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  1. Re: Profile Pics Requests Thats brilliant, thanks alot. No probs about the dealy
  2. Re: How can Liverpool overtake Man Utd I believe that Arenal's youth team is better than Chelsea's, Man Utd's and Liverpool's, that was proved last night when they beat Sheffield 6-0. If liverpool beat the teams around them, like Arsenal Chelsea, Aston Villa and now Man City then they have a big chance of winning the title. They also need to win against the lower teams, like Sunderland,Stoke and Newcastle. Last season they Picked up too many draws against them.I really think they have a chance to win the title, Man Utd are in 15th and the moment which is good to see. If Liverpool are in the
  3. Re: Profile Pics Requests Thanks M8
  4. Re: Profile Pics Requests Hey Guys would it be possible to have a profile pic with Rafa Benitez and the liverpool emblem in the back ground ? Many Thanks
  5. Re: How can Liverpool overtake Man Utd I've haven't posted on the forum for awhile so I thought I would reply to this thread. I think Robbie Keane is a good buy, but I think he is low in confidence at the moment, but when he does finally scores a goal his confidence would go sky high. Torres doesn't seem to be the player he was like last year, thats mainly being injured and not playing many games. I really think Benitez should play Babel he has a lot of pace and can cut through the midfield and defence but he seems to refuse playing him. This is how I think liverpool should line up.......
  6. Re: GRAND SLAM SUNDAY - Man utd Vs Liverpool & Chelsea Vs Arsenal As soon as Masch went to the referee, I knew he was going to be sent off. Alonso tried to stop him but he still went up to him.
  7. Re: GRAND SLAM SUNDAY - Man utd Vs Liverpool & Chelsea Vs Arsenal I think the referee spoilt the game when he gave Masch the red card. I don't why he gave him a red
  8. Re: Batracer Drivers Needed Ok, be quick or someone will take the seat.
  9. I have created a new Private game (f1 2008) There are plenty of cars left, so why not join. I will update the list as much as I can 2 Red Bull 2 Toyta 2 Toro Rosso 2 Honda 2 Super Aguri 2 Force india Here is the ID and password ID: 24986 Password: liverpool The game will begin in about 24 hrs.
  10. Re: Batracer, F1 Drivers needed The game has now started
  11. Re: Batracer, F1 Drivers needed This is my first time playing the f1 2007 carset so i don't really know but it looks like you what you are doing with the quickest time so far in practice
  12. Re: Batracer, F1 Drivers needed I'm with ferrari
  13. Re: Batracer, F1 Drivers needed There is no password just follow the link and choose your car Thanks for joining and i hope you enjoy playing batracer
  14. Hi, i have a private game running. I need 15 Drivers or 3 to start now but i would be better if there was a full grid. Here is the link if you are intrested http://batracer.com/-cj?&D&23539 There are still good cars left. You must be registered and logged in before you can enter the private game.Could you also please reply if you have joined or will join or even PM me
  15. Re: Bad joke competition!!! here is one are you a piece of string, i'm afraid knot
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