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  1. Hi guys, I just created a game world where teams have blank squads... it says this though when I try to sign anyone: the game world is already "open" though? I've never had this before, usually you can buy players as soon as the game is running. Also, there's no friendlies scheduled before the first game on 17th Nov. These are usually scheduled for every day before the first match. I can't even schedule any friendlies myself as the dates are all shaded out in grey. So..just wondering why this is so and if it's "normal" for a world of this type. I am also curious as to how squads of
  2. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads yeah sorry mate, though when I used the search button for "empty squads" this was the first hit, alas...cheers anyway, I shall trouble you no more :-)
  3. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads hey dudes... can I ask...what happens to teams (AI ones particularly) who still have empty squads when the season starts? do they fill up with what's left of their real life squad, or what? just interested to know as I could be starting up one of these games. cheers fellas
  4. Re: The Best Talent of 10k Mark O'Hara (Kilmarnock) 70 --> 75 John McGinn (St. Mirren) 65 --> 76 Keith Keane (Preston) 70 -->76/77 Wes Fogden (Bournemouth) 67 --> 76 Steve Cook (Bournemouth) 70 --> 78
  5. I see this option in the custom game world admin panel. Now, this isn't one of those silly rules that means you wont be able to sell a player even if an AI/external club makes an offer above any limit you set in game? I take it this just refers to the human teams? I seem to remember having an age limit selected once and externals could still buy players over that age limit. cheers!
  6. Re: League Cup and League Shield theres no shield in a 16 team league with 5 divisions....only in 16 team leagues with 4 divisions.
  7. TheDude


    Re: Loans good, just wanted to check before I signed like 30 risers. lol
  8. TheDude


    quick question - can you still loan out a player even if he just signed for you? by that I mean, will unmanaged teams still make offers?
  9. Re: Should This Really Be Happening On SM? interesting result...but still...3 attackers vs 3 defenders...fulham would most definitely be outnumbering on the counter attack in that formation. It can happen. I watched Sporting Gijon beat Barcelona last season with a similar tactic to that...Sporting were relegated at the end of the season though. I'm surprised more teams have not copied the formation they played against barca in that game because their pressing in midfield was immense. they played 2 central defenders, 2 wing backs, 2 holding mids, 3 attacking mids (with two drifting wide
  10. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) woohooo, Steve Cook and Danny Holmes already given the big thumbs up on SW, just awaiting final decision now. please go up to 78
  11. Re: New game....no bids being made by AI, but loans are?!?! thanks hehe. I only stopped playing the game for 6 months and so much changed in that time the engine, the interface, the loan system...all great. hopefully no more 11-0 matches..not seen one yet ok, time to sign some risers and put them all out on loan until i've reviewed them all
  12. Hi guys, I've got a game world going with some friends from another online game. We started it a week saturday back and the first league match was last night. There's still not been a single bid for anyone's players off the transfer list, and it seems a bit strange. In most other games I've played, there has been bids at least after the first match has been played. The only thing we've had so far is loan bids, which came in earlier today about the same time that clubs used to make actual transfer bids. Unless the times have changed when bids come in? It used to be around 11am GT...Just
  13. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis I think he will most certainly get an 89...he deserves it. He did get a small rise the other day though I see, but if he keeps up his current form I don't see why not.
  14. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........
  15. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis I think I am going to start them myself. It's about time Kevin sodding Kuranyi dropped...but more important for teams like Anzhi to be reviewed properly, and fully.
  16. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) yes they are. edit: well, actually i'm doing them one at a time but at the same time of proposing the rating review i'm also editing the player data (height/weight) of the players and also adding some strengths/weakness. The more data I give then *I think* or at least hope that SW will trust the info i've given (which is of course all above board). It seemed silly to just propose the rating review without anything else to go with it, because those don't get voted on...or so it seems. I dunno, I just thought it'd get binned if I simply just pro
  17. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis anyone got any idea when Ukraine, Russia and all these other Eastern European countries are going to get a long overdue full review? it's starting to drive me barmy.
  18. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) yep, I suggested it on soccer wiki :DDDDDd I just sent soccerwiki reviews in on the whole AFC Bournemouth team and i reckon given their high league standing they could happpen. So, get your hands on wes fogden, joe partington, steve cook and eunan o'kane cos you never know they might go up over the next few days. well, you can always hope Wes Fogden 67~77 Eunan O'Kane 74~79 Joe Partington 70~77 Steve Cook 70~78 Matt Tubbs 73~78
  19. Re: The Best Talent of 10k Steve Cook at bournemouth should rise from 70 to at least 78, he plays every week for a team third in the league their. if they promote to the championship then it won't be long before he gets a rise. Wes Fogden also, only a 67 rating, has over 1000 minutes i think so he could easily get a +10 rise. Another their is Eunan O'Kane whose 74 rating at least makes him cheap enough to warrant a purchase, he should rise to a 79 or so. those three are the best risers from bournemouth, joe partington should get up to about a 77 from his lowly 70 rating.
  20. Re: The Best Talent of 10k fair enough. i wish they would post up when the leagues are being reviewed, its most frustrating playing this guessing game now. I've still got russian and ukrainian risers that i've been waiting on being reviewed since the twelfth of never! and ukraine is supposedly then 7th best league in europe, yet barely gets a yearly review...even league one and two in england has been reviewed more recently than BOTH of these countries. its not right. any of it. gah!!!!!!!
  21. Re: Riferimento: The Best Talent of 10k what use is this to anyone? its no good posting risers after they happened.
  22. Re: Selling to external clubs. tell me about it. the worst thing is actually when you have a player whose real life club is unmanaged in your game world and the club never makes enough money to be in a position to make an offer for them. cos unmanaged clubs wont bid for players if it means they go overdrawn, the same as the game wont let us either. this happened to me and it took me a while to work out why i wasnt getting any offers, cos it seemed other clubs wont make bids for a player if the real life one is unmanaged. the only option in that case for me was to create a duplicate account
  23. I'm thinking of creating this....similar style to the European Super League of course, but with teams from South/Central/North America. If there is interest in such a competition then I shall create it. all the best teams will be present of course, from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay the MLS etc etc....
  24. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) should be some more rep coming my way for those english championship finds shame about fofo...i was looking forward to him getting a juicy +7 or +8
  25. Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread does anybody think Amalfitano might rise to 90 in the near future? i'm thinking of exchanging him for Seydou Keita who is 2 ratings better. but if keita might drop and amalfitano might rise then i guess its a waste of a deal.
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