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  1. Re: -Suid-Afrikaanse Hope Project-

    Have a look at the 2nd post :D

    And no rating cap!

    I read it, but there was no mention of a cap so I was unsure. I want a team then. Give me about five minutes about which one to take.

    EDIT: Ok, I figured out which team I want. Give me Bloemfontein Celtic.

  2. Re: Play SM With Your Friends

    "We believe that the best way to play Soccer Manager is with your friends' date=' family and work colleagues."[/b']

    Yeah, but how is this "the best way" to play SM, when we all know how the SMFA works? If we try to play SM with friends or family, using the same IP at home, or if we try to play SM with colleagues at work, then the SMFA will interfere from the very first transfer we will try to do between each other and cancel or reverse the transfer! And then we won't be able to make any other transfers between friends/family/colleagues for ever after!

    I believe (and i think that many others have the same opinion) that this is the WORST way to play SM, unless you decide that you play in different Gameworlds. In your Gameworld, the best way to play is with total strangers!

    indeed' date=' I was introduced to the game by a friend on his computer while I was at his house, now we can't transfer, and there is not even a way to say "hey guys, we are not sharing IPs anymore since the first day I logged in, would you please unblock us?"[/quote']
    It's happened to me too me and my friend from work have been playing this game and have even bought 2 years of gold membership. We are in 4 leagues together but i am playing in a league he now wants to join and has submitted a request and has this message appear

    "The SMFA have stopped you joining this Game World as they believe you either have an account in it already or are linked to another account. Unfortunately they will not reverse their decision and unban you from the Game World. Please attempt to join another Game World."

    So i am now not allowed to play in any league with him again and i even bought a league for us to play in which he now won't be able to join.

    impossible while having SMFA system' date='we all know how it works........it must be improved[/quote']

    I completely agree with all of you. The SMFA is ridiculous. I can't make any deals with my brother or my school friends, while others in my league are obviously the owners of multiple accounts and I send many reports to the SMFA but nothing happens, it just continues, but the one time I share an IP at a friend's house, he and I can no longer make any deals. My brother and I share a laptop, but trust me, we don't want to help the other one out, so our deals would be completely fair and even, but we will never know that because we can barely play in the same league let alone make any sort of deals. The same thing happens with me and my friends at school. We go to the library during our free time to get on soccer manager but we are no longer allowed to make any deals. Besides, making a deal with someone you know is much harder than with complete strangers.

    One of my friends invited me to his league (which he bought), but the SMFA blocked my move into the league and sent me this as the reason why:

    "The SMFA have stopped you joining this Game World as they believe you either have an account in it already or are linked to another account. Unfortunately they will not reverse their decision and unban you from the Game World. Please attempt to join another Game World."

    What I don't get is how can that decision be irreversible. One should at least have the power to explain the link or the IP similarities. If you want SoccerManager to become really popular, you must remove the SMFA and you must improve costumer service. The game is too much fun to get put down because of the SMFA. SoccerManager could be so much better if they just do some simple changes.

  3. Re: Joining a League

    I'm afraid there's nothing you can do.

    You should have asked/checked about this BEFORE you give your money... (but i guess you couldn' t know about it' date=' if they didn't inform you, right?)

    This is just bad customer service.

    Everytime i see posts like this, i remember the joke SM wrote here:


    "We believe that the best way to play Soccer Manager is with your friends, family and work colleagues." -Yeah, sure!

    I know. I completely agree with you in everything you said. That quote is the perfect example of their hypocrisy. I got classmates to join my league and we would go to the library during free time for soccer manager but we weren't allowed to make any deals with each other due to the "world saving" SMFA, I mean give me a break. The same thing happens to me and my brother and cousins. When we go over to each others houses we obviously get on our accounts and compare and try to make deals, but our accounts get to the point where we are no longer allowed to loan one another players thanks to the "heroics" of the SMFA. If anything, it is hardest to make a deal with the people you know, so the SMFA just needs to relax.

    By the way, I love you're response on that thread. Quality, mate.

  4. Re: Oscar For Kagawa

    Nothing against Park at all' date=' he's good nothing more. Not superb and could never be called a bad player.

    I've since been offered Lucas Moura and Oscar for Kagawa, I think I'll take it as I've read United have had a 30m bid for him turned down and Oscar is being bought for 25m[/quote']

    Wow. Definitely take that deal! That is the absolute best deal for you. Lucas is a future superstar. That is the best deal I have ever seen, congrats mate.

  5. Re: makeing money

    is ther another way to make money on this game besides selling players. ive just taken over a team in one of the busiest game world and they was left in debt

    You get a bonus at the end of the season depending on your position in the table. Also, your chairman gives you some money before the beginning of a new season. Advancing in SMFA and league tournaments also result in some added revenue. You should make sure you are making money on away games, because that is a big deal. If you curb wages to where that happens, then your debt will be gone in a matter of time.

  6. I bought gold manager today, so the first thing I went to do was to go and add some more clubs. I wanted to join my brother's league, so I asked him for the ID number and I plug it in. After I see a team I want, I click "Take Over" and all of a sudden I get a red prompt telling me that the SMFA have banned me from the league because of my account being linked to another one in it. (My brother and I obviously live in the same house so I know the where the link is.) But, why can't I join that league? It's absolutely ridiculous. And, what is even more ridiculous, is that it tells me that I can never join that league because the SMFA's decision is irreversible...What kind of stupid, nonsense rule is that? The SMFA should at least have a review so that I could send it to them and so that they could see. I was so happy after becoming a Gold Manager, but I am really ****** at this incident. Is there anything I can do? (I know that is a hopeless question, but there has to be something...) This is just another one of the many reasons why I abhor the SMFA (they make the game so much more unneccesarily bad.)

    Sorry for the long message and the rant.

  7. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED!

    First off can you buy any players?

    No, this league is based on the idea of following the transfers of the real life club. This league is about fulfilling board expectations to avoid getting sacked, and if you do well, then you can take a new job managing a better team or keep your job for another season. I read the entire first post, mate. No need to quiz me.

  8. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED!

    can't quite remember in what order peeps are in and also i don't know if anyones contacted racky through p/v/m regarding a place(as it is his setup so he'll know properly) but i know theres about 7/8 peeps who have put there name forward recently on this thread' date='

    saying that though there is also the fact that some of people who have just popped on to the thread saying "i'm interested" won't probably fit the criteria of joining as it is a setup that relys quite a bit on trust so if the guy's not really known or on the other hand known for the wrong reasons then they won't really fit the bill anyways

    but overall how its been done so far is when a vacancy does pop up racky contacts the appropriate person(s) in order of how they are listed to him so there's not really a public shortlist as such [/font']

    Oh ok, thanks mate. So I have to p/m him?

  9. Re: gerard deulofeu

    I have been offered 5 mil for gerard deulofeu' date=' i bought him for 540,000, he is still super young and is an 84 rating, from what i here he is only going to get better, but i hardly play him and seems like a good return on money although i am sure it will get better. should i cash in? I have a young team and typically buy young and cheap and try to resell high, and some are easier to sell than others when there time has come but there are a few in my team that i either want to bump in rating or money before i sell, and have a hard time deciding if i should or not. deulofeu is one of those. so buy or sell.[/quote']

    Future superstar. Do not sell him, mate.

  10. Is Philippe Mexes worth the buy? I used to hear good things about him until he dropped and now I no longer hear anything about him. With Silva gone, surely he will definitely get consistent starts for Milan. How long does he have at 91?

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