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  1. Re: Sparky's New Setup Could you put me down for Arsenal 1st choice but if i can't have them could i have Ajax. Thanks.
  2. Re: Injuries Just got three players injured in todays game.
  3. Re: Nikola Kalinic He is predicted to stay at is rating.
  4. Re: The Forumer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. I like my group Ntfc.atkin good to see you in my group Good Luck To Everybody;)
  5. R.B.C


    Re: AFL Barry "Brainsnap" Hall. No he is not playing also he got suspended for one game but his club say he may not play for a while.
  6. Re: Battle Of Continents I think that would be good idea. Also how about all your youths must be from your Clubs country the "Homegrown Talent Rule" Hope I Helped.
  7. R.B.C


    Re: AFL Go The Lions and i thought i'd share with you all that Jason Akermanis that used to play for Brisbane went to my School.
  8. Re: Battle Of Continents Thanks, Im not good at rules i have no idea's for them. ASIA ROCK!!!
  9. Re: Battle Of Continents Hey thanks for putting me on the wish list i'd love to be in it maybe Asia can include Australia as there so close maybe Asia/Ocenia. Put me down and i'll go ASIA!!!
  10. Re: Diego Benaglio -> Swiss International Keeper Good thread mate i'm thinking about snapping up him or Rensing who would you recommend? Rep:)
  11. R.B.C

    Guess Who's Back

    Re: Guess Who's Back
  12. R.B.C

    Guess Who's Back

    Re: Guess Who's Back I think the setup is a good idea for people like me from australia because a australian team isnt very common. But i have a queensland roar im happy with them
  13. Re: Who Do You Think Are Under Rated? I'd say Arribas Victor Valdes purely becuase of who he plays for and everyone else's rating.
  14. R.B.C

    Guess Who's Back

    Re: Guess Who's Back R.B.C yeah thats me you missed out my dp used to be of a red blood cell not anymore just my Initials P.S The Names Reece;)
  15. R.B.C

    Sm Family Tree

    Re: Sm Family Tree Sadly, I will be your Wife:p
  16. R.B.C

    Guess Who's Back

    Re: Guess Who's Back Welcome Back
  17. R.B.C


    Re: Hello Good Luck you can PM me if you ever need any help and Congradulations on being an Arsenal Fan.
  18. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Why are you argueing with him hes not argueing with you B'Ham is also alot better than who you support. Your the one being petty
  19. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Finally discribes his transfer well:D
  20. Re: (MUST READ TALENT!!!) Mohammed Amine El Bourkadi WOW!!! He's moving up the ranks now third choice Goalkeeper for Morocoo;)
  21. R.B.C

    Sm Family Tree

    Re: Sm Family Tree Can i join i'll be anything put me anywere there's a vacancy:D
  22. Re: Youth Team Experiment Also grab Jo Sondre Aas he's cheap he just went up When he played for the second squad he was top scorer he played in a junior tounament in Soceidad and then went on trial with Real Madrid for 10 days. He looks like he will be getting many more starts for Rosenborg. He probably will go up next time they do the norweigan rating changes which they they dont do much so that doubles the chances of him rising. Hope i Helped. P.S Ivan Fatic grab him also.
  23. R.B.C

    Footi Shirts.

    Re: Footi Shirts. Yes australians know the true meaning of uglyness.
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