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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i'm no-hope on Wilshere.... he's regarded as such a real talent for ENG like Gasicogne, Owen, Hargreaves....?? may shine for a relatively short moment... ONLY and he's playing for a club/ national team that won nothing for nearly a decade/ half a century injury is the problem.. even I rest in home all the days my legs still get hurt during sleeping.......... not to say they professional players play football day after day/ night after night
  2. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread any new successor to christino Ronlado emerge yet? someone like Nani is fine..
  3. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread the critical point is why would it have that cash to spend big for a player at the first place? sell all others and buy one world class player??? in my game world, Siena have a squad rated 90 or more in each of its position including those on the bench... where is its cash coming from??? _________________________________________ God save it!!!????
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread so not any new face joining this winter apart from Scholes? Maybe nicky butt can also be considered to ease the pressure off the midfield
  5. Re: Graphics Request Thread I want Jennifier Lopez in Portugal Jersey #7
  6. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread I want to keep track the rating and value of players I brought in and that will help in player transaction decision making process ideally, managers that able to bring in players in lower rating and sell higher should be advantageous financially (like Arsenal in real game), and those keep buying expensive players at their peak and sell after should loss money (like Chelsea, Real Madrid?), yet currently it's not sure unless i keep transaction record manually another phenomena is that players value very often varies across different game world... which is unbe
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread honestly, i don't see current squad being a long term solution to Liverpool as it has been for last 10 - 20 years. the main theme is always there, say G4, Fowler, Owen with the other places keep changing.... that's the problem with Liverpool, can't fix a strongest team with huge potential players that pleases most liverpool fans for >5 years btw, who's gonna to step up for G4's place after his retirement?
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Malap is magnificient. MAGIC!!! sweating.....
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Just want Wenger to spend more to bring in real talented and young prospects.. to make Arsenal play a more viewable game. Dortmund seems doing well at the moment Arsenal 's been doing good in trading and strategical investment and as a black-listed talent supplier for Barca, but not so well for its youth training system Ajax and Portuguese clubs are good too if you look at the amount of youth in their squad.. Man Utd sold CR7 for 90M shall be adjusted for or separately disclosed to avoid distortion
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sneijder really wouldn't drop even Inter keeps on its worst performance like this dropping to the bottom of table? i don't think so. Unless it is will to spend big for new faces this winter, otherwsie I couldn't see any improvement or otherwise Inter may offload him to Man Utd which really needs quality playmaker at that level By the way, will i get new budget for transfer at the end of the game season?
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Would a manager get new budget for player transfer during summer/ winter transfer window? if so, what decide/ influence that budget amount? Thanks
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Henry joined Arsenal on short term loan will be a great deal just like Beckham (now 36) played for Milan during winter 2 seasons ago. He can personally supervise Walcott about his technical skills and finishing touch He may add quality and depth to the squad, young lads will be better off playing/ training alongside him, and afterall the physological impact he bring to gunners on the pitch could be enormous particularly when Arsenal being able to capture few young prospects this coming winter It should be a much more practical deal than resigning Sol Campbell a
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Arshavin would be desperate returning to Russia to team up with Eto and Berbetov in attack and Wenger would be desparate to sell and use that money to bring in young guns and persuade Van Persie stay.. simply too many out there and Wenger can't wait for the opening of winter shopping window
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread we will see how many goals the "Best Ba" combination scores for Newcastle at the end of the season in order to evaluate Carroll's goalscoring ability in Rooney case, we need to consider what kinds of players were around him ... C.Ronaldo, Tevez, Scholes, Giggs I'm worrying he's just another Hesky or Crouch fading out most time during their career 35M is simply overpaid when comparing with Suarze's price tag!!!
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