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  1. Re: Who should i keep? Those are all my opinions. But, you have a pretty good and young team. If they perform consistently then they will definitely rise in the near future. I'm only unsure about two players, because I don't know enough about them to make a prediction. Hope this helped.
  2. Re: LB Help Everyone knows that, mate...
  3. I currently have Marcelo, but he is the only LB I have. I am looking for a young back-up with good potential. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Re: Deal(s) Players that are 23 to 27 are still good. They aren't overpriced, and they are usually established and more consistent than the youngsters. And, you don't have to wait at least a year or two for them to be any good. Don't be obsessed with buying youth, a lot don't pan out the way you think or want them to. I wouldn't sell Debuchy for some average youths, but it is your set up. That's just my advice mate.
  5. Re: young CBs Iñigo Martínez suffered from a right knee collateral ligament wound, compounded by a partial meniscus fracture, during Real Sociedad's match against Rayo Vallecano (April 1st). The player will have to stop from 4 to 5 months long.
  6. Re: Deal(s) Yes, excellent deal.
  7. Re: Need help on buying young/good players Glad I could help mate; Good luck!
  8. Re: Need help on buying young/good players
  9. Re: Most potential? 1 Alba 2 Kagawa 2 Alaba Definitely Alba. United and Barca are in a bidding war for him, but he is almost signed with Barca now. I would definitely get him because he will be the starting LB for Barca from day one because Abidal and Adriano are definitely not as good. You can't turn down the chance to take a starter on Barca. Kagawa is a close second due to his move to United, but he will not be playing every game like Alba will at Barca due to stiff midfield competition in the forms of Valencia, Nani, Young, Carrick to name a few. Alaba is an immense talent for Bayern. Shame you can't get all three.
  10. Re: Promising Youngsters Honestly speaking, I think you should keep every one of them. That is a solid, young core of players who will all rise in the future. I would keep them.
  11. Re: young CBs Nastasic and Zouma are Europe's best U-19 CBs. They are highly rated, and I would get them soon. They have tremendous hype and potential, and in a competitive GW they would be relatively cheap and easy pick ups compared to the other highly regarded players such as Papadopoulos, Matip, and Aurtenexte who are great but are probably all already owned. Inigo Martinez as well. Also, Faraoni is a tremendous young RB who is probably not owned and is relatively cheap, I would recommend purchasing him, he has a bright future as well. Digne and Willems would be my choice for a young, highly talented, most likely available LBs. Jose Angel is also good LB too. Šime Vrsaljko is a good, cheap RB as well if you think Faraoni is rated a bit too low. Aymen Abdennour is also a good value CB/LB that is relatively under the radar. Last one, Nicolas N'KOULOU too. Hope this helped! Sorry for its length and the many names, I was just giving you a lot since you said you were in a competitive GW so that at least one or two are external or available.
  12. Re: Help with Defense Thanks mate! So Vertonghen over Schmelzer?
  13. Re: Deal(s) Definitely don't sell Debuchy, that would be pretty stupid. Good RBs are hard to come by. I would maybe sell Mavuba, depending on the offer, but they have both had really good seasons.
  14. Re: KP Boateng, Moura Lucas or Erik Lamela?
  15. Re: Sahin and Sturridge for Pedro? So I should decline it? Who is more valuable to keep, Sahin or Sturridge? I still want to get rid of Sahin because even though there have been rumors of him moving in the summer, it is unlikely he will. He will just be another talent wasted being a ghost on the Madrid bench.
  16. Re: Welbeck+8M for my coentrao My pleasure mate. Best of luck!
  17. Re: Neuer or Hart Neuer for me. Better champions league team and much better national team. SM is all about the stats, not the ability.
  18. Re: Welbeck+8M for my coentrao Good LBs that are 91+ are hard to come by. Wings/Forwards above 91 are much easier to find. I would keep Coentra. Welbeck will get a 90 next season, and if he does really really well he will get a 91, but that is unlikely for next season. I don't think Welbeck is worth the deal this year and next, unless he plays lights out for England in the Euros which is always a possibility. I would keep Coentra, the deal isn't strong enough to lure him away. Try to get Welbeck some other way.
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