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  1. Division 1 Valencia - Marty McFly Bremen - Francisco Godinho Coventry City - Robert Swift Ajax - Michael Hudson Celtic - Bazarakus West Ham - Alex B Benfica - Colin Greenwood Lille - Ashley "Ruthless" Murtagh Athletic Club - Chris Gregson Shakhtar Donetsk - Sir Alex Ferguson - living legend Division 2 Leicester City - J.D. Porto - Davey Stewart Schalke - Dino Baggio Lazio - Dale Bowers AS Saint-Etienne - T McGoogan Roma - Mauricio Pochettino Leverkusen - Josh Suarez Everton - Danny Insall Sevilla - Mr Magoo Monchengladbach - Phil Clark
  2. Gameworld for committed managers with squad caps in place for an extra challenge. Made up of 20 teams across 2 divisions. Game World Owner - Robert Swift Division 1 - Squad Cap 30 players and value 300 mil Division 2 - Squad Cap 30 players and value 280 mil
  3. Take heart mate a point against me is pretty good
  4. Great signing mate Leverkusen would love to loan Payet After 14 externals we had a huge 25 mil to spend lol
  5. Huddo


    Hendrix is TL mate
  6. Can't believe you also snatched Cahill denying me my Aussie legend!
  7. Join in while you can or you will regret missing out!!
  8. Can we get this going mate I'm going on holidays Sept 7th with limited internet so don't want you to have to find another manager!
  9. I didn't there's no way Cam will beat me lol What's scary tho is he is now a dad
  10. OP looks good and thanks for fitting me Matt we all need an Aussie easy beat! Just a reminder I'm on holidays from Sept 7th with limited internet access so I hope we can get going soon.
  11. I have the backing of the Sunderland board after an extraordinary board meeting last night. Who am I kidding the wheels have fallen off !!
  12. Amazing run mate I thought my 32 unbeaten was impressive. I'm in Div 3 so hope to keep my run going and join you in Div 1 !!
  13. Should have you on the waiting list mate in case 1 of the 24 dont show up
  14. Very kind Pedro but you deserve a spot before me! Im also going to be on holidays soon with limited internet so im happy to be on the waiting list
  15. Bring it on Bayer Leverkusen are looking for players !!!
  16. Pat this guy is a newbie to the forum but I can vouch for him on SM !!
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