  8. I like to manage my teams right, you could offer me 1 billion for a 1 million player and I wouldn't accept.
  9. Point very much taken. In my opinion it wouldn't solve the constant bot offers.
  10. 1) Bring back the option to make a player Unavailable for transfer. Shouldn't have to spend my time rejecting irritating offers I don't want. If I want a player transferred I will list him as such.
  11. I contacted soccer manager through twitter few years ago and was told my suggestion would be put forward and yet again, Nothing. I hereby suggest: 1) A playoff tree for world cups so managers can see the layout of the tournament properly post group stage?
  12. Club Information seems to have disappeared and I can no longer access my stadium Capacity or the fan base mentioned on Upgrade announcement which I like to keep track of. 1) Re add club information that consists of stadium capacity and the fan base number. We don't seem to have been delivered what was promised.
  13. The people behind Soccer Manager promised us friendly changes several years ago and nothing is done. The current set up is not only Unrealistic but annoying. real life clubs don't have friendly's mid season but do at the end of the season. The managers should be free to manage there teams how they see fit and be allowed to opt out of these circumstances or atleast be able to cancel friendly's given. I hereby propose the following changes: 1) Allow managers to either cancel friendly's given or stop the Automated friendly's midseason and at the end, Or allow the given days to be set by t
  14. Over the last several years the managers have less and less control over the team daily management. I would love to see the following changes. 1) Stop chairman interference with player contracts. I haven't done a player contract for a few years now as the owners, Chairman takes everything over. 2) The manager gets to decide who goes out on loan and not the chairman. I have players I need out on loan as I already have the players in a given position at a rating level I need. This constant interference is severely irritating and the manager should get to decide how his team is run any no
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