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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i'm no-hope on Wilshere.... he's regarded as such a real talent for ENG like Gasicogne, Owen, Hargreaves....?? may shine for a relatively short moment... ONLY and he's playing for a club/ national team that won nothing for nearly a decade/ half a century injury is the problem.. even I rest in home all the days my legs still get hurt during sleeping.......... not to say they professional players play football day after day/ night after night
  2. Who has potential to become England's solid CB in coming years after Terry and Rio Ferdinand? Philip Jones, Chris Smalling, Michael Dawson, Gary Cahill, Mikel Richards, Caulker............??? who else??
  3. Re: Ronaldo For 99 neither of both is gonna to win the WC anyway
  4. Re: Daniel Sturridge didn't rise? maybe he leads Chelsea to win over Barca in EL semi-final tonight by 4-3 and in final against Bayern Munich next month... and that might be valued a bit i expect Chelsea will be transformed into a English version of Barca in EPL in coming seasons
  5. Re: Lovren vs Evans Evans plays for a big club although he faced intense competition from Vidic, Jones, Smalling, Rio Ferdinand... sad that he does not represent England NT he reminds me of O'Shea, Wes Brown... that used to have spectacular performance in a individual season a couple of years back Lovren plays for a smaller team struggling to play in Europa although he plays a critical role there he might move to bigger club if ............. can't see that happen on Evans, imo
  6. Re: Xabi Alonso he worths it (95) when playing at liverpool, yet he 's no longer there and plyig at the other side of the world............ surrounding by messi and cr7 (at 100 or higher?), he should worth 97
  7. Re: one Day tournaments. absolutely agree, there are just so many many kids playing around in my surrounding area and i do think there should be places for them to gather and play what children should be playing instead of doing so-called god mission or work order...........
  8. Re: Montoya or Bartra? sell both.... they are not gonna to play for Barca in a important role in coming years ahead, why not sell and go for other young talents?? I can't see them breaking through the hierachy and selected for 1st team at both club and national level in 1-2 years SELL them BOTH!!!!!!!!!
  9. Re: Help with marseille team! sell as much as you can and get messi or c.ronaldo... they will get a +10 rise considering how many they score this season.... don't you think so? they are the best in human history
  10. Re: Are you bloody kidding me???!! totally agree
  11. Re: who has potential to go above 92 in rating by end of 2013? your opinion is valuable as i can't see that happening too
  12. who has potential to go above 92 in rating by end of 2013? imo Otamendi - Porto 24(89) Koscielny - Arsenal 26(89) Garay - Benfica 25(89) Radu - Lazio 25(89) Debuchy - Lille 26(90) Lovren - Lyon 22(89) Douglas - Twente 24(89) Godin - Athelico Madrid 26(90)
  13. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 he needs to do this consistently in order to fulfill a 30/40 million price tag if these are the goals of the season, then they are great to look at Joe Cole used to display in such phenomenatic way when he was fit, but not sure what happened thereafter..........
  14. Re: Raheem Sterling any more of such new babe?
  15. Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12. think so but not necessarily true, honestly.....
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