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  1. Hi Patron, in my experience I have either matched the 4-2-3-1 B with the same formation and have used 3-2-2-2-1 which has been quite successful for me for about 3/4 years now.
  2. Great job with the predictions @TMCosta. These risers help my club build up quite an amount of cash . Thanks for all your hard work and great presentation also. Also I remember Arruda MAZOLA he went up +23 from 60 to 83 on the 8th Sept 2010.
  3. @ arsenalrocs, cheers man thanks for the predictions, keep up the great work.
  4. Hi hope everyone is well? I have read that Brazil ratings are coming soon. Got few on my shortlist that i would like help with predictions please. AM(RLC),F(RL) M.GIOVANNY Atlético Paranaense 340k 75 19 DM,M(C) W.ARÃO Flamengo 1.4M 82 25 D,DM,M(L) M.JORGE Flamengo 5.0M 85 21 F(RLC) M.BATISTA Grêmio 360k 76 21 AM(RLC),F(RL) H.LEANDRINHO SSC Napoli 1.6M 76 18 AM,F(RL) S.EVERTON Grêmio 2.2M 82 21 D(C) L.VOJNOVIĆ São Paulo FC 2.0M 82 20 DM,M,AM(C) S.WALACE Grêmio 7.0M 87 22
  5. Had this guy a while back Arruda MAZOLA +23, biggest riser i ever had.
  6. Excellent work arsenalrocs.Great help for my team to build much needed funds. Wondering about these lads if you could pass on your wisdom please. Cheers. Name Club Value Rating Age M.BATISTA Grêmio 220k 73 21 V.LUAN Grêmio 6.0M 87 23 O.LINCOLN Grêmio 2.8M 78 17 S.EVERTON Grêmio 2.2M 82 20 S.WALACE Grêmio 7.0M 87 21 W.ARÃO Flamengo 1.6M 82 24 M.JORGE Flamengo 3.0M 83 20 F.VALDÍVIA SC Internacional 5.0M 85 22 M.GIOVANNY Atlético Paranaense 600k 75 19 H.LEANDRINHO Ponte Preta 1.6M 76 18
  7. @Pedrooliveira M. Rashica: 78 -> 82 Rose today with correct prediction, well done. Few more of these lads to come in will help my bank balance greatly, Thank you Pedrooliveira keep up the good work.
  8. Re: What should i do with Rooney? Hi does he play well in your set-up? score many goals? i have him and he is brilliant usually scoring in the 30`s and assists in the 20`s so if he doing well keep him regardless of rating. I also have Kanoute who keeps dropping a rating but is banging in the goals and dembele of fulham it all depends on how he performs regardless of rating sometimes ratings isn`t everything, i also have Kaka and he is mediocre at best but would rather a good player thaty does the job than a high rating ok player. Rooney only 25 he has not even hit his peak between 27-30 so hang tough i would say unless he is **** in the game.
  9. Re: Need Risers (Of all ratings) HELP! R.Funes Mari 19- 75-rise to 83 -£520k. R.Erramuspe 20- 75- 83 - £440k. F. Meza 20- 75- 83- £370k. O.Elkeson 21- 76- 83- £560k. M.Neto 21- 75- 84/85- £270k. V.Dede 22- 75- 83/84- £260k. Try these lads soon they in Brazilian and Argentinian leagues.
  10. Re: Egypt is FINALLY being reviewed!! Risers here. Great stuff nice few risers worth a quick buck, cheers.
  11. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? sweet, count me in too.
  12. Re: Brasileiro Review AND Class of risers - 2010/11 (Some already on DB) Hi MsF great report there, i have a few brazilian based players that i would like to know how they are doing? Marques WEILTON FELIPE CB 84 A.Miniero Silva CIRO F 80 S.Recife Silva NEYMAR F/AM 82 Santos Santos S. WILLIANS W/AM 83 Palmeiras Raphel JEAN RM/CM 87 Sao Paulo Warken ADILSON CM/DM 85 Gremio. If you could give me some info on their progress would be much appreiciated, cheers in advance.
  13. Re: Skint team needs help hi here another riser in 2/3 weeks PAULO HENRIQUE, Chagas. 71 rated rise to possibly 80 from what i have red in the forum.
  14. Re: Greek risers? hi i have koutsianikoulis w/am 20-83 rated, plays for paok. i heard that this guy is the greek version of messi, just wondering i anyone had any ino on him? cheers in advance.
  15. Re: Who to sell/keep??? hi welcome to da forum. these are the players i would keep that ive found through out da forum. b.howedes, m.compper, e.juarez, a.cissokho, m.pjanic, n.gaitan, s.scnnell, r.noir, c.evans, a.paloschi, j.baxter. hope that helps .
  16. Re: Argentinian Analysis Hi Radabe could u help me with these players? J.Cristaldo 84rated (velez sarsfield), M.Caraglio 80 (r.central), F.Zuculini 84 (racing club). If you could give me info on how they are doing and possible rises? Thanks.
  17. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season hi insider excellent work very detailed, was wondering about these players would u have any info on them rising,keeping and selling? B.Maicon 19-77 (fluminese), T.Felipe 21-82 ( coritiba) thanks very much.
  18. Re: Ivan PERISIC - A great Croatian talent Hi he has been added as a 80 rated worth £2.8m in my set-up happy shopping.
  19. Re: Eliran Atar wow great goal.
  20. Re: Best of Brazil's Campeonatos: 25+, Rated over and under 80. (3 teams) Excellent work love the Brazilians for churning out great young talent. Keep up the good work.
  21. Hi would anyone have any info on Fernando Belluschi of Olympiacos AM/RM age 25-rat 90-£12.5m. Is he a possible riser? thanks in advance. Anybody know anything about the Greek league?
  22. Re: Complilation Of 90+ Rated Droppers (2009) excellent work helping me save my squads ,cheers.
  23. Re: Man United Defenders hi i agree all except for neville prob drop by 1 he been injured for a while but the rest look good to me.
  24. Re: Gozgoz8's list for player 30 years old or above that will rise(VERY USEFUL FOR LOW BUDGET TEAM!!!) good work need a quality keeper onda cheap that will rise, bring on the rest.
  25. Re: German ratings 08/09 hi just wondering about J.Pitriopa (Hamgurger SV) age 22 rat 85. heard he warranted a rise last time but nothing happened , so would there be a chance that he gets a small rise? any info would be good thanks in advance.
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