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  1. help please Hi Guys Im managing Internazionale cant seem to get back to my winning ways after winning the first 6 games straight, ive now lost and draw-ed the next six:mad: an someone tell me the best formation to use with them? Also whats the best counter attatckering formation to use against 4-2-3-1?? Asap would be great cheers guys
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi would any of you out there sell Wesley SNEIJDER and what for? Ive been offer F.TORRES AND J.MATA from Chelsea for Wesley SNEIJDER would you do it? If not what counter offer should you give?
  3. Ive lost the last 3 games after going 5 rounds undefeated help please! who would you play and not play formations? Info Nat Player Pos Age Rat Morale Value TB - CESAR, Júlio Gk 32 93 £11.7M - Ln VIVIANO, Emiliano Gk 26 89 £6.0M - NMF CHIVU, Cristian LB/CB 31 90 £5.1M - Int NAGATOMO, Yuto LB/RB 25 88 £4.6M - Int MAICON, Douglas RB 30 94 £19.5M - NMF JOHNSON, Glen RB/LB 27 91 £11.4M 1 Feb - JONATHAN, Cícero RB/RM 25 88 £4.6M - Sus LUCIO, Ferreira CB 33 93 £11.7M - NMF SAMUEL, Wálter CB 33 91 £7.3M - - RANOCCHIA, Andrea CB 23 89 £8.6M - Int DE ROSSI, Daniele DM/CM 28 94 £26.3M 2 Feb TrL MOTTA, Thiago DM/CM 29 90 £7.5M - Int WITSEL, Axel CM 22 90 £13.4M 3 Feb Ln POLI, Andrea CM/DM 22 88 £8.4M - TBd SNEIJDER, Wesley AM/CM 27 95 £31.8M - - KOMAN, Vladimir AM/Wing 22 86 £4.0M 23 Feb - ALVAREZ, Ricardo Wing/AM 23 87 £4.7M - Ln ZARATE, Mauro Fwd/Wing 24 89 £8.4M - - MILITO, Diego CF 32 92 £11.1M - Int PAZZINI, Giampaolo CF 27 91 £11.7M - - NEGREDO, Álvaro CF 26 90 £8.6M 3 Feb
  4. How do i counter a 4-1-4-2 playing away ? how would you play against barcelona with 3-1-4-2 formation with arrows going everywhere? his the got the original barca team and im intermilan without zanetti and diego forlan. these are his instructions Tackling Style Normal, Mentality Attacking, Passing Style Short,Attacking Style Through the Middle, Tempo Fast, Pressing Own Half
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... ive just sold CAMBIASSO for 45mil to buy youth is this a stupid move on my behalf? i still have the full inter team and also managed to sign de rossi.
  6. despot87


    should i sell maicon for 47 mil? I have someone in my inter team who can cover but isnt 94, and buy youth instead? as its a fresh league? Just peoples thoughts thanks
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hi guys just got one for ya would any one here consider selling Maicon for 47mil, in a work league 21 teams have been thrashed and theres still 3 divisions of other potential players you can buy including alot of youth? btw im internazionale Having said this even a straight swap for drogba?
  8. which cf would you choose ? BENT, Darren CF 27 90 Aston Villa 11.5mil KLOSE, Miroslav CF/AM 33 91 Lazio 8.2mil NEGREDO, Álvaro CF 26 90 Sevilla 11.m also which winger SOW, Moussa Fwd/Wing 25 90 Lille OSC £12.3M MUSA, Ahmed Fwd/Wing 19 83 VVV-Venlo £5.4M SHAQIRI, Xherdan Wing/LB 20 88 FC Basel £23M CHANTURIA, Giorgi Wing/Fwd 18 83 Vitesse £4.9M TORE, Gökhan Wing/AM 19 80 Hamburger SV £1.9M SCHURRLE, André Wing/Fwd 21 89 Bayer Leverkusen £22m LJAJIC, Adem AM/Wing 20 87 Fiorentina 8M LABYAD, Zakaria AM/Wing 18 83 PSV £3.9M I ONLY NEED 1 CF AND 2 MAX 3 WINGERS??
  9. despot87


    Re: Help? thanks for your help looks like its going to be one interesting season, considering tonight we can start buying from the other 3 divisions who are unmanaged.
  10. despot87


    Re: Help? Its a brand new league they are all work colleagues, teams are untocuhed. Ive also been offer 30mil and DI MARIA for Sniejder from real to make matters worse lol.
  11. despot87


    Re: Help? What chelsea is also offering david luiz plus lakaku or kalou and lakaku for Maicon? who would you except from Milan he selling everyone except Ibra,Pato & Silva, thanks for the heads up on Cassano.
  12. despot87


    would you do this dealEsteban CAMBIASSO for 30mil plus Antonio CASSANO? and MAICON for Lakaku for 42.5mil i play 4-3-3 and have the like of D.MAICONRB95- 3-C.CHIVULB/CB91- 4-J.ZANETTIDef/D93- 5-F.LUCIOCB94- 6-E.CAMBIASSOCM/DM95- 7-W.SNEIJDERAM/CM95- 8-G.PAZZINICF91- 9-D.MILITOCF93 10- De ROSSI94 M/DM W.SAMUEL-CB 92 M.ZARATE-Fwd/Wing 89 T.MOTTA-DM/CM 90 R.ALVAREZ-Wing/AM 85 G.JOHNSON-RB/LB 91 S.MUNTARI-CM 89
  13. Ive been offered 42.5mil and Romelu LUKAKU (18 years old rating 88) for Douglas Maicon (30years old rating of 94)???
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