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  1. im looking at buying some new forwards for my AFC Wimbledon team that i own and have been with them for two seasons i need help with the stats for these players in real life i.e goals , appearances, subs and if they have a chance of going up because at the moment i have 2 strikers in isaac cuenca and simon cox stats underneath; apps goals ass mom Simon Cox 12 (1) 5 7 1 Isaac Cuenca 12 (0) 10 4 7 i am looking at these player to be back ups and subs the list below is of the players that i need real life stats of; player - Club Fabio
  2. is he worth getting as i know nothing about him would appreciate the help thanks
  3. should i trade andrey arshavin for chelsea's ramiers or tottenham's lennon need help mate
  4. i need some help here i have julio cesar and he seems to be doing rubbish at the moment hes also gone down in rating the only other option i have is to swap for hugo lloris is this a good swap or not
  5. im in a bit of predicument i need a better younger defender and mexes is the only option i have at the moment and im trying to get rid of walter samuel is this a good option to do please help me
  6. Re: TIM CAHILL for AXEL witsel thanks for the help the main reason why im going for him is the age difference and im not to sure if cahill is safe with a 91 rating and at the moment my midfield partnership is cahill and modric and milner coming on as a sub for cahill but thank you for the help and im gonna do the bid
  7. should i do this bid tim cahill 91 am cm for axel witsel recently just went up buy 1 in the rating to a 90 and hes 22 cm should i do it if i do i can use cahill and 3.5mill to get witsel need help here please
  8. alright can anybody help me with my AFC Wimbledon team that i have here i need to know if anyone can tell me if people will go up or down and i am also currently doing a couple of bids for players and i will highlight the players that i am using in bids for the other players that i am getting heres my first team GIEFER, Fabian Gk 21 78 JOHNSTONE, Sam Gk 18 76 FORECAST, Tommy Gk 25 70 CASADO, Jorge LB/LM 22 77 LIDDLE, Michael LB 21 75 CESAR, Carlos RB/RM 24 76 CRYSTIAN, Carvalho RB/RM 19 75 COCHRANE, Ryan
  9. Re: can any one help me thanks for your help
  10. hello im wondering what people are thinking about these players there at my aston villa squad that i have and i want to know if anyone knows if they will go up or down in the next ratings VALDES, Victor Gk 29 93 £14.8M VAN PERSIE, Robin Fwd/Wing 28 93 £18.3M NAVAS, Jesús RM/Wing 26 92 £15.5M KOMPANY, Vincent CB/DM 25 92 £19.1M DZEKO, Edin CF 25 92 £18.0M MODRIC, Luka CM/LM 26 92 £15.5M WESTERMANN, Heiko Def/DM 28 91 £11.5M CAHILL, Tim AM/CM 31 91 £8.1M ARBELOA, Álvaro RB/LB 28 91 £11.5M CAZORLA, Santi Wing/AM 26 91 £13.6M CRISCITO, Domenico LB/LM 24 90 £11.6M
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