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  1. Re: 15 mill + Torres + lavezzi = ribery? Thanks guys, just wanted confirmation I was doing the best thing really! Deals gone through now thank god! Team sheet is looking pretty good now Thanks again guys =)
  2. As the title may suggest, I have just had this offer accepted to get ribery, do you guys think its a good deal? I know I offered it, but just started having doubts as I never thought it would get accepted! I have plenty of cover for each player and ribery will now be my best player. Thanks for any advice given Me =)
  3. Re: who to sell?? Thanks a lot guys! My only concern about selling llorente is that he's been my team and the leagues top goal scorer two years on the trot and it looks likely this could be the third year! I'm currently playing a 4-1-3-2 formation, that's mostly so I can use most of my attacking players in each game, but also stay well protected in defence, but I shall try that formation in my next game, currently 3 points clear at the top and it would be nice to finally win something! Thanks again guys, your opinions are greatly appreciated
  4. hey guys, wondering if you can give me any advice on which players to get rid of. i have far too many attacking players that have started getting concernc left, right and centre! GK Steve Mandanda 91 Marseille Salvatore Sirigu 90 PSG DEFENDERS Rafael Da Silva 89 Micah Richards 90 David Luiz 90 Thomas Vermaelen 91 Neven Subotic 91 Viera Marcelo 93 MIDFIELDERS Sergio Busquets 94 Sami Khedira 92 Joao Moutinho 91 Attacking Midfielders/Forwards Theo Walcott 90 Silva Neymar 91 Mario Gotze 91 Mirko Vucinic 92 Alexis Sanchez 92 Juan Mate 92 Guiseppe Rossi 92 Ezequill Lazezzi 92 Forwards Fernando Llorente 91 Fernando Torres 92 Leandro Damiao 90 The list is just my First team Any help and advice is greatly appreciated Thanks
  5. Re: help to Trim my Squad =D Thanks pal! I think i agree with most of those, except maybe Montoya, but thats only because he plays for Barcelona. Do you really think it would be better to sell Sirigu over Stekelenburg? Unless PSG sign another Goalkeeper he should surely be in with a shout of a rise if they do well? =)
  6. Hey guys, just looking for some advice on which players i should sell/trade! I don't ike having a big squad as too many people are becoming unhappy. Ive only included players that are too old for my youth team and a few which are higher rated and could replace the older ones. (Hope that makes sense?!) GoalKeepers: STEKELENBURG, Maarten Gk 29 90 SIRIGU, Salvatore Gk 25 90 SZCZESNY, Wojciech Gk 22 89 Left Back: MARCELO, Vieira LB/LM 24 93 ALABA, David LB/CM 20 88 AURTENETXE, Jon LB/CB 20 88 GIBBS, Kieran LB/LM 22 87 FABIO, Da Silva LB/RB 22 86 Right Back: RICHARDS, Micah RB/CB 24 90 RAFAEL, Da Silva RB/RM 22 89 MONTOYA, Martín RB/RM 21 86 FERNANDES, Mário RB/CB 21 86 CLYNE, Nathaniel RB/LB 21 84 Centre Back: SUBOTIC, Neven CB 23 91 VERMAELEN, Thomas CB/LB 26 91 LUIZ, David CB 25 90 KOSCIELNY, Laurent CB 27 90 MATIP, Joël CB/DM 21 88 WOLLSCHEID, Philipp CB 23 87 ACERBI, Francesco CB 24 85 MARTÍNEZ, Iñigo CB 21 85 JUAN, Jesus CB/LB 21 83 UVINI, Bruno CB 21 77 Midfield: BUSQUETS, Sergio DM/CB 24 94 KHEDIRA, Sami CM/DM 25 92 MOUTINHO, João CM 26 91 NOCERINO, Antonio CM/DM 27 90 SANDRO, Ranieri DM/CM 23 89 GANSO, Paulo Henrique AM/CM 22 89 HENDERSON, Jordan CM/RM 22 88 RODWELL, Jack DM/CM 21 88 MCCARTHY, James CM 21 86 Wingers: WALCOTT, Theo Wing/Fwd 23 90 RODRIGUEZ, James Wing/AM 21 89 JOHNSON, Adam Wing 25 89 Attacking Midfielders: GÖTZE, Mario AM/Wing 20 91 COSTA, Douglas AM/Wing 21 88 COUTINHO, Philippe AM/Wing 20 87 PATRICK, Alan AM/Wing 21 80 BUCHEL, Marcel AM/Wing 21 78 Forward: TORRES, Fernando CF 28 92 LAVEZZI, Ezequiel Fwd/AM 27 92 LLORENTE, Fernando CF 27 91 NEYMAR, Silva Fwd/Wing 20 90 DAMIÃO, Leandro CF 23 88 ROMARINHO, Silva Fwd/Wing 21 75 I thank you for any help you can give =D
  7. Re: Swap Lavezzi for Khedira? Thanks for that! I read somewhere yesterday about how great Khedira is performing, not just for real madrid but for germany too and is turning into a fantastic player under mourinho! As for Lavezzi, my concern about him is moving to the french league. I just dont think its as good as the italian, spanish, german or english. im gonna have to do the swap! Thanks pal
  8. Hey guys, should i do this swap? Khedira is younger, plays for real and would shore me up defensive wise, but lavezzi is my highest rated attacker along with torres but i have a fair few young 90 rated players to replace him. not sure on this one, hope you can help thanks
  9. Re: Squad Trimming Cheers for that, i managed to sign 3 of them, but unfortunately all the rest were taken lol thanks to everyone for the advice, my squad is looking a lot better now and hopefully their concerns should go away soon!!! Thanks again
  10. Re: Squad Trimming I've also just received a 31million bid for skrtel lol
  11. Re: Squad Trimming Thanks for that, unfortunately they are all taken, although I do have miyachi and bahebeck. just a quick update, ranocchia was sold.for 16 million, lennon is.being sold for 30 million and I've just accepted a 22 million bid for fernando, that seem about fair? thanks
  12. Re: Squad Trimming My league is pretty competitive between about 12 clubs that seem to have all the best players, its really down to who signs the next big thing, but money in the bank will help when a good player requests a transfer or someone leaves a club. I don't think I'm desperate for a replacement for lennon as gotze, schurrle and neymar can all play there anyway and probably have a better chance of rising than lennon so I think 30million for a sub winger is good I think?
  13. Re: Squad Trimming Johnson is loaned out at the moment so that's not a problem really...yet I've sold ranocchia for 16 million now, and just received an offer of 30 million for lennon, should I accept? there's no one I can replace him with yet, but as all ny other wingers are unhappy he hasn't played much anyway your thoughts? thanks =)
  14. Re: Squad Trimming do you think that alex is worth keeping then? is he playing well now that he has left chelsea?
  15. Hi guys, I need to trim my squad a little bit as too many players are becoming unhappy for me and i could do with some extra cash to buy some better players, these are where i need to let some go CB Vermaelen, Thomas - 91 Luiz, David - 90 Subotic, Neven - 91 Alex, Rodrigo - 90 Skrtel, Martin - 90 Ranocchia, Andrea - 89 Wollscheid, Phillip - 87 Martinez, Inigo - 83 Juan, Guilelme - 83 Uvini, Bruno - 77 Magallan, Lisandro - 75 Midfielders Fernando, Francisco - 90 Hernanes, Anderson - 90 Moutino, joao - 91 Rodwell, Jack - 88 Henderson, Jordan - 88 Sandro, Ranieri - 89 Nocerino, Antonio - 89 Ganso, Paulo - 89 Gotze, Mario - 91 Pjanic, Miralem - 90 Wingers Bastos, Michel - 91 Walcott, Theo - 90 Lennon, Aaron - 90 Schurrle, Andrea - 90 Johnson, Adam - 89 Rodriguez, James - 89 Isla, Mauricio - 90 neymar - 90 Any help that you can offer me, i would be extremely gratefull Thankyou in advance =)
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