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  1. Re: Unable to even sign a player for CV? this happens when a player at a selling club is the best, or one of the best, players in their squad and also factored in is the ratings of players at the buying club in the same position. so, if you have a player in your squad rated better than the guy you are buying with the same positon (this can be LB,LM,wing in your case) then your chairman will not want to spend loads of money on a player that would be considered a reserve or second choice. had this player been at inter or someone then you'd be able to get him because his value there would be much less of courss since inter have loads of players 90+. but because the player is at lecce then you have the problem here where lecce value him highly as he is one of there better players and your chairman doesnt because he's not as good as what you already have. in a nut shell that's how it works. though its a flawed system if the ratings are not perceived to be accurate, of course. hope that helps. if mesbah should be rated better than he is then your chairman would allow you to spend more on him, if he was equal or better than what you already have. the system is like it is in order to protect the best players at small clubs so they get top value for them and also so that they are'nt raped of all their assets. it also protects the financial interests of the bigger ones (i.e your chairman!) aswell as prevents player hoarding (a little anyway).
  2. Re: English 'Division Two' Risers nice work, though you may want to consider Kadeem Harris at Cardiff getting a 70 ~ 76 after his impressive first half of the season with Wycombe in League One. its not a guaranteed rise, but he could rise.
  3. Re: English Championship (all PL teams external) come on guys...this can be a really interesting and unique game. teams managed here so far: Nottingham Forest, Leicester City, Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds United. best availables: Cardiff City, Coventry City, Ipswich Town, Bristol City. Cardiff are in the champions league here, so if you have a gold membership then maybe you can guide them to european glory apply to join here: http://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php?action=setup&setup=94119&sgw=7
  4. guys, liverpool and tottenham still available in this game world: http://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php?action=setup&setup=93869&sgw=7 liverpool available in this one: http://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php?action=setup&setup=93898&sgw=7 The first league games are on sunday. If you fancy somebody else then you are welcome to manage them.
  5. Re: 5 Division English Championship's are back good luck with them guys, liverpool and tottenham still available in this game world: http://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php?action=setup&setup=93869&sgw=7 liverpool available in this one: http://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php?action=setup&setup=93898&sgw=7 The first league games are on sunday.
  6. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) ok, i signed the player at last with the nice amount minutes. Paul Jones, Peterborough United. 74 - 80. has to be. maybe even an 81.
  7. Re: 5 Division English Championship's are back guys, there's still arsenal, liverpool, spurs available. first league game is sunday, friendly games tomorrow. click this link to join: http://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php?action=setup&setup=93869&sgw=7
  8. Re: 5 Division English Championship's are back ok, you're in
  9. Re: English Championship (all PL teams external) Game World ID: 94119 English Football League & Non League Championship " In this game world the clubs here have long forgotten what it's like to play Premier League football, or have never played there. For all these teams its been atleast 8 season's since any of them graced the top flight. can you rise to the challenge? " The game is ready to go so choose your team and apply to join. All Premier League clubs are external here which will make the top flight very interesting and of course means you can swap to your hearts content with all the major clubs.
  10. Re: 5 Division English Championship's are back no problem. guys there are loads of teams available here, most of the big ones aswell. get involved
  11. Game World ID: 93869 Game World ID: 93898 SM recently stopped making 5 divison championships as part of the normal English league setups, they are now only available in Gold Championships. I've decided to take matters into my own hands by creating two of them. one GW is set up with teams distributed among the divisions depending on average ratings of the squads (high - low) which is pretty much as the leagues are in real life. the other has teams distributed based on the size of the club's fanbase, with the traditionally well supported clubs with big stadiums all in the top flight, including the likes of Leeds, Sheffield United and Derby. teams such as QPR, Wigan and Norwich start in the Championship. I've set both games to private application for now. You'll need to be either a gold member or have a rep of over 150 to manage one of the "super six" in each world. (chelsea, man u, arsenal, liverpool, man city, spurs) For the rest of the teams in the PL you will need a rep of atleast 100. For teams outside the PL, you must simply have a rep higher than 45.
  12. Re: English Championship (all PL teams external) I will create it this week, possibly tomorrow once i've decided which leagues the clubs should sit in (which will be in order of the average ratings of all the club's). once its done i'll post up the ID number for people to join
  13. Re: question about concern (lack of matches) if they dont play then there concerns will grow when they come back to you because if they cant get games with you or the other team....he can become concerned at being loaned out if he either feels he is too good to be loaned out or if he is worried about not being able to get games wherever he goes. this isn't the politicall correct thing to do but if there is no managed club in the bottom division to loan him to that might play him then i would consider taking over the worst team in your game with another account and then loan the player there. and then resign. technically its cheating but if you resign then, well, you havnt really done anything wrong except loan a player to an unmanaged club and strengthen them. i dont see the problem with that, though i only do it in the game worlds where the real managers have all agreed to the notion of loaning players to unmanaged clubs by taking them over briefly with another account. its a shame that this is the only other option because really you should be able to list a player for loan and then unmanaged clubs come in for them. but of course they don't so the loan list just ends up full of players unless you find a club yourself to take them off you and get games.
  14. Re: Question about attendence according to a site I go on they were averaging between 10-12,000 back then. so i imagine thats what you've been getting at the very start of a game.
  15. Re: Question about attendence your attendance in your first home game will reflect the real life level for the club you manage. after that it will alter depending on a few factors : if your attendance is lower than the average of the league then it will tend upwards to the average of the division after the first home match. from that point on: if you are performing well (top 6 or around that) your attendances will be about 20% greater or if you are performing badly (relegation zone or near it) your attendances will be about 20% lower
  16. Re: Bid for player at unmanaged not accepted in 2.5 days?
  17. Re: Bid for player at unmanaged not accepted in 2.5 days? there is a reason for this fellas. at the start of a game world you wont get bids for players you transfer list until after the first match has been played. similarly, any bids you make with players at UNMANAGED teams will not go through until after the first match has been played. however, deals with EXTERNAL clubs should go thru at the normal rate of progression ~ accepted within 24 hours and in your squad within an additional 12 hours. this rule is set like it is to protect teams from being "raped" before a ball has been kicked.
  18. Re: English Championship (all PL teams external) I havn't set it up yet my friend.
  19. TheDude

    tv revenue

    obviously i realise that the GW economy level (poor,rich etc) partly determines the income streams. though surely the difference between normal and high is probably only a percentage increase of the level of income for normal economy. I have two teams, both in Div 5 custom setups (both are normal economy). one of them I get 100,000 tv revenue and the other 26,000. quite a difference obviously. both have 20 teams in them. the only real difference is one is made up of largely conference and league two teams and the other league one/two. I just wonder why the revenue is so different....the only thing that might make sense is the average ratings of the teams in one of the leagues being greater than the teams in the other. the league where i get 100,000 are teams with about a 74-77 average rating and the one where i get 26,000 are teams with about an average ranging from 66-73. like i said the setup rules in both GW's are the same and both my teams are in Div 5. the tv money i get is the same each week though, even with teams improving in these leagues.
  20. If i can get some people on here interested i'll startup a league made-up of sides that have long since forgotten what life is like in the Premier League. Of the teams listed, Leeds and Leicester were the last teams to taste top flight action and even that is a distant 9 seasons ago. This is proper football league stuff and with all the PL big boys as externals you'll be able to swap there players in freely. the leagues will be divided like so: Div 1: Nottingham Forest Leicester Leeds Ipswich Sheff Weds Coventry City Bristol City Millwall Cardiff City Huddersfield Barnsley Preston Brighton Swindon MK Dons Oxford United Plymouth Peterborough Doncaster Rovers Bradford City Div 2: AFC Bournemouth Notts County Carlisle Shorpe Wycombe Bristol Rovers Brentford Northampton Luton Town Bury Oldham Leyton Orient Port Vale Exeter City Chesterfield Yeovil Town Tranmere Shrewsbury Colchester Walsall Div 3: Rotherham Gillingham Rochdale Hartlepool Southend Stevenage Cheltenham Torquay Wimbledon Stockport County Grimsby Town Crewe Aldershot Lincoln Wrexham Macclesfield Lincoln Mansfield Morecambe Burton Div 4: Hereford Barnet Forest Green Cambridge United York City Dagenham & Red Newport County Kettering Town Accrington S Darlington Crawley Town Fleetwood Town AFC Telford Ebbsfleet Tamworth Bath City Kidderminster Southport Hayes & Yeading Gateshead Div 5: Rushden & D Salisbury City Halifax Town Woking Barrow Altrincham Eastbourne Boston United Lewes Alfreton Town Chester City Braintree Northwich Farsley Grays Athletic Weymouth Histon Droylsden St.Albans Stafford If you'd be interested to join then that'd be great. if nobody is interested then i'll not bother. be a good challenge though i think.
  21. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) hahahahaha
  22. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) No problem matey
  23. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) some more for you Argala and this completes my crawl of the second divisions of the big 5 leagues in europe. regards the german 2.bundesliga, I ignored all players with minutes in the regional divisions for their clubs' B teams. I'm not sure if these are actually considered so I just ignored them. Andy Drury @ Ipswich Town. Was on loan at Crawley until Christmas. might get a bump from 70 ~ 74 since his current 70 rating was obtained in the Conference with Luton, and he's played at a higher level since then. Damien Dufour @ Chateauroux. he's moved to Auxerre and this hasn't been updated yet. he has one appearance in Ligue 1 and a couple for chateuaroux in ligue 2. 65 ~ 77? i dont know what the reviews go like for a ligue 1 appearance so thats a guess. Alessandro Ligi @ Crotone. full 90 mins of serie B action, got to be worth a rise from 66 ~ 75 Ricardo Chara @ Empoli. has 90 minutes in the coppa italia. maybe a 70 ~ 75? Giovanni Zandrini @ Reggina. 180 minutes of Serie B. got to rise. 73 ~ 76 Jonis Khoris @ Reggina. could be in for a small rise, probably only 74 ~ 75/76 Jan Washausen @ Eintracht Braunschweig. 500 mins in 2.Bundesliga. 74 ~ 77 Stephane Gusche @ Hansa Rostock. 74 ~ 75/76
  24. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) Jack Ainsley @ Ipswich Town. 63 rating. already has 90 minutes in the championship. former England U17 international. Signed for Ipswich last summer when Rushden & Diamonds folded. would expect him to go straight from 63 ~ 75 Jon Stewart @ Burnley: 63 ~ 75. missed the league one review after his transfer from Bournemouth. he made 5 appearances for a side that finished in the top six last year in that division. I think that will be enough to give him a rise, especially being a goalkeeper. His curent 63 rating was given upon being newed onto the database while playing for Weymouth at level 6 of the pyramid (Conference South), which was a long time ago (Feb 2010 according to Soccerwiki). You can sign him for £300 a week wages. Jake Jervis @ Birmingham: 72 ~ 76. first loan spell was at Swindon this season until January. Birmingham called him back and sent him to Preston in League One after impressing so much in League 2. He's having a good breakthru season, won't get a massive rise but a slightly bigger one than the league 2 cap of 75 I think. He even has european football on his appearance record, albeit 3 minutes. Kadeem Harris @ Cardiff City. signed for the bluebirds in January and has a 70 rating. wouldnt bet against him going from 70 ~ 77, but most likely 70 ~ 76 maybe for now. he has 1000 minutes for the season at league one level. Joe Edwards @ Bristol City. He's only a 70 rating as he was only playing the conference previously. He signed on loan at Yeovil in January and has started three games for them and scored a goal aswell (not bad). depending when the championship review is, he could possibly go 70 ~ 75. Shaun Jeffers @ Coventry. Only has a couple of sub appearances for the sky blues, but it could have him go from 73 ~ 75 I'd have thought. Liam Moore @ Leicester City. 1500 minutes in league two and 90 in the championship. should rise for sure 72 ~ 75 Paul Bignot @ Blackpool: 67 ~ 73. 871 minutes and counting on loan in league two. not a significant rise but he hasn't missed a game since he signed on loan in November. Curtis Main @ Middlesbrough. 68 ~ 75. got some championship minutes under his belt. Sam Hoskins @ Southampton. is an appearance in the FA cup enough to move him from 70 ~ 75? quite possibly. Ryan Doble @ Southampton. almost 500 minutes on loan in league 1. 73 ~ 75.
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