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  1. All done messaged you on discord, cheers
  2. Any chance you could send me the link for the soccer wiki discord please? Wouldn’t mind being in that one as well, I am on the discord group for the new updates and also level 6 on soccer wiki as well. Would be interested to be part of it
  3. On the agenda is promising I won’t hold you to it but must be soonish maybe March as would be exactly two years since the last one then
  4. Yeah they didn’t say what they were working on behind the scenes just it would be stuff we couldn’t see. So maybe it does involve the engine I am not to sure. I think the more visible stuff would likely be later in the year at the earliest maybe this time next year but not 100% sure
  5. That’s good late February is fine for me don’t mind that. Thanks for letting me know!
  6. To those of you wondering about the SM updates, I was in the discord group. They said the first things they sort out like bugs and reviews being faster (which I think they are now) we wouldn’t notice because a lot of work has to be done behind the scenes first to sort out issues. The second and third phases we would see actual changes to the game but I believe this is a plan over a few years so don’t expect anything instant just know it is happening. Hope this helps
  7. Hi mate, how certain are you MLS and Mexico are on the way? I have a load of MLS players and worried about keeping them much longer
  8. Thank you appreciate it! Have loads of MLS risers kept them so long now and not sure whether to sell them or not it’s a killer for the finances keeping them if it’s still going to be ages! 🙂
  9. Thanks for the information, can you ask them when they are going to do the MLS? It’s been nearly two years now I can’t believe they have left it this long!
  10. Thanks yeah hopefully he does been one of their main CB’s this season and played all the UCL games. Was hoping he did! Think Atalanta have been under rated for a while. Especially making knock out stages again and league form they are coming good
  11. February wouldn’t be to bad I have a lot of risers on TB stand to make a fortune as long as it’s mid March that’s ok haha I still don’t understand why they have missed it for all this time. although they do seem to be getting through more leagues recently. do you think Atalanta is done? Surprised Djimsiti didn’t get a plus 1
  12. Ask your SM guy about MLS please it’s been nearly two years now it’s a joke how they haven’t done it by now!
  13. No rise for Iago you think Augsburg is done in full? Missed lots of players from lots of teams
  14. Thing is you don’t necessarily have to pay for 40-50 clubs you can add free ones with gold membership. So a manager who has 4 clubs could of paid the same price as the manager with 50 clubs. You only pay if you reserve them. If you have gold it doesn’t make much difference anyway as you pay for gold and get the slots for free. I don’t know the exact details of it but the plus 5 minus 5 is to do with in game factors right? The player will still have his base rating and will still always be his base rating. So he will still be an 85 even if he plays as a 90. So I would assume things li
  15. It’s all about squad management surely? If you have an 85 team and get them playing as 90’s then it’s up to the manager with the 90 team to get his team playing as 95’s surely? Everyone has effectively the same chance to get the in game increase.. it only penalises the lazy manager or the manager who has 50 clubs and doesn’t log into half of them ever. The way I see it it’s a reward for better management surely that’s a good thing.
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