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  1. Thanks hopefully so if Almada goes 84 should be a nice value increase as well
  2. Thanks for the reply. What I mean by hair cut etc, is when you vote on soccer wiki you are voting for things like player information to change, some of this is things like haircut skin colour etc, but they never get uploaded to the main worlds game, so I always assumed they were voting on these changes for their single player game as they must show that kind of information? I don’t play single player so I am not sure but I know it doesn’t have that kind of information on worlds. as for Almada yeah he got a rise a few months ago. I was hoping for an 84. I saw Bustos got a rise a few months ago then another plus 1 so fingers crossed!
  3. Do you guys know much about soccer wiki? I saw they edited Velez players today but didn’t edit Almada, does that mean he won’t get a rise? I am sure I have seen players edited before which didn’t get a rise and vice versa but can’t remember. Also, are the edits for rating changes or their features like hair cut etc for their single player game?
  4. You should join the waiting list for our game world VMA. 27 man squad cap interactive game world with a Facebook page. We don’t have any of that rubbish in there it’s a fantastic league. Let me know if your interested
  5. Thanks I hope so an 84 would be nice. They did give a rise to Silva of Famalico or whatever they are called in Portugal a few months before they did Portugal review then he got another so there is hope
  6. Do you guys think Almada will get another rise? 84 maybe?
  7. Seemed strange didn’t it. But could be a good sign that Argentina may be generous with reviews. His stats are good but being at the bottom club would of thought he would just keep his rating
  8. So Garcia of Godoy Cruz gets an 86 for the bottom club in Argentina?! I was hoping Borre should get an 87 but based on that he should go 88
  9. Thanks Noisy! I think VMA is what has kept a lot of us playing. You have to see it to believe it. Such a great game world
  10. Unfortunately being part of the Facebook group is our key principle to eradicate cheats and be part of the community of the game world so without that we can’t let anyone have a team I am afraid.
  11. Hello guys I know a lot of the hardcore SM guys who are left and serious are on this forum so thought i would post here. I am part of the admin team for a custom game world called VMA, you may of heard of it. We are basically a cheat free zone with a facebook page. So to give you a bit of background VMA is short for video manager active. We set up the game world because we got sick of cheats across SM. We come up with the idea to have a facebook page which is a closed group, basically if we had a facebook page we could verify the manager of the team was actually a real person if you see what i mean. Anyway things have evolved a lot since then! the facebook page is absoutley buzzing, everyone has made some great friends, we do match reports, transfers etc and even do shows. We have a weekly panel show where the guys who run the game world do a show via skype and upload it to the page about the game for everyone to watch, we have prediction shows, comedy shows and all sorts going on. Its very difficult to explain what it is like over a message to someone! The key thing that managers have to do is six videos on the page per season, these dont have to be long and are just an update on your club. Its an English Championship so it works out a one vid per month for the season. The video aspect seems to be the main stumbling block for most people. As soon as i mention it people decide against joining. But i would urge you not to reject on that alone as we all felt the same at the start. the guys in the game world are top guys and we are all very supportive of newcomers you would get a very warm welcome. We also require managers to be active on the page, which means interacting with other managers and getting involved with posts and banter etc. We have some rules in the game world which are designed to keep the external market going and stop things from coming to a stop. these are; 27 man squad cap if a player reaches level 2 concerns he has to be sold external any player which is added to the new database no one can bid over CV so its a fair chance for everyone. No buying players back before 16 weeks after you sold them. There are a few more but these give you an idea. These have been put into place to help out the smaller DIV3&4 clubs. If you are interested you can apply to join our facebook page and you can come and take a look at the sort of things on offer in the page. If you fancy it you can join the waiting list.... If you dont like it then you can just leave the page. but would urge you to come and take a look. its a top GW i couldnt imagine SM without it now. Its more than just a GW its a community of football fans who love SM and want a cheat free zone. ****EDITED**** We have quite a big waiting list now so we dont want people just having to wait for ages so what we have done as from today is set up whats called VMA division 5. The main game world is 4 divisions English Championship. So we are setting up a new game world called VMA Division 5. It will be a 16 team division with Conference type clubs in. Everyone on the waiting list will join our main facebook page and join VMA Division 5 until a club comes up in the main gameworld. This means new guys can see whether they like the concept of VMA whilst being in Division 5 and then be offered a chance of promotion once a club comes up in the main game world. It also gives us a chance to get to know the guys who are new and joining. No disrespect to you of course, but its always a gamble taking in someone we dont know (i was one of those guys in the past lol) So it works for us and you as well, and gives you a team to manage in division 5 whilst you are waiting. If you are interested in joining find us on facebook, and do an introduction video, just saying who you are and your SM history and then there are teams in Division 5 free today as its a new world. Please drop me a message or reply to this thread if your interested! Thanks Scott
  12. Any idea when Argentina will be? It’s well over due and I invested heavily there it’s so frustrating
  13. Thanks yeah I will keep him. It’s a real shame because he has scored 10 assisted 3 in 26 games if they were higher could of got an 88. Hopefully he gets a move and a rise!
  14. Hi, do you think Bouanga will get a plus one? He has had a fantastic season but will Saint Ettiene league position stop him getting a rise?
  15. Thanks for the reply and Rahul as well. Guess it’s a bit of a gamble going for him then. What’s Strasbourg cap? 88?
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