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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I think I would keep Kompany and see how the season pans out for both Marcelo and Coutinho. Both of them faded a bit towards the end. Would take Marquinhos anyday.

    But do you think Marquinhos will get worthwhile minutes behind Silva and Luiz? I have a hard time seeing him rise in the next year; it should be a couple at least before he reaches Garay's rating.

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...


    My counter-offer for Kompany was accepted. 8M + Marcelo & Coutinho for Kompany. Which side of the deal is better? I'm reluctant to let go of Kompany bc I don't really rate the other two that well.

    Also, sorry for the addition. 2M + Marquinhos for Garay; thoughts? I'm the one selling Garay.

  3. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    My Modric And Cuadrado should i sell them for di maria????????

    I Think NO' date='but i want to hear from you too.... Thanks![/quote']

    Def no. Modric + Cuadrado is too much just for Di Maria (especially since he may be leaving Madrid...)

    And, Cuadrado is moving to a bigger club soon (been linked with ManU most recently)

  4. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED!

    Seriously if the managers aren't invited soon you'll be looking for another one because i will be off!
    It was because of managers like you that Nowinho left in the first place so I think you have some cheek threatening the new guy.

    I agree with the first post. And, it is not threat; it is his honest opinion and conveys his attitude towards the current management of the setup. I feel the same way. How are we supposed to be content with such indolence? It is getting senseless on a level similar to that of the SMFA. We just want what is best for the GW, because it is tremendously unique and is a fantastic idea.

    In my instance, I lost my team due to forgetting to renewing my gold membership, but I renewed it after a matter of a few hours. I have waited weeks and sent several messages without a single reply.

  5. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I have the left side. Do you think that Morata and Zouma are better than Jese? I want to keep Zouma' date=' my doubt is who sell between Morata and Jese (both will probably never start for me in the next 2 years).[/quote']

    Sell Jese; Morata will get good minutes this year for Real.

  6. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    I play 4 2 3 1 on a small team

    I have the following players' date=' I need to get rid of one:




    (none of the above, obviously)


    Yaya Touré

    So between those two? who should I sell?[/quote']

    Why is everyone anti-Marchisio? I would sell Illa before I thought about selling Marchisio or Touré. Marchisio is an integral player for a great club, and Yaya Touré is highly rated by Pelligrini so he will get plenty of starts for one of the best clubs in Europe. Illa hasn't impressed me yet; I have a hard time seeing him displace Xabi anytime soon too. Illa really has only had one good season...

    Don't forget that the world cup is in less than a year. Marchisio is one of the key players for a great National Team; Illa has only featured for Spain's U-21 and has never gotten a call up and that's unlikely to change before the WC.

  7. Re: Keep or sell?

    Keep Zaha' date=' sell the rest. Or sell them all.[/quote']

    I definitely would not sell Zaha. You would be mad to do that. Moyes really rates him which means he should see a good chunk of time on the pitch throughout the season which already warrants enough to rise at least 2.

  8. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    Castillo Adrian

    Ryan Bertrand

    Marc Muniesa

    Mario Sampirisi

    Carl Jenkinson

    Roman Bezus

    Borek Dockal

    Just some of my players. Wondering if they're worth keeping in the long term.

    Keep the bold.

    For Jenkinson, I would keep him until December to see how he is holding up at Arsenal. Even though he started their opener, I was not impressed at all by his play.

  9. Re: Keep or sell?

    I have many young players that are starting to become older and keeping their ratings' date=' I don't know which ones still have a chance and which are better to sell given that I could use some cash. Any help is appreciated :D

    The players are:

    age rating

    [b']Sebastien Jung 23 88[/b]

    Denys Garmash 23 88

    Valentin Stocker 23 88

    Mehmet Ekici 23 87

    Obi Joel 22 85

    Admir Mehmedi 22 86

    Lacina Traore 22 88

    Sebastien Corchia 22 87

    Necip Uysal 22 87

    Vincent Pajot 22 87

    Christian Atsu 21 87

    Jonjo Shelvey 21 87

    Alexander Merkel 21 83

    Frederik Sorensen 21 85

    Diego Rolan 20 83

    Andre Gomes 20 84

    Wilfried Zaha 20 85

    Gianluca Caprari 20 83

    Keep the ones in Bold

  10. Re: Falcao + Aubameyang for Bale?

    I can acquire Bale for Aubameyang from Dortmund plus Falcao. Should I proceed?? Can Falcao hit 95 next review? Here is my current offensive line-up. Thanks for opinion.


    MOUTINHO' date=' João

    KROOS, Toni

    HAMSIK, Marek

    FELLAINI, Marouane

    MKHITARYAN, Henrik


    HAZARD, Eden

    REUS, Marco (can play as forward)

    MÜLLER, Thomas (can play as forward)

    AUBAMEYANG, Pierre-Emerick (can play as forward)


    FALCAO, Radamel

    CAVANI, Édinson

    JOVETIĆ, Stevan

    Many youth players including:

    LUCAS, Moura

    OSCAR, Emboaba

    LAMELA, Érik

    SHAQIRI, Xherdan

    LUKAKU, Romelu etc.[/quote']

    Don't you dare swap Falcao for Bale... Oh, and Aubameyang is not just an average player. You are giving far too much. Don't get too carried away with the Bale mania and hysteria.

  11. Re: Shall i swap?

    I currently have Jackson Martinez from Porto in my team' date=' however I have recently been offered a straight swap for Aubameyang?

    What should I do?



    Take Aubameyang and don't look back

  12. Re: Kieran GIBBS or Martin KELLY or Phil JONES

    Hey' date=' what do you think, just between kelly and gibbs, who has the better future?[/quote']

    Phil Jones should keep his CB/RB position as he is splits time with Rafael on the right. I would go for Phil, but between Gibbs and Kelly, it's a no brainer. Definitely go for Gibbs instead of Kelly. Kelly is average; Gibbs can hit 89/90 imo with a season or two.

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