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  1. Re: jelavic for nolito I would definitely keep Nikica.
  2. Re: Trying to reduce squad!! Who to sell?? I would sell those.
  3. They are both external in my set-up and I currently have the cash for both. Who would you suggest, and why? Plus, tell me about each player because I don't follow the French league. I know Menez plays very well for quickly up and coming PSG, and I know that Martin has just transferred to Lille and will fill Hazard's old position. I want the one most likely to go up, I believe Menez, but as I said, I don't follow French football. The title was a slight accident. I am really stuck between Gameiro and Menez. They play on the same team, so I really don't know. But, rank the 3 for me please. Who is the most likely to get to 91? Any help would be greatly appreciated, sorry for the confusion.
  4. I was offered Phil Jones and 4 million for my Menez, good deal? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Re: New management, keep or sell? Only keep the ones in bold. But, dang, you have an impressive team mate. Where have you found all the money, and is there anyone else in your gameworld? haha. Massive props to you Oh, and I suggest buying Alejandro Grimaldo. Very promising LB prospect from Barca. And, I would just keep all of Barca's players, especially Barcelona B, because many turn out to be gems.
  6. Re: Who is a good winger for a mid level team? Definitely James Rodriguez. He is strongly linked with a move to United if Nani keeps up his babying over a new contract. If United get the right price for Nani, they will offload him and they have already said that Rodriguez is their first choice replacement for him. Go for him, he has tremendous upside. A fantastic player.
  7. Re: Sahin for Kagawa? Thanks guys, I was thinking the same thing as all of you. It's a shame Sahin is stuck on the bench, he is tremendous and plays fantastic when he does get the chance to play. Turns out my chairman won't allow me to do the deal, so there is no point to this thread anymore haha. I was $200,000 over....it's ridiculous.
  8. Re: Young and promising Centre Backs...Nid help Nastasic! He is a terrific, young CB. Get him and Zouma for sure. Joel Matip is also a fantastic prospect, along with Papadopoulos and Aurtenetxe (he's really a LB first). All three in the previous sentences are highly rated and very exciting and promising. I would try to get those three first, then go after Zouma and Nastasic. Inigo Martinez is another promising CB, who gets regular first team starts, but he is out until around the end of September due to an injury, but very promising nonetheless. Guilherme Juan is another good talent, heard a lot of good from him and will be getting first team minutes for Inter this year. I've also heard good things about Vestergaard and De Vrij.
  9. Re: New management, keep or sell? Just post it on here mate
  10. I am bidding on Kagawa, and the manager countered with an offer of Sahin for Kagawa. I know Kagawa will get a 91 because of his move to United, but is Sahin's great upside finally going to see him get minutes this season. Good deal or no deal? Thoughts would be appreciated.
  11. Re: LB Help Ogbonna is a surprising one. I don't think he will go up to 89, which is what I am looking for.
  12. Re: Offer for J.Martinez He needs to prove consistency before he gets a 91. Plus, who knows, he might get hurt because injuries are very common in football. I would rather take the person already at the 91 level and at a more important position (CB).
  13. Re: Kalou and Jones for Menez? Sorry for the lack of clarity. It is Phil Jones.
  14. Re: Best strike partner for Benzema! Definitely Wazza!
  15. I was offered Jones and Kalou for Menez, should I accept it? I know a lot about Jones, but I am not too sure about Kalou. He doesnt even have a team now, is he good? A fast response would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Re: Offer for J.Martinez Wow, that is a really good offer in terms of potential. Martinez is starting to actually perform consistently and is now seen as one of the best young CBs in Europe. He will only do better and rise. I wouldn't do this deal only because Martinez is finally playing the way we have been waiting for, while Cuenca and Thiago are still young. Don't get me wrong, Thiago is getting first team minutes at Barca and playing well and Cuenca has a lot of promise. But you would just give away your player for two more with great potential, but then you also would have to wait for them to flourish and get to the level that Martinez is at now, which could take a while. At the very least, it'll take Thiago until next summer before he could possibly get a 91, and Cuenca could take 2 years and that is if he lives up to his potential.
  17. Re: Saurez for Kagawa? The first four on that list are all going up one imo. Lewandowski is definitely getting a +1 after Euros, and is strongly linked with a move to United which would really help him ratings wise, phenomenal striker. I would try to swap Adebayor and a youth for Kagawa. Suarez is very good and this year was just a slip up for the entire Liverpool team. Look for him and his team to come out stronger in 2012/2013 because they were embarrassed this past season.
  18. Re: Do I sell Rossi I would definitely get Lewandowski. Getting a rise after the Euros, and strongly linked to a move to United.
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