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  1. I have two good right backs in Kyle Walker and Jose Bosingwa, but I am wondering if Jose Bosingwa will remain at 90 or if he will rise to 91 due to his recent form and that of Chelsea. And is Kyle Walker a true gem of a prospect, I know he was selected to the EPL first 11. Do I keep both, or do I sell Bosingwa since he won't rise and find a replacement as Walker develops?
  2. I bought Sergio Canales when I noticed he was a free agent in my game world. He was highly anticipated, and some hailed him to be the next la liga superstar. After buying him, I haven't heard anything about him and he hasn't moved in the ratings a single time. Has his potential been overestimated? Is it just time to sell, because he was overrated and would take a long time to develop into 89/90, or is he reaching 89 in a year? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I bought him for 600k, but he went up 7 points from 75 to 82. He is a 20 year old centre back, and I am wondering if he has the potential to go up to 90 anytime or if there is any buzz surrounding him with a move away from Brighton, since it is a small club. I don't know what to do with him. Im about to sell him for 2.8 million, because I think his development is going to be slow and I have high wage problems on my team. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Re: Carl Jenkinson I have all of those haha, so what you're telling me is basically to sell him because he has no true promise?
  5. Nice youth player, but does he even play anymore for arsenal? What does is future and potential look like, and should I keep or sell him? Help will be greatly appreciated!
  6. I have had Sergio Canales for a while now, and he is an expensive youth player based on salary and I am looking to trim salaries and he seems like the first person I should let go. I haven't heard anything about him lately so I figure he has stabilized. What is his future? Should I keep or sell?
  7. I can make a move on either, but I don't know which to get. Who is better and who has a better chance to rise? Help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Re: Micah Richards I concur. He will definitely get a +1 rise, and become a 90. But, I do not see him getting a 91 soon. He does manage to play frequently for city, but he has to play more frequently, and he has to make an impact on the national stage (just starting consistently). SM will probably not take away his CB position for quite a bit, they are a bit wary of position changes on big players.
  9. I offered Krasic, Canales, and 300k for Alexis Sanchez. Is it a good deal? I feel as if I am offering too much.
  10. Re: What US players have the most potential? Diego Fagundez
  11. Re: Serie A 2011/2012 - Best Teams' Rating Predictions Should I keep Gilardino? How is his future? Will he drop?
  12. Re: Serie A 2011/2012 - Best Teams' Rating Predictions What about Jovetic? And, is he a worth while trade for Quagliarella?
  13. Should I swap Mandanda for Adler, I was offered a straight swap. Who is better, and who has a better future? Help needed, and pretty swiftly.
  14. Re: Gignac, Anderson, Lucas, or Badstubber? Thanks a lot guys, that really helps.
  15. Re: What US players have the most potential? Brek Shea Jozy Altidore Juan Agudelo Brek Shea is being watched and asked about from the big European clubs (Liverpool, United, etc.). He is rumoured to move at the summation of his contract, but people doubt that the MLS or his team, FC Dallas, would let that happen. He is one of the 3 most exciting prospects the US has to offer. As an avid USA soccer fan, I watch every game and he is developing nicely and he plays very well. He, along with the other two, are very exciting to watch. His prospects are extremely high. On the other hand, Jozy Altidore is our best pure striker. He is really good, he just rose a point in SM I believe. In his first season for AZ, he has been terrific. He has started 11 games, scored 4 goals, and has been subbed into 2 games. He is definitely one to watch over the years for the US. Lastly, Agudelo. Agudelo is the youngest on this list, but has tremendous upside. At only the age of 19 (he turned 19 today), he plays very well. Playing with the New York Red Bulls, he is mentored and taught by Henry. Even though Henry is not elite like he once was, he still knows all the tricks and has the same mind. It is greatly helping Agudelo develop. In addition, Agudelo is rumoured to move across seas to Europe whenever his contract expires, but I dont know if that is more than just a rumour. What I do know, however, is that just last week he started training with VfB Stuttgart. In all, these three players have extremely bright futures and are by far the best prospects the USA has to offer. P.S. Sorry for the long reply.
  16. I am swapping Quagliarella for one of these, but I don't know which one would be the best choice. My starting XI is already set, and I am just looking for someone who will rise to 91. Who would you choose, and why? Also, what do you predict for these players? I can only get one.
  17. Re: 1 game world - 2 teams The SMFA is very smart, and they realize that both teams are coming from the same IP address so they don't let those two teams deal with each other to keep fairness. I have a twin brother, and we use the same house computer, and we are competing in the same gameworld. Since we are using the same computer, the SMFA has blocked every single one of our potential deals. Unfortunately, I cannot deal with my brother, who out of all the managers in the gameworld, would probably be the hardest to get a deal out of anyways. I don't really like it, but it is the rules, so I can't complain.
  18. Re: Rising CFs You're welcome, the pleasure was all mine. Good luck mate
  19. Re: Rising CFs Definitely get Apostolos VELLIOS' date='[/color'] he is in line for a rise and is a free agent in almost every game world. And if you want a second one, go for Andy POLO or Souleymane COULIBALY. They are both very good and young prospects that will rise.
  20. Re: Chicharito, Lavezzi or Suarez? I would sell Lavezzi to get Suarez. Suarez will definitely get a raise, as well as Hernandez. Lavezzi is good, but I would rate him behind Suarez and Hernandez. Don't pass up on the chance to get Suarez, get him.
  21. Re: Need help! Definitely Marin. Quagliarella is greatly limited in his minutes. He barely gets to see the pitch, and he is stuck at that club for at least a year due to his contract so I foresee a possible drop in the near future until he moves.
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