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  1. both players are at same level guzman being 20,90 and joao being 21,91 wat are the ratings of these players expected to grow to in the next 2 ratings? because i want to know which one to sign please someone give me info on both players and which teams are interested.....
  2. can many people please respond to this because i still havent decided.... hu will be better to sign for the future as future ratings come and go? hu is expected to be better than the other? castro or richards?
  3. who would be a better signing....castro or richards in terms of future rating ? and hu's the better player
  4. i wanted to find out how much approximately each team gets from 1st-10th in a league of 20 at the end of the season please?
  5. hello everyone i am currently trying to buy a new player bfore rating changes for big players are going to change in spain ad i am wondering who is better and expected to rise in next ratings? gonzalo castro? or m.richards? and i also wanted to kno which one shud i buy for my team castro, richards or aguero? these is the players in the team: buffon s.asenjo abidal s.ramos puyol terry dani alves g.milito e.garay breno guardado gerrard fabregas iniesta r.diego kaka anderson ronaldo lulinha kroos messi alexandre pato rooney k.benzema eto'o bojan giovani tevez As many votes and replies as possible please! ossibly b4 wednesday!
  6. Re: Gold Member Power well the truth is i agree with all of you but you have to admit sm have a point on people just kicking people out for no or a stupid reason like my mate kissed my gf lol joker but its true!
  7. i hav pato on loan and want to sign him before rating changes..... wat do u fink his rating will change to? as for: bojan giovani dos santos garay guardado sneijder puyol g.milito messi eto'o aguero abidal sergio ramos buffon casillas
  8. i have cristiano ronaldo with only 721% match fitness and dont want to risk him for my match tomorrow...and was wondering because i dont wanna play him for injury and non match fit reasons, he is playing in right midfield and i wanted to kno if a cm/am like iniesta, diego or a f/am like messi, tevez can play right/ left midfield??? is it possible that they can play there and do well???
  9. which is the best cm to buy for a barcelona team??? plz as many replies as possible!!!
  10. Re: Best Young Mid (Under 90) hey what about nani or giovani dos santos???
  11. who is the best keeper in the world? buffon cech casillas i would like to buy the best keeper for my barca team thats y i wanna kno plz!!!
  12. is sneijder expected to go up in rating? because i want to kno whether i shud sell him for either mascherano or diego! are they better options?
  13. this is the players in the team: buffon abidal s.ramos puyol terry ayala g.milito e.garay breno gallas zanetti guardado gerrard fabregas iniesta sneijder kaka anderson ronaldo messi walcott rooney eto'o bojan giovani tevez so, which player is better? not in terms of ratings but overall in real life aswell? which one shud i sign benzema or aguero??
  14. Re: I need to get to 1st and win continuosly to buy a player!! every1 hu hasnt posted player position suggetstions, assignments, subs, team style like benmatthews has, can u please do so because i want to try all the differnt ideas in frendlies it will b very appreciated thanks!! :)
  15. Re: I need to get to 1st and win continuosly to buy a player!!
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