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  1. Re: Nikita Rukavytsya hes really fast needs to work on his unprefferd foot good player
  2. I have renewed and have a custom waiting to be made still thinking of a format state your interest its going to be smaller clubs not premier league or anything so tell me whats your favourite small club. 1.Queensland Roar - R.B.C 2.Beijing Guoan - Nick Justice 3.Kettering - Dobstar 95 4.Plymouth/Accrington - Tecalee 5.Derby County - Gunner!4eva 6.Vojovdina - DrSeanFitz 7.Ajax Cape Town - My dad non forumer 8.Houston Dynamo - Futbol Priest 9.Newcastle Jets - Oghash 10.FK Partizan/FC Vaduz - Sambalele Thanks guys! Transfer Thread - http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=502121#post502121
  3. Re: Australian Youngsters Most of these are unrealistic Marko Jesic is injured getting his 3rd Knee Reconstruction james holland is not very good ive seen him play 3 games 80 is usually a key player rating in the a-league hes more of A 76 BUT CONGRATS ON SCOUTING AUSTRALIA, Adam Sarota is one to watch not worthy of a rise but a real prospect
  4. Re: Aleks VRTESKI - The 'Aussy Mace' Perth glory best team in aus HAHA probably the worst or maybe 2nd worst and its aussie not aussy, but nice work players who come the AIS are generaly quite good a return to the a league would be good for his rating.
  5. Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!! park isnt ugly hes pretty good for an asian(not that there's anything wrong with asians) Bendtners a pretty attractive young lad
  6. Re: Arsenals currrent situation!! Well its funny that when you google keyword such as fabregas 30 million nothing comes up and no manager says that there player can go for 30 million in an interview.
  7. Re: Risers He never scored in the final?
  8. R.B.C

    Rugby League

    Re: Rugby League Im extremely interested as i play junior rugby in brisbane.
  9. R.B.C

    The SM Dance Off

    Re: The SM Dance Off Im back and i shall win this dance off *Cough**Cough*
  10. Re: The Official !FIFA 09! Thread I use tele, Ive been playing the BAP lots. Hamburg SV Signed me from Queensland Roar.
  11. Re: Mathieu Dossevi Now hes actually played 118 minutes. so he can be added
  12. R.B.C


    Re: See-ya No that was only one minor thing i have no problem with you you scout some great players.
  13. R.B.C


    Re: See-ya Yes but now that i'm leaving you might as well have him. Spelling dosent really matter as long as its the same person. Everyone have fun:)
  14. R.B.C


    Re: See-ya
  15. R.B.C


    I'm sick of the forums.
  16. R.B.C


    Re: ....... me plz plz plz
  17. R.B.C

    Wow Check This Out!

    Re: Wow Check This Out! I can see a faint head of jesus in my computer screen its like a man is watching me:eek:
  18. Re: Yannis Tafer Lol, Just don't take all the credit;)
  19. Luke DeVere Has been praised by Queensland Roar manager Frank Farina calling him tall, quick, tough tackling and good in the air. He came from the QAS (Queensland Association of Sport) he was born on the 5th of November 1989 he also plays Centre back for the Australian U-20's squad. This year he will most likely be there starting Centre Back after Sasa Ognenovski left Queensland to Adelaide Luke played in Queensland's Friendly against Palmeiras straight after arriving from the U-20's Grueling boot camp. He will also be playing against Wellington Pheonix on Sunday. Not On DB.
  20. Re: Yannis Tafer I already have a thread on him. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=21700&highlight=Yannis+Taffer
  21. Re: Francis Coquelin He played against Barnet
  22. Re: A-League Squads (Uncapped Players) Yeah i know but they haven't been added so take it off theres ages till season starts and people wil search them and Tom Oar was mine so take him off at least.
  23. Re: A-League Squads (Uncapped Players)
  24. Re: Simao Sabrosa. Is He A 93? http://euro2008-blog.blogspot.com/2008/06/simao-sabrosa-golden-member.html Don't write about what you dont know anything about.
  25. Re: New Aussie Talent. He has been playing in friendlies
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