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  1. Greece coming next! Bouzoukis and Vrousai (on loan from Oly to Willem II) the biggest prospects imo
  2. Difficult to say, you ll have to wait at list the top 5 Champs I think..... I expect also other random updates for Ajax players
  3. Yes! Next review: German Bundesliga!
  4. Current review: Austrian Bundesliga Next review: Czech Republic First Division
  5. Current review: Ukrainian Premier League Next review: Austrian Bundesliga
  6. Current review: Belgian Premier League Next review: Ukrainian First League
  7. You can find an accurate list at page 5. IMO the top 3 is Danjuma, Saelemaekers and Tomiyasu
  8. Current review: Russian Premier League Next review: Belgian First League
  9. Current review : Colombian First Division Next review: Russian Premier League
  10. Current review : Chile First Division Next review: Colombian First Division
  11. Ready for MLS! Cannon and Trusty loading
  12. The next will be Australia and then Uruguay. I foound Cacace and Baccus in Australia, Caceres and Canobbio in Uruguay. Do you have some other suggestions? Many thanks
  13. Portugal is coming. Do you have some sure risers not in the top 3 clubs? I found: - Borevkovic -Heriberto Tavares -Galeno -Goncalo Cardoso
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