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  1. @ arsenalrocs, cheers man thanks for the predictions, keep up the great work.
  2. Hi hope everyone is well? I have read that Brazil ratings are coming soon. Got few on my shortlist that i would like help with predictions please. AM(RLC),F(RL) M.GIOVANNY Atlético Paranaense 340k 75 19 DM,M(C) W.ARÃO Flamengo 1.4M 82 25 D,DM,M(L) M.JORGE Flamengo 5.0M 85 21
  3. Had this guy a while back Arruda MAZOLA +23, biggest riser i ever had.
  4. Excellent work arsenalrocs.Great help for my team to build much needed funds. Wondering about these lads if you could pass on your wisdom please. Cheers. Name Club Value Rating Age M.BATISTA Grêmio 220k 73 21 V.LUAN Grêmio 6.0M 87 23 O.LINCOLN Grêmio 2.8M 78 17 S.EVERTON Grêmio 2.2M
  5. @Pedrooliveira M. Rashica: 78 -> 82 Rose today with correct prediction, well done. Few more of these lads to come in will help my bank balance greatly, Thank you Pedrooliveira keep up the good work.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... H i havin some difficulty with a deal, Mu Kanazaki of Oita Trinita in Japan. I offered a swap deal with 2 youth players totaling £3.5m +£400k which is about £10k more than they want but they keep rejecting the bid would i need to offer more or is it because of the players i am offering? any advice would be greatful, thanks in advance.
  7. Re: Signature Design Feedback Cheers think i got it going really like it, thanks.
  8. Re: Signature Design Feedback hi Kyle how do i get the signature onto the bottom of my messages?
  9. Re: Signature Design Feedback thanks Kyle good job.
  10. mulhern


    Re: Jokes knock , knock, who there? bigish? big ish-who, no thanks not today.
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