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  1. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 All i have to say : go to youtube type '9 in 1 AT4-HS' Watch it
  2. I really want a pedal monkey bike, just wondering has anybody got one they wouldn't mind selling , i would pay 20-25 pounds for it , thanks
  3. Dan

    Im Back

    Re: Im Back Werder Breman GC13 Roma GC33 Liverpool GC25 Liverpool GC46 All Gone , Ah Well Shame i missed 59 on monday
  4. Dan

    Im Back

    After 4 months off SM im back again , I have sadly lost all of my clubs so i have to start again , but i will still be coming on the forum and making posts again.
  5. Re: Greig Spence Scores A Goal!! think its couple of hundred a week , told me ages ago on msn when he first got into the team. lucky thing
  6. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News Huddersfield 1-0 Southampton Huddersfield manager Daniel bolam was over the moon with his teams performance today and Monday. Southampton had a squad with 84-5 rated players. And it really does show what we can do . Right now daniel is pleading lazio boss matt hewitt to sell him radu.
  7. Re: Johnny Herd Great find mate , judging on he ratings of his teammates . I predict a +4/5 rise for the fella, but the english changes arent for another month or so , so he could get 78.
  8. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News Huddersfield chasing Lazio full-back ! Earlier today Huddersfield were and still are inches away from the signiture of left back ,Radu. Daniel has put in a minimum fee of 6 , but will offer up to 8 million . Daniel said , it would be great if he would come and join us .he is a good player .
  9. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News huddersfield 2-1 morcambe Huddersfield managed to sqeeze past division 5 side morcambe 2-1 . I may just go for a cup this season as I did not realize the strengh of most div 3sides
  10. Re: Up and Coming Stars Nothing at the moment if he starts to shine and gets games 82/83
  11. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News Daniel Bolam anounces Huddersfield Town Goals For The Season After a couple of days to get to know the club, new manager Daniel Bolam has made nine signings so far , totaling in a fee of 600k . At the moment that is not a lot , but now scince Daniel has sold most of his Key players , Daniel now has a chunky fee of 23.0 million to splash out on some major signings. So far Daniel has bidded on 14 players , although 8 of them are to Unmanaged/External teams , the rest are to Managed teams so Daniel is not Garenteed on the signitur
  12. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News Huddersfield Appoint Dan Bolam as New Manager At around 18:24 Daniel Bolam took control of Huddersfield Town much to the fans Delight , Was not a very good start as Daniel started off with a tiny budget making him unable to buy fresh players to the club. After a quick talk, Daniel Bolam was ready to go and join the Creation Day Madness. At this point , everyone is for sale, for chairmans value as daniel is going for the youth aproach as well as strengh as anyone who will be challenging for the title against Luke Sefton (Seftinho) won
  13. GC54 : I have taken over huddersfield town , i have a budget of 2k. Please SM i cant buy anyone . Please sort this .
  14. Re: Gold Championship 53/Match Reports/Transfers. Luton appoint new manager. On Friday night ex Huston boss Daniel bolam left his former club as he had received a job offer at Luton . Daniel took over on saturday and took over for his first game in charge against burton Albion . Luton were 7-0 victors in the game and daniel said after the game "it's a great start and we will see how we go from here" . Bolams side are now only 3 points behind notts county . Transfers. Daniel will be on the lookout for players...
  15. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! I wouldn't mind villa , but they will be popular. . Bit I wouldn't mind managing another division 5 team again. Have loved it with Luton n' Huston. But someone like villa or udinese. But if not huddersfield.Leeds or notts county
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