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  1. Re: The New Players Thread hi guys , i am looking for uruguay n paraguay prospect .. can some expert name me the up and coming stars from that part of the world ?
  2. the gate receipts for this champions league team are way too low .. every week making loss in the financial department .. i can only afford 2 93 rated players ... Something needs to be DONE A.S.A.P !!
  3. how do we report match fixing since the "report match fixing" already said its already insufficient proof ........
  4. Could you please find the balance right for every finance department of every club in SM is suffering now ... it seems impossible to balance the accounts ... PLS do something about it ...
  5. Re: Random SM bid... i am really not sure what SM goal is towards all of their loyal customer ... CONFUSED .!!!
  6. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) if i want to sign a 92 rated player , i need at least 40 M to sign that player due to high competitions from rivals .. let say i am lucky enough to win 1 season as a league champion , okay 4M .. So , do i need to win 10 seasons to sign 1 player ?? SM , just admit it u guys made a big mistake .. i totally agree with salary increase and the 50/50 wage payment but one issue is sponsorship and the tv revenue are way too low .. These things can at least cover the losses that we made ..
  7. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) this game is now concentrating on finance recently .. i don't even care about the results now .. it's so hard to balance the book .. forget about the profit that the club made which i guess no team is hardly doing it right now .. the winning prizes are PATHETIC ... Something needs to be done by SM .. I am sure most of the clubs are heading on the brink of bankruptcy ..
  8. Re: I don't usually struggle but.. it's not your fault .. the match engine is "horny"
  9. Re: Club Finances - new view and charts.... balance the book ?? LOL .. i will leave every club i managed bankrupt ... I won't sell any of my stars .. let's see what changes SM will make again ..
  10. Can some PRO out there teach me how to beat 4-5-1 formation successfully .. I am having trouble facing these teams of 4-5-1 formation for years !! Thanks in advanced .......
  11. Sungkai55


    Re: Cheating I also experienced the same scenario at World Champ 8874... this guy is a genius ...
  12. Re: App for android phone .. hmmmmmmmmmm ............ 10s . .. !!
  13. i couldn't find this app for my android phone .. can somebody help me out ??
  14. I just speechless when it comes to penalties ... always losing ........ is it JINX or what ???? the ratio for penalties for me is 1:10 .. YES 1 win from 10 cup matches ...
  15. Re: How do we report bug ? submitted the report to SM .. CRAZY really !! accepting transfers themselves ..... WHAT IS GOING ON ?!!?
  16. some of my team accepting transfers on themselves .. pls help urgent !! i can't create a new ticket to SM ..
  17. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? GAME is great but match engine S U C K S !! no point having the best players in your team , u can still lose a a 85 rated opposition team ... TACTIC yeah tactic , but still !!
  18. What else can we do if somebody have have so many accounts in 1 game world ..??? So many reports is made and yet nothing is done towards them ... Just because he is "Gold Manager" , he is treated like VIP ..
  19. Re: Unrealistic RESULTS.. I am just wondering if anybody with a team of not more than 85 rated players can win the league ... CLEARLY there is no advantage having the best players in your team ... I am starting to lose my interest in this game ... BRAVO , SM !!
  20. Holy COW , anyone suffering from "horny" results ?
  21. Re: URGENT!! Accidentally accepted job offer how on earth did u get Messi and Ronaldo for Fulham ?? can u pls teach me ...
  22. Finally after almost 2 years of reporting this donkey named Kayque Moraes cheating time after time , today he is removed by SMFA .. LOL ...
  23. Re: Total LOAD OF RUBBISH!!! I don't know the "match engine" is HORNY of what .. Some strange results are happening to all my clubs ... I've been in this game for almost 3 years now , recently the results really makes me LAUGH my A$$ out ........
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