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  1. Simple. I can only buy one. Who should I buy and why? I am just looking to buy the best player, the position doesn't matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Re: seeking/creating new game world.. Definitely interested. Count me in, mate.
  3. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up.. Are there any open spots?
  4. Re: DvG World Tour: TEAMS AVAILABLE (challenge yourself) Any open spots?
  5. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED! What is the gameworld ID? This sounds really interesting, and I am interested. Im sure it's full, right? Do I have to go on a list and wait for a club to open up?
  6. Re: About risers and revisions... Lewandowski definitely deserves a +1, while Joe Hart hasn't done anything since he has gotten his 92, so you have to wait for him to go up, because it won't happen with the next review. And, I agree that Romeu has no chance of getting a rise.
  7. Re: Player help please ... Sanchez for eriksen & wilshere Eriksen and Wilshere will probably reach 90 this season. This is a tough decision. But, Alexis is a superstar. He will probably get another +1 to 93 this season though. He has 95/96 potential now that he is a starter at Barca. I would probably do the trade purely because, as you said, you have many other midfielders that are better and because you are in need of a forward, which is crucial in SM. I think it is a fair deal for both parties, but I would try to bring the money down to like 7 million rather than 15.
  8. Re: eriksen kagawa kroos dzagoev No problem, mate. Glad I could help.
  9. Re: Can I finish in top 4??? You're welcome. Glad I could help, mate.
  10. Re: Jordi Alba - New Contract No problem, mate. Glad I could help.
  11. Re: 74 X 75-80 rated 'Talents of the Future' (All players linked in first post).
  12. Re: Jordi Alba - New Contract No, the year has no effect on the weekly wage. I always offer a 5 year deal.
  13. Re: Where to improve my squad now?
  14. Re: Can I finish in top 4??? Solid squad, it is only going to get better since you have many good young players. You have two very promising LBs that I expect will both reach at least 90 within two seasons. Good job mate. You definitely could finish top four with the right tactics. As a tip, I would try to exchange Carvalho for two 90s or a 91 and a 90 as he is on the decline. Best of luck to you.
  15. Re: Rio Ferdinand for ramsey and sagna! Awful deal for you. Don't do it.
  16. Re: whos best prospect? Hamsik or Badstubber
  17. Re: forward Luuk de Jong, Danny Welbeck, Ricky Van Wolfswinkel, Leandro Damiao, Morais Welliton, Bas Dost, Nikica Jelavic, Nolan Roux, Pinheiro Kleber
  18. Re: new squad, young unknown players(prospects?) I would exchange all of them, except Rekik, and get better youths such as Maher, Isco, Insigne, etc. That list has no truly good prospects outside of Rekik.
  19. Re: eriksen kagawa kroos dzagoev 1 Kroos 2 Kagawa 3 Eriksen Compared to the other three, Dzagoev just doesn't compare. The other three play for top notch, quality European clubs. Dzagoev definitely has the talent as he displayed in Euros but you cannot pass on Kroos or Kagawa as they play first team for the best clubs in the world. As for Eriksen, he plays a big role for the Dutch champions (Ajax) and United have been trying to sign him for the past year. I would buy those three then try to corral some funds later on for Dzagoev, but definitely get Kroos and Kagawa. Eriksen over Dzagoev in my opinion.
  20. Re: 74 X 75-80 rated 'Talents of the Future' (All players linked in first post). What I meant was that I bet you copy and pasted some information for some of the players you listed. Not saying you did it for all, not saying that I care or that it matters, but I mean don't keep getting mad at me for trying to help you and your thread out. I have eight more players I was going to list, but I'm not going to bother you anymore. I'm sorry if I wasted your time or insulted you, those were not my intentions. I just wanted to help some fellow lads out, but I guess I went wrong. Sorry again, my bad.
  21. Re: 74 X 75-80 rated 'Talents of the Future' (All players linked in first post).
  22. Re: 74 X 75-80 rated 'Talents of the Future' (All players linked in first post). They did a good job describing these players. If you want me to no longer add any players, then that's fine, I won't. I am just trying to help your thread out. You skipped over some really quality prospects, and as a service to my fellow managers, I thought it would be nice to list them.
  23. Re: 74 X 75-80 rated 'Talents of the Future' (All players linked in first post). I know. It made it easier to post. I could have written almost the exact same, but there's no point really if someone else has already done it. I just tried to help you out and make this thread better by adding quality prospects.
  24. Re: 74 X 75-80 rated 'Talents of the Future' (All players linked in first post). Lorenzo Crisetig, 19 years old, 77, Defensive Mid Lorenzo Crisetig is a defensive midfielder currently playing for Internazionale. He is rated as one of the best of the current crop of youngsters that are expected to make the breakthrough into the first team following the appointment and promotion of Andrea Stramaccioni from the primavera team manager to the senior team manager position. Although crisetig plays in midfield in a deep position he is not necessarily a defensive midfielder, he is more of a player known as a "regista" (deep lying playmaker) who controls and dictates play from a deep midfield position and is often compared in style to Thiago Motta, whose recent departure to PSG has opened up the possibility of Crisetig's promotion to first team football even more. Crisetig is part of the Italy U19 national team with 3 caps to his name. The current crop of youngsters at Inter are very promising. Crisetig is a name that many expect to see on the senior team sheet this season. I expect great things from him. A phenomenal DM. Some content from Reddeviluk Ruben Pardo, 19 years old, 80, Center Mid Rubén is the next great young player of Real Sociedad after Íñigo Martínez. When he was only 16 he was playing for Sanse (Real Sociedad , and last season he was one of their best players, if not the best. This season he's still playing there but I expect him to play more games with the first team. Pardo isn't a strong player but his skills are great. He has a very good first touch and he usually gives fluidity and speed to the game. Dynamic, generous, and participative, he has a large percentage of success in passing long and short. He has been called up for the U-19 lately, and he won the last U19 Championship. Some content from Joepi Gomez Moises, 17 years old, 78, Attacking Mid Moisés is a creative player, able to player off the striker or even out wide, the confidence in his play was unbelievable during the game, at times he demanded the ball of his team mates, one series play really stuck on my mind, late in the game he received the ball on the right wing, the ball instantly trapped using his exceptional touch, accelerated past his fullback using his lightning quick pace and cut inside, played a one-two with Borja Valero showing his intelligence, and then to cap it all off played an inch perfect, defense splitting pass to put fellow substitute Joselu on goal, unfortunately the chance wasn't put away by Joselu, his shot was saved by Caballero at his near post. With such an impressive debut, and having only just turned 17 a month and half ago, unquestionably he is a player to keep an eye on. Some content from A2R
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