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  1. R.B.C

    Footi Shirts.

    Re: Footi Shirts. So you take Australias best player and Take australias kit as well i bet he feels at home now.
  2. Re: how do you go about getting your rep power up? Thanks for the convenience Madrid 20:D
  3. Re: Dominic Cervi! Michigan bucks arent on the database so he cant be
  4. Re: how do you go about getting your rep power up? Why have you got founder of Luka Modric in your sig its a bit silly take it off.
  5. Re: Dominic Cervi! I should warn you i quit at whitebelt LMAO:p
  6. Re: Dominic Cervi! It might be abit far fetched but in the late 1930's they created this thing called a television i know its very new Technology you probably wont get it were you live for about another 20 years.
  7. Re: 44 Brazilian Bargains!!! BUY NOW
  8. Re: 44 Brazilian Bargains!!! BUY NOW I just wanted to say Great thread i will rep but some of this may be a bit extravagant like Felipe Mattione Rhode one of my finds just got added to the database and hasn't been played since he's been added so i dont think he will rise let alone rise by more than 5.
  9. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Marc Valiente Barcelona ---> Sevilla. Gianni Zuiverloon Heerenven ---> WBA.
  10. Re: New Liverpool Badge ? I'f someone hasn't Mentioned Pompeys is F'ed Up:mad: Lucky i don't manage em;) . Suck on that Portsmouth:p
  11. Re: new players mate you are a bit late you posted a thread three years old Lol.
  12. Re: Liverpool Badge Yes it had been changed and you will have to wait 30 days to change it back. P.S the Portsmouth one has been changed as well there both quite Ugly.
  13. Re: Klasnic- Werder Bremen He never had Heart Surgery. He had a kidney transplant and the first one wasn't acceptive so he had to have another kidney tranplant.
  14. Re: Aquilani for Nasri? Nasri For Me!!!
  15. Re: New Player He played horrible for the Socceroos they should of played Richard Garcia.
  16. Re: Young Brazilian Defender Felipe Mattione Rohde. He's been added with the rating of 72 buy him he could be a massive riser in the Brazillian changes not these ones but the ones after if he keeps up getting games.
  17. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Knezevic got mentioned 11 days ago:o
  18. Re: CASILLAS, Iker Iker is great is on par with Buffon.
  19. Re: 'Job Enquiry' I joined GC 17 a day before the first game in hope of getting a job offer later in the season and i think Enquiring would be great.
  20. Re: You may know me already but Hi I've seen you around abit keep posting mate the forums are a fun place.
  21. Re: Niklas BENDTNER He'll be good one day keep him.
  22. R.B.C

    Soccer Look Alikes.

    Re: Soccer Look Alikes. Lol i know its photoshop but hey.
  23. R.B.C

    Soccer Look Alikes.

    Re: Soccer Look Alikes. Lol one for Sparky Tupac Shakur Nicky Anelka,
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