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  1. Re: Andreas Pereira Added today
  2. Re: Ageing stars... Great replies thanks guys, I will hold onto them, maybe I was reading to much into sm's opinion on older players. Thanks alot again
  3. Hello, Amongst my squad I have Lahm, schweinsteiger, rvp all entering their 30's, would it be worthwhile selling them now? Or is there still over 3-4years left in them? My current starting 11 is Neuer Lahm kompany alba Schweinsteiger Hazard fabregas suarez gotze Rvp. Lewan The likes of any other top player are impossible, as a couple of managers will not do transfers unless the player actually plays for them, and others are countering silly offers e.g vidal=gotze+suarez. i would like a young defender which could be at a similar level to kompany (
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Kroos for courtois? I have neuer as a starting gk and kroos wont be a regular unless he hits 93
  5. Re: What to do with Courtois... Thanks for the reply its not to late. Reason I made that offer was my defence really could do with a strong reliable young player, where as my midfield is more than full of them. I will keep them both for now, and if it comes to it pay off the concerns
  6. Hello, I have Courtois currently and Neuer (both bought from low ratings and brought up buying neuer for 12m and courtois for 5) but now has come the time to decide on the best future for my club. These are some options I have thought about, feel free to put your own input 1- swap courtois for a similar rated player, although not many transfers occur now in the world, so players I could get are the likes of oscar, koke etc. 2 - renew his contract for 10m +400k a turn. 3 - wait till the madrid manager and barca managers keepers start to drop (valdes and cassilias) then try and get a deal as
  7. Re: Aguero+hazard=neymar+pogba Understood haha, just with neymars and pogbas hype...
  8. As title says, I would be getting neymar and pogba. My midfield is strong, play gotze fabregas bastian.s suarez hazard. With lewandowski and rvp up front(aguero rotation) in a 352. Any help would be great thanks!
  9. Re: Courtios deal Thanks guys, I already have isco, been offered the chance for a straight swap kroos for courtois but I have bastian as mentioned in a cm/dm role... Tried to offer him courtois and isco for hummels but he wouldnt have it (he wants courtois quite bad)
  10. Hi, I am in the fortunate position to have both neuer and courtios in my team (bought both from a young age) and now courtios has started to gain ratings he is developing concerns, so must go! I had an offer for kroos for courtios although my midfield is not in need of him. On the other side I had the chance to swap him for subotic and natastic, but again my defence consists of lahm kompany alba and varane. Should I hold onto him until a better deal arises? Or take one of those? Thanks. Team is currently Neuer Lahm kompany alba Bastian.s Gotze fabregas suarez haza
  11. Re: Help with Hummels deal I would accept the deal it seems fair both ways and as mentioned you are strengthening multiple areas of your squad
  12. Re: The SMFA/ATMS sucks I agree with the poor system sm use, today was the day i realised i am not paying for this game anymore, after 2weeks of negotiations, transfer goes through, and then reversed 2days later, im sure they didnt look into the details like this before a transfer goes through its just frustrating and feels like your wasting your time trying to play fairly and contact managers when this happens
  13. Ho guys i am man city in a new game world and looking for some opinions, after searching around for abit researching, I have come to the conclusion that as a future replacement for zab which will rise quickly and to a high rating compared to his, is the following Kyle walker Mattia DE SCIGLIO CHIRICHES, Vlad My question is, who do you think i should go for, or have i missed anyone better? (Rafeal is not for sale or montoya)
  14. Re: Need help after game updates!! Solved my problem too thanks
  15. Re: Play SM With Your Friends Reserectng this, like everyone else me and my mate have the same problem, tried to contact sm and they just copy and paste their generic transfer smfa paragraph, this really needs to be resolved, all it means is them loosing money and us enjoyment as they have lost two gold memberships on the next renewal with me and im sure others due to them having terrible customer service, all we require is a propper answer and you should be able to debate the ban.
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