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  1. Re: 74 X 75-80 rated 'Talents of the Future' (All players linked in first post).


    Alvaro Vadillo, 17 years old, 78, Wing

    Vadillo is the youngest and one of the most talked about young stars of the future in La Liga. Vadillo made his debut on 28th August 2011 against Granada at the age of 16 years, 11 months and 16 days to become the second youngest player to ever play in a La Liga match. The exciting winger is a target or Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona. His ability to hold the ball on the wing, and aid in team attacks. Blessed with a pace and an immaculate touch, has led to comparisons with Real Madrid superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. He is viewed as the next superstar.

    Some content from Arsenalrocs


    Ryan Tunnicliffe, 19 years old, 80, Center Mid

    Paul Scholes and Sir Alex have both said Ryan Tunnicliffe can make it.

    If your a long term soccer manager and stick with your teams I suggest you sign him. With Paul Scholes nearing retirement, United would love another home-grown midfield general to emerge, and Tunnicliffe could be that man. The next 12-months are likely to see him get his chance to cement his place in the first-team squad, and from there it will be with great interest to see whether he can make the big breakthrough.


    Andy Polo, 17 years old, 80, Forward

    He is already a first team regular for his domestic club (scoring 3 goals in 9 appearances), and has made a big impression at international U17 level for Peru (3 goals in 4 appearances). He was just bought by Genoa and sent back on loan to his original club. He has a lot of potential, and is definitely one for the future.


    Zhi Gin Lam, 21 years old, 78, Wing

    His debut was an efficient performance from the diminutive playmaker, always showing for the ball, and not afraid to take players on using his exceptional pace and technique. Equally comfortable on either flank or in midfield, composed style of play, he has the ability to hold on to the ball under pressure using his low centre of gravity, rarely ever wastes possesion and has an eye for a pass. His brilliant debut was acknowledged by the whole club including Hamburg Dircetor of football Frank Arnesen saying "he has done fantastically, was totally relaxed, that was a real dream debut." Although Lam was subbed of early in the second half due to lack of fitness (which is understandable as it was his first game for the senior side), there's no doubt he's left his mark on the team, and will for sure be getting a lot more playtime. The days of him developing in the reserves are over, as he now looks to build on this dream debut.

    Some content from A2R

  2. Re: 80 X 75-80 rated 'Talents of the Future' (All players linked in first post).


    Ravel Morrison, 19 years old, Attacking Mid, 78

    Morrison feels like the highest-profile player never to have started a professional game. His precocious talent saw him compared at Old Trafford to a young Paul Scholes and every effort was made at United to maximise his potential but trouble has followed him. United tried everything to keep him, because they know the great talent that he is. With West Ham in the EPL this season, don't be surprised to see Ravel impress and rise in SM. He just needs to stay out of trouble. A quality and cheap buy for your team that can reap big rewards in the years to come.

  3. Re: Defence reinforcment

    Hi there' date='

    I am in need of some up and coming defenders would can backup Dani Alves,Alba and Puyol at Barcelona (Ive already sold Abidal) alot of the big teams are not willing to part with theirs so I am on the hunt for up and coming defenders who have to potential to add depth to my back-line.

    Many thanks in advance :)[/quote']

    RB: Kyle Walker, Rafael

    LB: Alex Sandro, David Alaba, Willems (prospect replacement)

    CB: Papadopoulos, Cahill, Varane, Zouma (another prospect)

    DEF: Phil Jones, Jerome Boateng

  4. Re: Felipe Anderson vs Wellington Nem

    Hi I need some help regarding the 2 mentioned Brazil players. Who is the best between:

    Wellington Nem - AM/FDW 20yrs - 83 &

    Felipe Anderson - AM/WNG 19yrs - 80

    Thanks :)

    They're both great prospects, but I would have to go with Nem being the better one. Nem was elected as the best newcomer of the 2011 Brazilian League. Both good players, but Nem is a bit more well hyped.

  5. Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

    I was offered Insigne for my Obi. Is that a good deal? I accepted it, because I believe Insigne is going to get regular minutes since Lavezzi left to the Parisian giants. Also, I heard that Obi is no longer the great prospect he was so raved about being just a year ago. Thoughts? Thanks.

  6. Re: Munian or Oscar

    I would definitely keep Munian. The kid is brilliant. At the age of 19, he is already rated 90 in SM. The sky is the ceiling for this kid. He should move away from his club in the next season or two and on to one of the biggest ones in the world. I would only sell him for a better player, and Oscar may be a good player, but he is certainly not good enough for you to swap Munian for.

  7. I've been hearing that Joel Obi is losing his chance at proper first team minutes after showing much promise. Since Lavezzi's departure, Insigne should get a lot more minutes. This is simple: who is the better player? Who should I get? They're the exact same in terms of SM, they are both 21 and rated 84. I think I prefer Insigne now, due to the fact that he should rise quicker.

  8. I want to buy Alaba, but the manager counter-offered me 5 million and Ter Stegen. Is this a fair deal? I know both of these players have huge potentials, and I don't know who to pick. The money has no effect on this deal, so it doesn't matter. I think Alaba is the better player at the better club, right? How fast will both these players rise?

  9. Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

    I dont think Ranocchia will play next year..Silvestre-Samuel will be the starter..

    Sell Obi..Next year he surely wont play :)

    Juan is a good prospect' date='maybe he will go on loan..

    Yeah,Bonucci is a very poor CB but for SM he'll go to 90[/quote']

    Silvestre? Really?

    Sell Obi? What happened?

  10. Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

    Thoughts on these players:

    Marchisio (92? He has had a superb year.)

    Vidal (92? He also has been class.)

    Bonucci (he definitely deserves at least a +1, right?)

    Ranocchia (Underrated, should breakthrough this season, right?)

    Obi (Should I keep him? I used to hear a lot of good things about him but I don't hear anything anymore.)

    Guilherme Juan (I believe he is a solid player.)

  11. Re: Riferimento: Big Youth Squad

    I think u should sell these player! ;)

    TER STEGEN' date=' Marc-AndréGk 20 87[/b']

    6.1M- TrL

    FRYERS, EzekielLB/CB 19 77

    580k- -

    REKIK, KarimCB/LB 17 77

    610k- LnL

    BOYATA, DedryckCB/RB 21 84

    2.7M- Unh

    ĆOSIĆ, UrošCB 19 80

    1.5M- Int

    MCEACHRAN, JoshCM/AM 19 82

    2.2M- LnL

    BARKLEY, RossCM 18 80

    1.3M- -

    BAHEBECK, Jean-ChristopheWing/Fwd 19 80

    1.3M- Unh

    KANE, HarryCF 18 80

    1.4M- LnL

    SANOGO, YayaCF 19 78

    750k- -

    COULIBALY, SouleymaneCF 17 75


    Do not sell Ter Stegen mate. He is a future star.

  12. Re: Kagawa

    I would personally play a 3 man midfield with 2 wing forwards and a lone striker and try and follow the barcelona model' date=' which would mean Carrick sitting deep with 2 of Cleverley, Kagawa or Anderson playing further forward and Rooney as the lone striker like he played a couple of seasons ago when he scored over 30 goals! But regardless of that, when fergie played anderson and cleverley together at the start of the season carrick was on the bench, and it worked very well as a partnership.

    I know a lot of people will disagree with that as everyone thinks rooney is amazing as a link player between midfield and attack, which is true for sure, but he was also amazing as a lone striker and the rooney we saw at the euros was tired and ineffective in "the hole" but as a lone striker he could of conserved energy while we added an extra man in midfield to match the other teams that play that system i.e. Italy and spain.

    We would also not need to buy another striker playing a lone striker, rooney hernandez and welbeck would be plenty! But we would need another defensive mid as cover for carrick. And plenty of goals from midfield!

    I agree with your point on ribery's (or any players) age, look at Pirlo at the euros, and scholes for sure! But its probably now or never for bayern to get the most money from his sale, or they keep him and use his talent and experience for another few years, either way its win win. It all depends on the club philosophy. Like I said dortmund focus on youth and it has paid off for them, its not the only way to do things but its a way for bayern to freshen things up and compete[/quote']

    Why would United only want to play with one striker if they have 3 top quality strikers? That's just stupid mate. Hernandez, Rooney, and Welbeck would never want to take turns playing as the lone striker, and plus, Rooney would have to play it every time he is fit because he is clearly the best out of the 3, which would cause Welbeck and Hernandez to be unhappy and want to leave United for a first team spot almost anywhere else.

    And don't evaluate Rooney based on how he plays for England. That is irrelevant. He played in the hole some this season for United and he proved to be far from ineffective at that position. Playing as a lone striker does not conserve energy, you have to chase anything that is advanced, not to mention the double and triple teams you encounter when you're midfielders are still trying to catch up. You don't know what you're talking about mate.

  13. Re: Kagawa

    And United are trying everything to offload Anderson onto someone else. First they tried to exchange him and some cash to Benfica for Gaitan, that was reject. Now, they offered him and some cash to Porto to Rodriguez, and that was rejected. United are trying to offload their problem to someone else and get a replacement. (They are trying the same thing again with Moutinho, despite Porto insisting they don't want Anderson at all.)

    I liked Anderson, he seemed to be a quality midfielder, but he is just unlucky. It's a shame he is injury prone, I would have liked to see what would have become out of him, but that's football. I want United to trade him and upgrade, we need a DM (I'm a fan of Strootman and M'Vila).

  14. Re: Kagawa

    i have shaqiri' date=' should i swap him for kagawa?[/quote']

    Definitely. I am a devout United fan, but I also follow Dortmund closely. Kagawa will fill the position that United has been lacking. He will fit perfectly in the AM position, behind Rooney and Welbeck, and he will dazzle. Shaqiri is a top talent, but he will struggle in his first year as he will go from being the big fish in a small pond to the small fish at a big pond. I think after a year at Bayern, he will find some first team minutes, but by then, Kagawa will probably be a 92, but at the least 91. I've been trying to buy Kagawa in my setup, it's so difficult. Terrific deal mate, congrats.

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