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  1. Re: English Championship 8888 Discussion Thread Not the best draw at home to unmanaged Cambridge. Fall 10 points back from leaders Stockport again now. On top of that, the leading goal scorer in the league gets a straight red and is out for 3 games now. Not the best day for Darlington.
  2. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread A topsy-turvy game, but one which could prove to be crucial after this 3-2 win. Takes us back out of the bottom 4. Only downside, 2 defenders sent off. At least we managed to hang on with 9 men. Next up Dagenham.
  3. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Thrashed Braintree 6-1 to move a point off the top. Facundo Ferreyra netting 4 in a convincing performance. Only 8 teams managed in Division 5, not the best.
  4. Re: Gold Championship 156 Discussion Thread Got the Inter job offer. Normally, I wouldn't think twice, but I love this Valenciennes team, semi-final of the Cup, 4th in the league with an average team. This is a tough decision
  5. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Good effort from the lads, losing 2-1 to Sunderland, stats were pretty equal as well. Can't complain.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 160 Easy enough 3-1 win against Gateshead in the English Shield, Forest Green Rovers away in the next round. Still looking for an 88+ RB and striker if anyone has one, can pay £15 million cash. no P/E.
  7. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread
  8. Re: The Best Managers In The World,Match Reports,News and Banter!! Turned it around against Arsenal to secure a 2-1 win, Real Madrid won again so the 100% records are still in tact.
  9. Re: It's Tough At The Bottom! Thank God for that, I thought I was screwed after my slip up. You never know though, only a 2 point gap, 3 games left, still all to play for
  10. Re: Gold Championship 158 Report Thread The Peterborough Manager clearly doesn't understand the concept of players ratings changing. He's selling Lee Tomlin, Paul Taylor and the last one to me, Emile Sinclair, all for a small amount of cash. All due a good rise when the Championship gets reviewed, but ssshhhh don't tell him
  11. Re: Gold Championship 160 He asked me about buying Givet' date=' I responded the same, about needing the depth, then.. [b']Catania have made an offer to Blackburn Rovers for Gaël GIVET of £8,000,000.[/b] Does he understand the word no?
  12. Re: Gold Championship 160 I think it's fair to say that we could have had a better start to the season, a 3-0 defeat away at Stoke isn't what I expected but hey ho we'll move on to a tough game at home to Gateshead on Monday in the Shield. Can't really see us lighting up the league this season so a decent cup run would be good! Looking for any defender and a striker for cash, both need to be 88+. Willing to spend £15million on each. Get in touch if you have anyone that I can buy off you.
  13. Re: English Championship 8888 Discussion Thread 6-0 win keeps us second, but Stockport keep on winning, still an 8 point gap. Was 4-0 with 10 minutes gone, disappointed it only ended up 6
  14. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Oh dear, a 3-2 defeat at Doncaster means that for the first time we drop into the bottom 4, not good I'm still defiant we can pull through this!
  15. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread 2-1 win away at Mansfield, should have been a lot more comfortable considering the difference in quality but a win is a win! 18 points from 21 at the start of the season leaves us 3rd at the minute.
  16. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread
  17. Re: Gold Championship 160 Does anybody have an 88+ striker that's no older then 30 they can sell to Blackburn? Cash only.
  18. Re: The Best Managers In The World,Match Reports,News and Banter!! Barca win at Old Trafford to make it 2 wins from 2. Good start, next up Arsenal
  19. Re: It's Tough At The Bottom! A brilliant day for Southend! Both Bristol Rovers and Cambridge lost, and a win for us 3 points clear at the top now
  20. Re: Gold Championship 160 A lot has gone on at Blackburn. Hanley, Rochina, Hoilett and Yakubu have left. A bid for Samba has been accepted and Scott Dann will soon be leaving after a very good bid was made. Hamit Altintop is hopefully going to be coming in after a deal with Real Madrid was sorted. Although all my best players have gone, I still feel like it's gone pretty well so far, got a very nice budget to play around with now to replace them departing players. A 85+ defender on loan would be a great help if anyone has a player available.
  21. Re: Gold Championship 160 Glad I could help! A good deal for both parties
  22. Re: Gold Championship 160 Just received a better offer for Yakubu. Does anybody have an 87+ striker they can loan out?
  23. Re: Gold Championship 160 Preferably a swap deal of someone in the same position. But I wouldn't say no to a few million if that's what's best for you.
  24. Re: Gold Championship 160 What I mean is that he said what offer he will make when the GW opens tomorrow. So I said I'll accept unless a better offer comes in.
  25. Re: Gold Championship 160 Deals have been arranged with 1 club for the sales of Hanley and Yakubu. That of course will change if a better offer comes in.
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