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  1. Re: Buying hummels Definitely Emboaba, he is nothing compared to the others on the list. If you need to sell a second, I would sell Damiao. Damiao is really well hyped and talented, but then again, he barely compares to the others on your team. Props on the formidable team, mate.
  2. Re: Young Definitely buy Zouma. Already a starting CB as a 17 year old. Immensely talented, one of the biggest CB prospects in Europe. Buy him quickly. I would also buy Poli if you have some extra cash, because Poli is slowly emerging into the Inter first team. Last year he played in 21 games, one of which was in CL. I would only buy him if you are in a competitive GW and if you have some cash you want to use. You will have to be a bit patient with him, however.
  3. Re: My youth team buy sell or keep. I would sell the ones in bold. You could also sell Pawlowski and Gardner if you want some cash. They are good prospects, but you could find better. It all depends on if you want to cash in on them yet. For my team, I just sold Gardner because he made me a good bit of money and that's the only reason I had him. And there are so many more GK prospects that are better than Pawlowski, such as Leali. You won't be missing out on much without them.
  4. Re: LB's: Radu or Armero? I would go for Armero, because he plays for the much better team in the much better league. They're both pretty good players, but Radu has a slim chance of rising. Armero might rise if Udinese has a good season and if he starts consistently, but I wouldn't expect a rise from either one within a year honestly. Armero probably gives you the better chance out of the two for a rise. But, Radu is able to cover both Centre and Left back positions, so he seems a bit more useful and helpful, since defenders are always hard to come by. It's your choice: if you need a utility player that can fit in both center and left back then get Radu, but if you want the guy that has a more likely chance to rise then go after Armero. Radu gives you the better value, while Armero gives you a larger hope for a rise. At the very least, Armero would get a rise at the end of next season if he plays and starts consistently and if Udinese has a top 4 finish in Serie A, and the same could be said for Radu, but he would have to play a bit better and perform well in CL. Zenit winning and defending the championship next year will probably get him one if he plays often and well. Sorry for the long reply.
  5. Re: Riferimento: Replacement for Criscito Thanks mate! Great help, but unfortunately, I already know about those players and they are all owned except for Hinteregger and Rodriguez. I own Ruiz though (hopefully he becomes just like Alba).
  6. Re: Who would you sell from this list of strikers? I would only sell those. The others have a lot of potential, and almost all are certain to rise. No point in selling them when they are about to reap the rewards for you. If it were me, that's who I would sell. Props to you for such a formidable attacking group mate.
  7. I bought Criscito around November/December. He was a quick fix to my persisting LB problem. Now that all of my other positions are complete (in my mind), I am trying to get rid of Criscito and get a replacement while he is at his peak. The match fixing scandals that resulted in him being kicked off the Euro squad will definitely hurt his rating so I am trying to get rid of him before that happens. Currently, I alternate between Vidal, Gustavo, and Criscito at LB. I don't want to sell Criscito and rely on a DEF to cover his position. Plus, none of the three do too well at the position in terms of match ratings anyways. I was leaning towards getting Alvaro Pereira, but I don't know much at all about him. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. And, don't tell me how I need to get Alba or Alaba, I can't. But, I do have Willems, Digne, and Grimaldo so hopefully they pan out. And, I am most likely going to buy Jose Angel, because he is an interesting prospect, good potential.
  8. Re: Midfielders help! Rodriguez is a sensational young wing. Strongly linked with a move to United. Keep him. Tremendous future for him. I would sell Parker and keep Fernando and Guarin.
  9. Re: Midfielders help! Sorry mate, I mixed him and Gareth Barry up, my bad. But he has reached his peak in SM, he won't rise anymore in my opinion.
  10. I am having a hard time choosing who to swap for Kagawa. I know Kagawa is the best of the three, but who is the second best? I know Mavuba is a very good DM and was selected to the Ligue 1 Team of the Year, but Dempsey has also been playing terrific and in the EPL. It's a tough choice, especially for a devout US National Team fan (look to the left haha).
  11. Re: Big Youth Squad I would sell the ones in bold. Well done with that youth squad mate. Massive props
  12. Re: toni Kroos Great deal, definitely take Kroos mate.
  13. Re: Who should I buy? Joel Matip (absolute must buy) Victor Moses Julian Draxler Ahmed Musa
  14. Re: Anyukov Not much longer. Try to swap him for Piszcek as he is about to rise. Try to trade him, I don't see his rating staying at 91 for another season. Sell him (player exchange) while his value is at its highest.
  15. Re: Need a Defensive Midfielder Ilkay Gundogan Jack Rodwell Havard Nordtveit Aleksandar Dragovic Borges Romulo Francis Coquelin Hope it helps mate
  16. Re: Nocerino or Bender?? I would easily go with Bender. Better club (might not be true next season, but he may move next summer, a lot of teams are interested), better player. He may not get as many minutes, but that's going to change as Dortmund lose some players. He will get more playing time, don't worry. Bender is one of the most promising young DMs in the world, Nocerino may be good but if I had to choose I would definitely go with Bender.
  17. Re: Javier Pastore Definitely mate. PSG are quickly up and coming and this year they will play Champions League. Pastore is a terrific player and is just starting to play the way anticipated, he is becoming one of the better AMs in the world. Watch out for PSG, new management is getting the right pieces in place for them to succeed. Good buy.
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