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  1. I think it will be better if there is a tab under the squad tab, about Contract Alert. Any player having only 1 season of contract remaining will come under that tab. It will be very helpful for managers to renew the contract, especially me, being a gold manager and with other purchases, I have 20 teams in my account. I can't really keep track of all the player's contracts in all the 20 teams. Thank you..
  2. Re: SM Credits Is there any sign of credit requirement to fall?
  3. Well I dont know if anyone else supports me or not, but I think that when we choose an international team, top 30 players are shown while editing the squad. Of course you can see 30 players from each position but i think they should show everyone from that country including the youths. There are many youth players whom we as managers are eager to take in. For eg, I am managing Spain, I would love to players like Tello, Cuenca, etc. the point is why not show the whole list of players, its us who will choose. Maybe these players dont stand a chance in the real international team, but still many youths have the potential to play International. So I think SM should consider showing everyone from the nation and not just the top 30.
  4. Re: SM Credits Of course SM should differentiate among different types of members.. i bought 4600 sm credits before it all changed.. and if i login every day in a year, i would have got at least 365 credits a year, so according to my calculation I was quite relaxed of renewing my gold membership for at least 5-6 more years with these credits. now I can increase at most twice.. why because they increased the sm credit you rcv for free and not the ones you already bought.. What kind of system is that?
  5. I think SM can change its daily credit reward system. Since they are playing with it according to their will, I suggest, why not reward credits based on the reputation level of managers. there are 10 levels and obviously reputation below 40 doesn't count. So, based on these levels, award credits. The higher the level the more the credits you receive each day you log in. As simple as that.. You can also give extra for the gold managers..
  6. Re: Official Cricket Thread And yet Bangladesh puts a hell of a show...
  7. Re: Gang Wars-New GameWorld I am interested as well..
  8. Re: Offer Club Go to your account settings and turn off notifications for international manager
  9. Re: SM Credits It is not a bug. Basically, they are making some changes, and you'll soon see, that once you login, it will show how many sm credits you received in a green temporary bar on top (just like the one, when we save a tactic).
  10. Re: Queue It is likely that the first one you reserved will be the one you will be managing..
  11. What happens when a game world closes? I am the only manager in it now..
  12. Re: Continent Battle League - New Gameworld I would like to manage Brazil- Santos Nickname: Md Rezwan
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